The 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (October 6th, 2016)

This week, quite a few exciting things happened in WWE. A new champion emerged victorious in the main event of Monday Night Raw, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson threw down with Chris Jericho, we saw the return of the Spirt Squad, and we were treated to a pretty solid build to the next SmackDown Live PPV - No Mercy. All in all, it was quite the entertaining week and we're pretty pumped for this Sunday.

So what was the better show this week? Was it Raw or SmackDown? Well, let's find out shall we as we take a look at the five best and worst moments this week in WWE.

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10 WORST - Jey Uso's Quick Loss

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Jey Uso took on American Alpha's Jason Jordan in a match that saw Uso get pinned via rollup in less than two minutes. Seeing how the Usos are the number one contenders for the Tag Championship, this did nothing but make the Usos appear super weak going into their bout this Sunday at No Mercy. If it's WWE's plan to include American Alpha to make it a Triple Threat, it would make sense but it doesn't appear as if that's the case.

9 BEST - Whoa. Jack Swagger

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Jack Swagger's making the best list?

Yeah, he is.

Swagger has been under-utilized for years now, and his win via submission against Baron Corbin on SmackDown this week has given the former World Heavyweight Champion some much necessary momentum since the blue brand acquired him just last month.

But here's where it gets really good. Corbin didn't actually tap out. He was reaching for the rope in a manner that made it appear as if were tapping. This was some more smart storytelling on SmackDown. Something Raw needs more of.

8 WORST - Sami Zayn's Pointless Match 

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Whereas SmackDown appears to have a story going for every one of its matches, Raw just throws people together in random matches. Such as with the Cruiserweights, and such as with Sami Zayn and Titus O'Neil. Zayn and O'Neil wrestled against one another in a match that didn't really mean anything. Although Zayn won, without a story we're failing to care.

7 BEST - Orton's Mind Games May Have Failed

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Randy Orton decided to turn the tables on Bray Wyatt this week and play the sort of mind games the Wyatt Family would normally play on their prey. And it was good!

After leering Bray backstage, Orton would lock him in a dark room for the remainder of the night. After various segments throughout SmackDown, Bray started talking to himself about "Sister Abigail" as if he could see a presence. By the time Orton returned, Bray Wyatt was gone, prompting us to believe his mind games in actuality failed, unleashing something in Bray Wyatt we'll come to discover this Sunday.

6 WORST - The Golden Truth

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The Golden Truth made their return to Raw to rap and dance before losing a tag team match against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Am I the only one who thinks The Golden Truth gimmick isn't really working? If they're going to be the ones who lose all the time to the newer talent, WWE might as well break them up and have them lose separately. Or, give R-Truth and Goldust something better to work with.

5 BEST - Talk is CHEAP

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This Sunday, AJ Styles is set to defend his World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat against John Cena and Dean Ambrose in what could be the match of the night. While Ambrose and Styles talked a lot of smack against their opponents (especially John Cena), the Leader of the Cenation quite simply responded with "talk is cheap" before attacking his opponents. All three competitors would be evenly matched in their fight, and at No Mercy, it really is anybody's game. And we're pretty damn excited about it.

4 WORST - Lana Outshines Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns opened up Monday Night Raw yet again to talk about how he's still "the guy" because he's the US Champion and all. Lana would interrupt him and try to negotiate with Reigns into giving her husband another shot at the title. Roman just laughed at her with his silly smile before Lana would shout for him to "go to hell!"

When Roman wrestles? It works. When Roman talks and tries to crack jokes? It doesn't. Having Lana cut a promo with Reigns only shows that the Total Diva has the ability to draw in a crowd much better with her mic work than "the guy" can.

3 BEST - Dolphumentary

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SmackDown's number one feud continued its upward momentum going into No Mercy. The Miz provided the WWE Universe with a Dolphumentary (ha), a documentary highlighting the career of his opponent Dolph Zigger. Or, well, highlighting his many failures throughout his 10-plus year career. It was funny as hell, and even two former members of The Spirit Squad returned to "cheer" their former partner on.

Zigger would get the last laugh by knocking both former partners out, but will Ziggler leave No Mercy this Sunday as the Intercontinental Champion? Or will he have no other choice but to retire? We'll have to wait and see!

2 WORST - More Jobbers

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Raw is continuing to throw local jobbers into matches and it really is starting to get old. Although we believed to have a silver lining after Braun Strowman insisted after his match that Mick Foley give him some real opponents, Cesaro and Sheamus later wrestled that night against two other local jobbers.


1 BEST - Sasha Banks is a 2-Time Women's Champion

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Although Raw wasn't the better of the two shows this week, we were at least treated to a Women's Championship match, the first time the title would be defended in the main event since Trish Stratus and Lita almost 12 years ago.

Although the match may not have been as exciting as some of their previous matches of the past, Sasha Banks would score the victory against Charlotte to become a two-time Women's Champion in a moment that is sure to live on in Raw's rich history. Also, did you see Charlotte's corkscrew moonsault? Now that was a thing of beauty.

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