The 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (September 16th, 2016)

This was a big week in WWE, wasn't it? We had FOUR new Champions crowned, a successful resurrection of the Backlash PPV event, the Women's Division proving how badass it really is, and we finally really do in actuality have a new face that runs the place.

What did we love about the original Brand Extension? Both shows were equally as entertaining. With WWE no longer having any real competition after purchasing WCW in 2001, it allowed for WWE to create competition within itself to great results. This year, we may have had our doubts about bringing back the Brand Extension, but if this week was any consolation, Smackdown proved it can be just as exciting if not better than Raw.

There was a lot of greatness to come this week. But with that naturally comes the bad. Here are the 5 best moments of the week. And the 5 worst.

5. Worst - Charlotte's Looking WEAK

It's not often I can say this, but this week I was hard pressed to choose 5 bad moments because most of what we got this week was pretty damn good.

Monday Night Raw opened up with the Women's Revolution in full force as we were treated to a Triple Threat Match and a fantastic segment which saw a frustrated Dana Brooke slap mentor Charlotte right in the face. It was so unexpected and awesome, the arena pretty much exploded. The only problem with it is, I wanted to see Charlotte decimate Brooke after the match. Why? Because Dana JUST slapped the Women's Champion in the face and embarrassed the hell out of her. And she just took it?

It's time for Charlotte to show us why she's the Champ. Show us a ruthless side so we can finally believe that she really is in the same league as Sasha Banks and Bayley. Dana Brooke has been nothing but nuisance as her protege anyway, so why not get rid of her?

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The 5 Best and 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE (September 16th, 2016)