The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (January 19th, 2017)

Wow. This was quite the week for wrestling, wasn't it? WWE crowned its first ever United Kingdom Champion last weekend in a 16-Man Tournament exclusive to the WWE Network. Which of course you could have watched for the low price of $9.99. Like the Cruiserweight Classic last year, The United Kingdom Tournament provided top-notch performances from talent most of the world had yet to see. WWE has really been branching out to find new Superstars as of late and it's an exciting time to be a fan.

As for Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live? Let's find out which show had the better segments as we take a look at the 5 best and 5 worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST - The Delayed Return Of Emmalina

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