The 5 Best And 5 Worst Moments This Week In WWE - (September 7, 2016)

With the Brand Extension upon us once again, there is a bit too much happening right now in WWE. In a good way. I think. We now have a new Champion of the Universe, NXT Superstars transitioning into WWE Superstars, shiny blue belts, WWE Network Specials on the reg, Monday Night Raw proving to still be the number one wrestling show, and to top it off, The Miz has somehow managed to make himself relevant again.

It's madness. Madness I tell you.

So yes, even though RAW is still loads better than SmackDown, if we're a fan of WWE we kind of have no other choice but to pay attention to it each and every week. It isn't without its merits, it's just Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan really need to shake things up.

With so very much going on, we here at The Sportster are putting together a new weekly feature, highlighting the best happenings going on in WWE. And the absolute worst.


We're all pretty excited AJ Styles is getting a shot at Dean Ambrose's WWE Championship this Sunday at Backlash. The only problem with it is, it's all a little lacklustre. Backlash only had a few weeks to set up its feuds after SummerSlam and it shows.

After successfully defeating Cena last month, shouldn't AJ Styles be a bit more cocky and a lot less whiney? Ticked off that Dean Ambrose was poking fun at AJ for having injured in groin in the ropes last week, AJ decided to take a shot at Ambrose's groin too... with a kick directly to the nuts. Ouch. And that ladies and gentleman is how the show ended.


Titus O'Neil said is perfectly. Can Darren Young really be great again if he was never great in the first place? I'm all for WWE trying to make Darren Young great, but I think the wrong guy turned heel in this feud between the former tag team. Titus O'Neil was always liked by the fans, whereas Darren Young has never really had much of a reaction. With Bob Backlund in his corner, the two could have been a power duo if handled differently.


After a couple months of literally doing the same exact thing every Monday, Braun Strowman was finally given a credible opponent in Sin Cara this week. After ripping off the mask of a local Lucha Libre last week, Sin Cara had no other choice but to defend his heritage. And he held up quite well. No, Cara didn't win - Strowman won by count out, but something tells us this feud is far from over. Yes! Make Sin Cara GREAT again!


With Smackdown only having an hour and a half (subtracted with commercials) to sell their PPV, we were treated to useless filler that only buried poor Fandango even further. Fandango decided to get his groove on with one of the fans in the arena who actually managed to get a better reaction than him before Kane would decide to crash the party.


We were pretty much expecting American Alpha to become the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Champions since they have pretty much dominated the division since the draft. However, after defeating The Usos in literally 30 seconds, Jimmy and Jey decided to turn evil, beating Jason Jordan and Chad Gable senseless, so much so they tweaked Gable's knee so he would be unable to compete this Sunday at Backlash.

Those b*******!


It was one thing that we had to endure Gallows and Anderson make terrible doctor jokes about New Day's testicles for a whole month, but now they're making fun of New Day for... eventually having to succumb to old age? Huh? Are you serious?

Gallows and Anderson thought it would be humorous to have actors come out dressed up as elderly versions of New Day. Why? Because New Day will eventually become old and will no longer be able to dance like they used to due to their broken hips and such.

This segment was so bad, that even the real New Day couldn't save it.


Sasha Banks informed the WWE Universe that she would make her return to RAW to deliver some bad news. Could it be? Charlotte injured her back for real?

After an amazing heartfelt speech about having to sell cans and bottles for 10 cents a pop in order to save up to go to WWE shows as a child, and about how she and many other trailblazers have been able to finally give women's wrestling the respect it deserves, we didn't know what to expect. Could this really be the end of Sasha's career?

But then! Dana Brooke decided to come out to try and beat Sasha up because that's what heels do. Also, there's some storytelling with her wanting to impress mentor Charlotte.

Banks of course managed to get the better of Brooks, and after having locked her into a Bank Statement, Banks shouted that "the bad news was for Charlotte. Let her know at Clash of Champions, that title is coming back to [Sasha!]"


After what was pretty much an all-around terrific RAW (except for the 'WORSTS' explained in this article), Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would have a terrific match one-on-one in the main event. But then Roman Reigns decided to come out to wreck havoc until eventually, Mick Foley would barge out to announce that next week on RAW, if Roman Reigns can defeat Owens, he will also get a shot for that title at Clash of Champions.


Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon opened the show and tensions were as high as the Hell in a Cell Mick Foley flew off of on June 27th, 1998. As we all know, Triple H cost both Roman Reigns and former protege Seth Rollins their match last week for the Universal Championship, ultimately handing Kevin Owens the title in one of the most shocking moments in RAW history. Thankfully  the drama continued to deliver this week.

Mick Foley still has no idea if Stephanie McMahon is telling the truth on whether or not she knew Triple H would do what he did. And you know what, we almost want to believe her... but then Stephanie McMahon decided to be the ultimate heel and try and suspend Seth Rollins indefinitely for getting in the face of the new Universal Champion Kevin Owens. Suspicious? Foley thought so too, revoking the suspension and granting Seth Rollins a match against Owens at Clash of Champions for the Universal title. Yes please!

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