The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (January 6th, 2017)

It's a new year everybody, and in WWE terms that means the road to WrestleMania is almost underway. Does this mean the product's getting better? Yes and no. While SmackDown was terrific as usual, RAW was still a chore to sit through this week. For the first time ever, SmackDown actually beat RAW in the ratings, so you think RAW would immediately step up its game, no? By maybe bringing The Game onto TV already?

For every great moment RAW had, five more were lacklustre. It's starting to make me wonder if RAW has the same creative team SmackDown does. They're two completely different beasts. It's obvious RAW's desperate to get people interested again, as next week they're bringing in The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels for who knows what. This week though... it was all very meh. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST - Stephanie McMahon

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