The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (Sept 29th, 2016)

I'm surprised to say it, but SmackDown Live has become much more entertaining than WWE's flagship program Monday Night Raw. With Raw's first major PPV behind us, we're kind of left unsatisfied. Unlike

I'm surprised to say it, but SmackDown Live has become much more entertaining than WWE's flagship program Monday Night Raw. With Raw's first major PPV behind us, we're kind of left unsatisfied. Unlike Backlash which delivered topnotch action from start to finish, Clash of Champions only provided a couple standout moments.

With Raw having four more hours of content than SmackDown this week, it's pretty shocking then that the blue brand still managed to snatch the best moment of the week. Here are the five best and worst moments this week in WWE.

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10 WORST - Clash of Champions Main Event Fell Flat


I think WWE wanted us to believe Stephanie McMahon screwed Rollins over here, but wasn't she just doing her job? Didn't the match need another referee? Also, where was Triple H's involvement? The main event left us with more questions than answers. Sometimes, that's a good thing. This time, we feel as if creative doesn't really know where they're going with this storyline.

9 BEST - Brian Kendrick's Headbutt


Although the action delivered at Clash of Champions and Raw was nothing short than stellar, the problem is as of now we're only really invested in the returning Brian Kendrick, even more so than Champion T.J. Perkins.

Rich Swann, Tony Nese, and Cedric Alexander are all amazing talents, but we need Raw to show us who these characters are instead of just throwing them into random matches devoid of any meaning. The headbutt to Perkins from Kendrick after his loss finally gave us a reason to care and to root for Perkins even more.

8 WORST - SmackDown Women's Title Segment


After last week's fantastic contract signing with Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, this week the girls only got one minute to move their story forward.

Ten seconds into Becky's Lynch's entrance, Alexa Bliss interrupted to knock the Champion out from behind. And that was it. We cut to the next segment without any mention of what Lynch was coming out to do. Was she going to talk? Was she going to wrestle? And if so, who would she have even wrestled? The segment just seemed odd and out of place.

7 BEST - Best of Seven Series Finale


I'm a little disappointed in how the finale of the Best of Seven Series ended with Cesaro and Sheamus at the Clash of Champions PPV. A tie? Really? If it weren't for the quality of the match in which these two destroyed each other for the sake of our entertainment, this could have easily been the worst moment of the week. But alas, the match was amazing. I mean did you see that suicide dive from Cesaro?

If it had a proper ending with a clear cut winner, this could have been much more special. Still, this is definitely a match everybody should check out. Who knows, maybe the outcome of the Best of Series will work in both men's favor.

6 WORST - Raw's Lack of Roster Depth


First, Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, and Bo Dallas were the ones to annihilate local jobbers. Even though it was getting tired, we at least understood why this was happening. To show the dominance these three Superstars are capable of.

But this week, Bayley wrestled a local jobber while Cesaro and Sheamus teamed up with one another to face two other locals jobbers. Why is this happening? Wouldn't the wrestlers who are actually signed with WWE who have nothing to do rather fill those spots? All this is doing is showing WWE's lack of faith in the rest of their roster. Can't WWE creative think of better ways to incorporate everybody?

5 BEST - Styles vs. Ambrose


While Raw chose to have a Tag Team match that didn't really mean anything in their main event, SmackDown had a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. Talk about apples and oranges. AJ Styles successfully defended his title against Dean Ambrose in a great match after John Cena accidentally distracted the ref in Styles's favor.

Ambrose's loss of the belt at Backlash has seemed to ignite an even bigger fire in him and we're much more interested in the lunatic fringe now that he's trying to get his Championship back. As for Cena? Damn. He might actually tie Ric Flair's record as a 16-Time Champion come the Triple Threat at No Mercy. The possibilities are endless.

4 WORST - Where Do Gallows & Anderson Go From Here?


If you've been reading these best and worst lists this past month, you'll see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been filling the spots no wrestler wants to fill...

The worst.

That's only because WWE has failed to do anything special with these two since their departure from Styles after the Brand Draft. It's possible WWE had plans to reunite these two with Fin Balor but an injury stopped that from happening and they've been stuck in a boring feud with New Day ever since. Their matches with the Tag Team Champions this past week at Clash of Champions and Raw were much more intense than their previous bouts but they did end up losing both matches back to back. So the question is, where are Gallows and Anderson to go from here?

3 BEST - Charlotte Reigns Supreme


Easily the best match of the night goes to the Raw Women's Championship Triple Threat, which in my opinion should have been the main event of Clash of Champions. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Bayley have to be some of the most over Superstars on the roster male or female, and the chemistry these three have is out of this world.

The best moment in the match? Charlotte's double moonsault.

2 WORST - Roman Reigns is the US Champ. Now what?


Roman Reigns defeated Rusev for the US Championship at Clash of Champions in a match the crowd didn't seem to care much for. The next night, these two super giants opened Raw with Reign's first successful title defence against the Bulgarian brute.

Both matches failed to wow audiences, and it seems as if WWE has no intension on trying to legitimately change the Roman Reigns character. Yes, Reigns may be at the top of the mid card now instead of in the main event scene, which is fine, but if fans are still booing the guy, why still try and make him the hero nobody wants to see every week? At least John Cena is getting cheers again. Roman? Not so much. Just turn the guy into a heel already.

1 BEST - Title vs. Career


A Raw PPV full of moments, and SmackDown still steals the top spot.

The Miz happened to be in his hometown and decided to throw a special homecoming for himself. He's such an a******, I love it. We had a vignette detailing his career, and the ring was even littered with pictures of himself. His parents were even there in the front row to help celebrate, but... so were Dolph Zigglers, who also happens to be from the same city as the Intercontinental Champion. Ouuu. Interesting.

Ziggler would come out to challenge Miz for just one more match. But this time, if he doesn't win, he will retire. Yep. You read that right. Come No Mercy, Dolph will either leave as the new Intercontinental Champion or be written off TV.

We've seen these two step up their games since the Brand Extension and have already given the WWE Universe some of the best matches of the year. With a stipulation like this, their next encounter is sure to be even better and SmackDown's next PPV is looking like it's going to be just as good if not better than the last.

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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (Sept 29th, 2016)