The 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (October 27th, 2016)

This Sunday, three championships will be decided inside WWE's Hell in a Cell. That means in just three hours time, you'll have watched three separate Hell in a Cell matches. Now that may be too much violence and carnage for some, but for most of us crazy fans it's one of the most wonderful times of the year. The last time we witnessed one was at WrestleMania 32 earlier this year when Shane McMahon nearly killed himself. Can the six Superstars chosen to lay it all on the line duplicate such insanity? Or better yet, top it?

The United States Championship will be on the line as Roman Reigns takes on Rusev in yet another rematch we're not very excited for. Seth Rollins will wrestle his second HIAC match, this time against Kevin Owens in the hopes of obtaining the Universal Championship once and for all. And Sasha Banks and Charlotte make history as they become the first two women to compete inside the cell. Will the women bleed? Will they be the main event?

With one show left to set up the Raw-Exclusive PPV, you would like to think the red brand would be able to outmatch SmackDown Live in terms of quality. Lets find out as we take a look at the 5 best and 5 worst moments this week in World Wrestling Entertainment.


"If you can't beat them, join them" says Randy Orton.


When's the last time Charlotte and Sasha Banks received a "booooring" chant? Well it happened Monday. I get what WWE was doing having Mick Foley yell at these girls for not truly realizing what they're getting themselves into, but it didn't do anybody any favors. Charlotte just smiled and laughed and acted as if she has no reason to be nervous (ugh), and Mick Foley pretty much just told everybody he doesn't think women are meant for this type of match even though two weeks ago he was all for it. The segment went on too long.


And that problem is number one contender Alexa Bliss.

Becky Lynch made her return to SmackDown Live only for Alexa Bliss to cut the celebration short, calling the SmackDown Women's Champion a coward for backing out of her match a couple weeks ago at No Mercy (due to a real life non-wrestling-related injury). Becky countered with some fighting words, and even a fighting fist, but Bliss would ultimately get the best of her, laying her out with a DDT in the middle of the ring before spray painting a yellow streak on Becky's back. The mark of a cowardice.


I don't get what WWE is doing with these two. Earlier this month, it seemed as if they were legitimately going to make Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson a threat to the rest of the tag division again. Yet last week, Gallows and Anderson lost to Enzo Amore and Big Cass in two minutes. For some reason or another, there will be a rematch at Hell In A Cell, but I'm having trouble understanding why would they get a rematch if they lost so easily last week. On top of that, Karl Anderson lost to Enzo Amore pretty easily again this week. Why are these two getting PPV matches all the time when they can't win any matches?


Why, oh why, was the final Monday Night Raw before this Sunday's Hell In A Cell PPV centered around Chris Jericho's stupid list even though he isn't even on the card?


Give Kevin Owens a few minutes to talk and he can sell a match like no one else. In his backstage interview on Raw, Owens had some threatening words for Rollins that goes to show just how serious being put inside a Hell in a Cell really is.

Let the quote below do the talking:


Why do we all love James Ellsworth so much? Is it because he has no chin? Is it because he's so adorably awkward looking? Well whatever it is, I'm digging it.

James Ellsworth pretty much begged Dean Ambrose to accompany him to the ring in his main event match against AJ Styles to try and show his appreciation for everything Ambrose did for him these past couple weeks. Ambrose of course said no, but after seeing Ellsworth sulk backstage near tears, Ambrose reluctantly gave in. That's right, folks. James Ellsworth was involved in the main event of SmackDown Live for the third week in a row.

It didn't work out so well. Ellsworth accidentally got Ambrose disqualified, costing him not only the match but his championship opportunity. And if you could see the look on his James Ellsworth's face after realizing what he had done to his new hero? Priceless.

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