The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE - Post WrestleMania Edition

#RAWAfterMania is a thing we all know, but apparently now so is #SmackDownAfterMania. With WrestleMania fresh off the minds of the WWE Universe, both shows were filled with twists, turns, and legitimate quality. It's a shame WWE will probably go back to being boring in about a month too. If only WWE kept things fresh all year round, #RAWAfterMania wouldn't have to be a thing, and like #RawEveryWeek could be a thing. Keep it exciting all year around, WWE! We believe in you!

Here are the five best and five worst moments this week.

10. WORST - Seth Rollins Is Back?

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I'm all for Seth Rollins being back, but does anyone realize how little sense this makes? He wasn't medically cleared to wrestle the day before at WrestleMania, which is precisely why he had to sign the Hold Harmless agreement to face Triple H. So why was he wrestling on RAW the next night? Did he sign another Hold Harmless agreement? Is he medically cleared now?


9. BEST - The Perfect 10

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The Perfect 10 Tye Dillinger made his big debut to SmackDown Live in what was the perfect welcome to the WWE Universe. It may have not been the match of the week, but seeing him squash Curt Hawkins in a quick match was the right way to introduce him to the mainstream.

8. WORST - Neville's Celebration

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Because he won his match at WrestleMania, Neville had a celebration on 205 Live that wasn't much of a celebration, but more of a typical Neville promo we've come accustomed to. He thanked the fans for not believing in him and stuff, even though that's never been true. The fans have always believed in him. In fact, the WWE Universe screamed their lungs out for him when he made his return at Roadblock back in December.

He's a little delusional if you ask me.

7. BEST - Finn Balor Is Back

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Everyone's favourite demon is back. And no, we're not talking about Kane. Is Kane anybody's favourite?

Finn Balor was named Seth Rollins' partner in the main event of RAW and we were treated to a fast paced match between four of RAW's greatest talents. Balor's pin over the United States Champion Kevin Owens establishes him back at the top of the roster, exactly where he belongs.

6. WORST - Shinsuke Nakamura's Debut Falls Flat

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This wasn't necessarily a bad segment, but it wasn't all that exciting either. The Miz and Maryse pretended to be John Cena and Nikki Bella again and out came a man violining away until Shinsuke Nakamura came out to do his wacky little poses and gestures. It was fine. But in a week full of great things, fine should have been better.

5. BEST - The Revival Defeat The New Day

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Damn. In a matter of two days, the tag team division on RAW just got super exciting. Not only do we have The Hardy Boys back as Champions, but The Revival (aka the best tag team ever) were finally called up to the main roster. And what better way to make an impact than by defeating The New Day in their debut match. Good stuff.

If you haven't seen much of these guys, stay tuned for well crafted wrestling classics. So as long as WWE gives these two the same chances like they had in NXT.

4. WORST - Braun Strowman Backs Down???

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This segment was a letdown. Why have Braun Strowman come out and confront Universal Champion Brock Lesnar only to have him immediately back away from a fight? The Strowman we know is the Strowman who would trade fists with just about anyone. I guess this isn't the Strowman we know anymore? He's starting to become all talk, which is precisely what Braun Strowman should NOT be. Have you heard him talk? Bleh.

Braun Strowman. You're no longer cool to me.

3. BEST - Kurt Angle Is The New RAW GM

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We all saw it coming, but we're super happy and excited that it happened. Vince McMahon made a surprise appearance this week and announced Kurt Angle as our new RAW GM. Oh it's true. It's damn true. One of my favourite moments from the night came when Enzo Amore and Big Cass described Cesaro and Sheamus as S-A-W-F-T. In which Angle would hilariously reply... "that's not how you spell soft!"

2. WORST - The Wyatt Family

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Does anyone care about this feud with Randy Orton anymore? It's terrible. The Wyatt Family has lost all credibility once again. Just like I was saying last year, Bray Wyatt talks and talks and talks and never wins when it actually matters. WWE has written these guys into obscurity yet still expect us to take them seriously as if they're an actual threat.

Rubbing Sister Abigail's ashes over himself a few weeks back should have mattered. 2017 should have been the year the Wyatts take over the SmackDown roster. Imagine a Ministry of Darkness type deal but with the Wyatts. Wouldn't that have been cool?

Nah. Randy Orton is cooler in WWE's eyes I guess.


1. BEST - The Universe HATES Roman Reigns

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"Thank You, Taker!" the audience screamed as RAW opened up.

And then Roman Reigns decided to show up and piss off the entire world even more. As if we didn't hate him enough already, Roman Reigns stood in silence for upwards of ten minutes, all while the fans hurled insult after insult at him such as "Roman sucks", "delete", "go away", "assh***", f*** you, Roman," and my personal favourite, "shut the f*** up.". I've never seen an audience crap so hard on a performer before.

And it's a good thing. Roman's embracing it. After all the hate, Roman finally responded with...

"This is my yard now."

And dropped the mic.

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