The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (March 2nd, 2017)

With one week left until Fastlane this Sunday, you think RAW would bring out all the stops to try and get more fans to subscribe to that darn WWE Network. Yet in three very long hours, maybe 35 of those minutes were fun. The rest? Blah! It really has become apparent that RAW creative has no idea how to handle half its Superstars.

SmackDown on the other hand was pretty good. Actual storytelling sure goes a long way. Without further ado, here are the five best and five worst moments this week in WWE.

5. WORST - Everything with Seth Rollins and Triple H

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This should have been good but nothing really clicked here. Kudos to Rollins for finally admitting he's been a mega douche bag over the years but the crowd wasn't really into it -they were too busy cheering "CM Punk" for literally no reason. As far Triple H is concerned? What he can say in 5 words he says in 500. Ramble ramble ramble.

5. BEST - Samoa Joe vs. Cesaro

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Even though this match didn't go nearly as long as it could have, it still gets a best as it provided a taste of what these two can do together. Samoa Joe has been handled so well since coming up to the main roster, but let's talk about Cesaro for a second here. No matter where he is, he is so over with the crowd, it's flabbergasting he isn't in the hunt for the Universal Championship. What more does this guy have to do to impress McMahon?

Honorable Mention: Sami Zayn for ambushing Joe after the match.

4. WORST - The Cruiserweight Division

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If RAW is going to continue having the Cruiserweights wrestle 2-4 minute matches as if they're the Divas Division of yesteryear, take them off RAW and let them wrestle strictly on 205 Live.

Note: Points to Brian Kendrick for making so little be so good.

Second note: Does anyone else think Neville sounds like a villain from a Marvel cartoon?

4. BEST - Wyatt Crumbles

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Soooo. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it gets a best anyway. Randy Orton finally turned on Bray Wyatt because he somehow found the remains of Sister Abigail and burned them to the ground. Which I think in essence takes away Bray Wyatt's powers or something silly like that. I don't know, it's kind of confusing but also kind of cool.

3. WORST - Too Much Production Value

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I know WWE is fake, and so does everybody else in the world. However, it's still based in reality. So when Randy Orton burned down the house Sister Abigail's remains were at, how come it was filmed as if it were some big blockbuster movie? Camera cuts, different angles, and a high budget production made it so obvious that this wasn't filmed in one take, but in multiple. Yet it was presented to us as if it were happening live.

Couldn't it have been filmed Blair Witch style? Like more realistic and creepy?

3. BEST - A Violent Contract Signing

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The one standout moment of RAW came when Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns ended the show with a contract signing, which unsurprisingly didn't feature much talking but much fighting. In fact, it got so physical, the sheer force of Strowman crashing Roman's body against the turnbuckle caused it to collapse before our very eyes.

Isn't it awesome when Roman gets his a** kicked?

2. WORST - They Still Pretended It Was A Tie

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Remember last week when Luke Harper clearly defeated AJ Styles in the battle royal and WWE pretended as if it were a tie? Yeah, well, SmackDown opened up with a tape of the footage, showing again pretty clearly that Luke Harper won the match. Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon still treated it as if it was the biggest mind boggler since The Sixth Sense.

It made me mad.

2. BEST - AJ Styles vs. Luke Harper

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Despite the wonky finish, this was still the match of the week. I was really thinking Luke Harper was going to win - especially after Shane McMahon restarted the match - so it was pretty surprising then to see AJ Styles come out on top. It seems obvious Styles will be battling McMahon at WrestleMania (this has been rumored for a while now) but that's sort of bogus, don't ya think? Randy Orton already backed out of his match with Wyatt. So why after making McMahon and Daniel Bryan jump through hoops to find a new opponent for Wyatt, can Orton be like JUST KIDDING, I TAKE THAT BACK.

I'd be like... "No, man. You said no. You ain't being in the main event anymore, you idiot."

1. WORST - The RAW Tag Team Champions

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WWE decided to give Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson the RAW Tag Team Championships but they've done nothing but get their butts handed to them ever since. Even as the brand's "top tag team", WWE still doesn't know how to make these guys not look like complete duds. In other words, WWE still hasn't found a way to create a credible tag team division.

1. BEST - John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz, and Maryse!?

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The Miz had John Cena as his guest on Miz TV to call out his hypocrisy for becoming a part time wrestler just like The Rock did. He also said Cena gets everything he wants, in which Cena replied... "You think if I got everything I wanted, I'd be standing in the ring with you?" Buuuuuuurn. Eventually, Maryse slapped Cena in the face because that's what Maryse does and Nikki Bella came a'running being all like "You mess with my man, I'm gonna break you, b****!" and the crowd cheered because swear word.

It was fun.

Until next week! Here's hoping Fastlane delivers lots of bests and not worsts!

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