Samoa Joe made his debut to the main roster last week to destroy Seth Rollins (quite literally) and establish himself as RAW’s new top dog. Was he able to keep up the momentum this week? And how about  Elimination Chamber coming up this Sunday, just two weeks after the Rumble? SmackDown had little time to waste and proved that even under pressure, they can still provide audiences with some fantastic entertainment. RAW… take notes.

Here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST – More Jobbers = Lazy


Last summer, it made sense to throw local jobbers at Braun Strowman. But now? After he’s proven time and time again that he’s just as strong if not stronger than the likes of Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns? It’s lazy.

Who wants to bet twenty bucks Nia Jax faces a local jobber next week?

5. BEST – Luke Harper 


Luke Harper splitting from The Wyatt Family has made me appreciate the former Intercontinental Champion much more. When he interfered in the main event to take out Bray Wyatt!? I loved it and the crowd loved it just as much. Screw Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania (the rumored plan). Wouldn’t Luke Harper vs. Bray Wyatt be so much cooler? Brother vs. Brother. Hello, it’s years in the making, it pretty much writes itself!

Do it, WWE!

4. WORST – Dolph Ziggler 


Dolph Ziggler turning heel was a good thing. Now we’re just kind of confused as to what they’re doing with him. Either he’s winning matches in a few minutes or losing matches in a few minutes. Or he’s beating people up with steel chairs. Point is, I’m no longer invested.

4. BEST – Cruiserweight Number One Contenders 


For as much as I’m not a fan with how WWE has presented the Cruiserweights thus far, they still put on some fantastic matches. In the main event of 205 Live, the top five stars of the division battled in an elimination match which saw Jack Gallagher become victorious, earning the number one contender’s spot to face Neville at Fastlane in a few weeks.

Observation: Gallagher has the chance to be a real star if WWE handles him correctly.

3. WORST – Stephanie McMahon


I’m over you, Stephanie. Week in and week out, you cut people down because you’re a horrid human being. If it’s not Mick Foley this week, it’s Sasha Banks, Bayley, or Sami Zayn.

What bugs me most, is where as when Vince McMahon cut superstars down, he would eventually get his. Stephanie on the other hand? Nobody gets to exact their revenge on her. She slaps people around left and right, but when is somebody going to slap the taste out of her? I love you Steph, but if you’re going to give, you need to take.

3. BEST – Samoa Joe Is Intense


Mick Foley says that even though he’s always been a fan of Samoa Joe, he isn’t a fan of who Joe had to associate himself with in order to get to the main roster. “18 years”, Joe proclaimed, it took him to finally step foot inside a WWE ring and it was Triple H who gave him the opportunity to do so. And if by showing his gratitude he had to put Seth Freakin’ Rollins back on the shelf, so be it. Samoa Joe is just getting started in WWE and he has no problem bulldozing through the entire locker room to prove why he’s the most deserving Superstar on the roster.

2. WORST – The New Day 


I love these three. We all do. I just don’t like that WWE hasn’t found anything good for them to do since they lost their belts a couple months ago. They went from being the longest reigning Tag Team Champs to talking about ice cream and cereal. Why aren’t they concerned about getting their titles back? Shouldn’t that be the first thing on their agenda?

2. BEST – Dual Contract Signing 


When it comes to the women of WWE, SmackDown Live is where it’s at. Whereas RAW hasn’t even found a way to inject Emma into their storylines yet (apparently, she’s finally debuting next week but I wouldn’t hold my breath), SmackDown utilizes every single woman on their roster. The obvious choice would have been just to have Becky Lynch continue chasing after the title, but they instead decided to make the more-than-deserving Naomi next in line.

As for Mickie James! A) she’s still smokin’ hot, b) she can still talk the talk and c) we’re pumped to see her take on Becky Lynch this Sunday in her first real match back since her return.

1. WORST – The Same Finish Over And Over


Every week, we must see half a dozen matches end with interference. I mean, yes, interference has been a staple in wrestling for decades but does anybody else think it’s over done?

The opening match of RAW saw Charlotte run out and distract Bayley into losing her match, and the main event saw Braun Strowman run out and distract Roman Reigns into losing his match. And don’t forget Kevin Owens costing Sami Zayn his United States Championship match against Chris Jericho. Can the creative team start getting a little more… creative?

1. BEST – Fatal Four Way


After an outstanding opening involving Daniel Bryan and four of the participants in the Elimination Chamber match this Sunday, a Fatal Four Way match was decided and it was by far the most #WWENTERTAINING match of the week. Each star had a chance to shine. The Miz proved once again he belongs with the best of them and AJ Styles is the best of them. In the end, it was Barin Corbin who would pick up the surprise win by pinning a distracted Styles. Good stuff.

Honorable mention: Before the match would get underway, The Miz asked Daniel Bryan why he’s still here if he can’t wrestle anymore. In which Bryan would hilariously reply, “Not being able to wrestle never stopped you from getting in the ring.” HA!

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