Phew. What a week in sports entertainment. We got an eighty-seven second main event match, a fifty-three minute Five-on-Five Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match, a total of eight Championship matches (including three from NXT), and literally countless top-notch performances from well over 50 Superstars. All in all, it was a great week in World Wrestling Entertainment. Being that I’m a resident of Toronto, you bet your sorry a** I was in attendance for all three events at The Air Canada Centre – NXT Takeover, Survivor Series, and Monday Night Raw. And yes. It was as awesome as it sounds.

For the first time in quite a while, mostly everything we saw this week was pretty damn great. But as we always do each and every week at The Sportster, we not only like to highlight the best moments of the week, but the worst moments too. That’s how we do.

So did Goldberg deliver? Did Raw or SmackDown come out on top? Read on to find out.

5. WORST – Lana Doesn’t Know Where She Is



“And now America, I ask you to stand up and put your hand on your heart and welcome the only true American Hero…”

What’s wrong with this sentence spoken by Lana on Monday? On first glance, nothing, except for the fact that Rusev is the furthest thing from an American Hero. But that’s a different story. What’s wrong is that Lana wasn’t in America. She was in Canada. And yes, she got heavily booed for the mistake. But hey, at least she managed to get the fans riled up. Even if it wasn’t on purpose.

5. BEST – James Ellsworth Earns Contract



Over on the blue brand, Shane McMahon decided to reward cute little no chinned James Ellsworth with a contract for his bravery in the SmackDown vs. Raw match at Survivor Series. Even sweeter is that Ellsworth actually managed to defeat AJ Styles later that night in a Ladder match (with some help from his new best friend Dean Ambrose of course) becoming not only an official member of the SmackDown roster, but the next in line for AJ’s WWE Championship.

4. WORST – Number One Contenders?



The Golden Truth wrestled Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to determine who would become the Number One Contenders for the World Tag Team Championships. But why? Why on earth were Golden Truth rewarded with a match like this? Good question. They weren’t even in the 5-on-5 Tag Team Elimination match the night before at Survivor Series, so the fact they were given such an opportunity as opposed to literally every other tag team on the roster is mind boggling.

4. BEST – RAW Main Event


Who would have thought that Raw would deliver a main event match just as exciting as the matches that came the night before at Survivor Series? As promised, Seth Rollins was granted a Universal Championship rematch against Kevin Owens for being such a team player in his fight against SmackDown. And he wasn’t rewarded with just any match, but a No DQ match where Chris Jericho would be banned from ringside.

These two would fight and claw all over the arena for well over twenty minutes, Seth Rollins even powerbombing Kevin Owens right through a table at one point… and that wasn’t even the best moment of the match. Just as it seemed like Rollins was actually going to win that glorious red belt, Chris Jericho found a way to interfere anyway, allowing for that sneaky b****** Kevin Owens to steal the victory with a superkick to the jaw.

3. WORST – “I’m Not Coming After You, Charlotte.”



There’s no doubt in everyone’s mind that Nia Jax has cemented herself as one of the most dominant women on the roster. That doesn’t mean she’s the smartest one though.

During Charlotte and Sasha Banks’s promo Monday night, Nia Jax would interrupt to inform the WWE Universe that she has no intention of coming after Charlotte. No. She wants to beat up Sasha instead. For pretty much no reason. I’m sorry, but why isn’t she going after the Women’s Champion? Shouldn’t that be priority number one?

3. BEST – Cesaro & Sheamus Sole Survivors



Five of RAW’s best tag teams battled against five of SmackDown’s best tag teams in what was surprisingly one of the standout matches at Survivor Series on Sunday. After a couple quick eliminations from the get-go (including a surprise elimination of The New Day), the action immediately escalated with RAW’s Sheamus and Cesaro and SmackDown’s Usos being the two teams to make it all the way to the end. After a back and forth exchange lasting several entertaining minutes, it was Cesaro and Sheamus that would ultimately come out on top, proving that these two really do have what it takes to be a formidable tag team down the line.

2. WORST – 86 Seconds? Really?



This is the match we had all been waiting for. After 12 years, Goldberg was finally returning to the squared circle, against Brock Lesnar, no less! So why was it one of the worst moments of the week? Because Goldberg’s entrance lasted longer than the entirety of the match. Two quick spears and a jackhammer is all it took to take the Beast down. Yes, the exact same beast who broke Undertaker’s streak and decimated the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton lost to Bill Goldberg in literally 86 seconds.

2. BEST – Goldberg Was Still Awesome



As disappointing as the match was at Survivor Series, like it or hate it, it was still pretty great to see Goldberg return and kick a**. And as we would later learn the next night on RAW, it’s definitely not the last time we’re going to see him in a WWE ring. Goldberg is here to stay.

1. WORST – Sami Zayn’s Unfair Punishment



If you watched Survivor Series on Sunday, then you saw Maryse distracted not only Sami Zayn into losing his Intercontinental Championship match with The Miz, but the girl distracted the referee as well. Hell, if it wasn’t for the distraction from Maryse, Sami Zayn most likely would have brought the title to Monday Night Raw.

Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley didn’t see it that way though. They decided it would be fair to punish Zayn for failing in his attempt at winning the IC title, pitting him in a match with Braun Strowman to teach him a lesson. Doesn’t really make sense, now does it… Yeah, well, Strowman destroyed Zayn until eventually, Foley came out to stop the match because he felt bad about it. Good job, Foley. You disappoint us…


1. BEST – Survivor Series At Its Best



Of all three Five-on-Five Traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches, the one featuring RAW’s Universal Champion Kevin Owens and SmackDown Live’s WWE Champion AJ Styles was by far the best. It was complete and utter chaos but in the best way possible. From Shane McMahon’s flying elbow through the announce table, to Roman Reigns cancelling out his Coast to Coast with a vicious spear, the action never failed to amaze, all ten Superstars beating the sense out of each other for almost an entire hour.

Despite Dean Ambrose turning on his team to briefly reunite with The Shield just to take out AJ Styles, SmackDown Live still managed to reign supreme. And who were the two sole survivors? None other than Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt! It looks like WWE is finally pushing Wyatt in the right direction, and that is a good thing.

Until next week! Cheers!

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