The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (November 25th, 2016)

Phew. What a week in sports entertainment. We got an eighty-seven second main event match, a fifty-three minute Five-on-Five Traditional Survivor Series Elimination match, a total of eight Championship matches (including three from NXT), and literally countless top-notch performances from well over 50 Superstars. All in all, it was a great week in World Wrestling Entertainment. Being that I'm a resident of Toronto, you bet your sorry a** I was in attendance for all three events at The Air Canada Centre - NXT Takeover, Survivor Series, and Monday Night Raw. And yes. It was as awesome as it sounds.

For the first time in quite a while, mostly everything we saw this week was pretty damn great. But as we always do each and every week at The Sportster, we not only like to highlight the best moments of the week, but the worst moments too. That's how we do.

So did Goldberg deliver? Did Raw or SmackDown come out on top? Read on to find out.

5. WORST - Lana Doesn't Know Where She Is

"And now America, I ask you to stand up and put your hand on your heart and welcome the only true American Hero..."

What's wrong with this sentence spoken by Lana on Monday? On first glance, nothing, except for the fact that Rusev is the furthest thing from an American Hero. But that's a different story. What's wrong is that Lana wasn't in America. She was in Canada. And yes, she got heavily booed for the mistake. But hey, at least she managed to get the fans riled up. Even if it wasn't on purpose.

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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (November 25th, 2016)