The 8 Best And 7 Worst Physiques In WWE History

The WWE was once commonly known as the "land of the giants" as those that possessed a higher vertical and those with more meat on their bones dominated the main event scene. Times have changed as the 218 pound, 5'11'' AJ Styles holds the company's most prestigious prize, the WWE World Championship. The WWE Universal Championship is held by a 266 pound, 6 footer from Marieville, Quebec, Canada, Kevin Owens. Owens has a physique that does little, if anything to intimidate as he has often been chided for being fat.

The WWE has seen a competitor as little as Rey Mysterio at 5'6'' hold the WWE Championship as well as the gargantuan Andre the Giant who was billed as being 7'4'' tall and 520 pounds hold the then WWF Championship. The WWE has seen a wide array of individuals step foot in its squared circle with heights and weights varying. Some of these individuals have chiseled physiques that wow viewers; others have physiques that look like they have no business being in the sport of professional wrestling. Here, we take a look at the eight best and seven worst physiques in WWE history.

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18 BEST: John Cena

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The UFC's poster boy Conor McGregor recently made media rounds when he referred to WWE megastar John Cena as a "40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia". There was some profanity that McGregor added as well, but since WWE is a PG company, we'll keep it PG (apologies to the Notorious One). To McGregor's credit he actually didn't lie when pointing out Cena's past bodybuilding failures, regardless of if he came off as disrespectful. But, to get to the Mr. Olympia stage is no small achievement in its own right; rather, it's a large achievement. Cena has been applauded by his peers as being one of the strongest competitors employed by WWE. Names such as Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry are just a few who have proclaimed that Cena's strength is extremely impressive. Cena not only looks the part, but is the part.

17 WORST: Bastion Booger

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If you thought Bastion Booger had a terrible physique during his then WWF days, you should've taken a gander at him once he was out of there! Booger had quite the unique form of ring attire and for reasons you would shake your head left to right as opposed to up and down. Booger had trunks which were attached to be what appeared to be some sort of a suspenders contraption. Except unlike regular suspenders, Booger's crossed over and then had another horizontal strap go through them. Booger looked a little similar to the iconic Michelin man. Booger was billed at being 6'3'' and a massive 401 pounds. Booger tragically lost his life in 2010 at the age of fifty-three as a result of a pulmonary embolism.

16 BEST: Rick Rude

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Before WWE crowds marveled at the "Ravishing Russian" Lana, they were introduced to "Ravishing" Rick Rude. For the male population Lana is certainly much easier on the eyes; the female population still wishes they could have their weekly dosage of Rude. Rude had a couple stints with the WWE in both the late eighties and the late nineties. It was in the late nineties where Rude looked particularly impressive. Rude easily had the most defined and impressive six pack of his era and can make a case for having the best six pack of all time within the WWE ranks. Rude didn't only spend hours sculpting his abdomen as he had Herculean like biceps to accompany them. Rude filled out his frame extremely well and showed that he devoted a number of hours to developing all of his body parts.


14 WORST: Yokozuna 

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At 6'4'' Yokozuna wasn't massively imposing in the height department, but he easily made up for it in the weight department. WWE billed Yokozuna at 641 pounds, which knowing WWE was exaggerated. Then again it might've been closer to accurate then many think as it the time of his demise, Yokozuna weighed a whopping 580 pounds. At times Yokozuna's physique propelled him to greater heights as he looked so imposing that he was able to become the then WWF Champion. At other times, his physique deterred him massively. This was never more evident then in 1996 where the Anoa'i family member failed to receive medical clearance in a number of states. The mountainous Samoan was released by the WWE due to his prolonging weight issues.

13 BEST: Vince McMahon

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Imagine for a second that you were a pro wrestler and that this man was your boss. The self-proclaimed genetic jackhammer, Vince McMahon is no spring chicken; he is seventy-one years of old. Yet, this doesn't deter him from being on the cover for Men's Health. It's highly unlikely that many, if any of McMahon's current or former wrestlers will look anywhere near what he looks like at seventy-one. The most noticeable thing we see here is that intimidating vein of McMahon's which starts above his bicep and extends to his forearm. McMahon also sports quite the impressive core as he's got close to a six pack. His back is as wide as can be and shows noticeable definition in the upper lats area. McMahon is certainly an inspiration to us all to get our butts in the gym!

12 WORST: Rikishi 

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To quote Ludacris, Rikishi fits the bill for "and you got some big titties with a matching ass" for reasons no one appreciates. Rikishi stood at 6'1'' tall and tipped the scales at a whopping 425 pounds. Rikishi was best renown for his Stink Face finisher in which he'd rub his massively large rear end in the face of his opponents. If taking such a finisher wasn't bad enough, Rikishi's derriere was particularly repulsive as he had a noticeable amount of cellulite on his back end. The front of Rikishi was in par with the back of him as he had a colossal belly and pecs that sagged uncontrollably. Rikishi once "did it for the Rock" (when he ran over Steve Austin). How about you "do it for The Rock" once again and shed some weight, buddy?

11 BEST: Dolph Ziggler

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The former Nicky of the Spirit Squad better known to the masses today as Dolph Ziggler isn't a particularly large wrestler; he's actually on the smaller side and is the smallest wrestler on this last. However, what Ziggler lacks in weight he easily makes up for in definition. Ziggler doesn't look like he knows what the word body fat is. He's simply ripped and has one of the most impressive six packs in the WWE today. Ziggler's hard work in the gym clearly shows off in the ring as he can be categorized as being the human equivalent of the Energizer bunny as he has a motor that just does not stop. To quote one of Ziggler's past shirts, "it's too bad, I'm too good"!

10 WORST: Blue Meanie

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For those who are unaware the Blue Meanie's character actually originated from none other than the Beatles. In the Beatles nationally recognized 1968 track, "Yellow Submarine", a film was made that depicted a legion of "blue meanies" as those who detested music. Despite the Blue Meanie being a heel for the majority of his career, it was hard to dislike, let alone detest the man as he was more so comical then anything. Frequently sporting a crop top t-shirt, Meanie would expose his powder white belly more often than not as he would look like like an oversized version of the Pillsbury Doughboy with his blue and white color scheme. At 6'1'', the former leader of the Blue World Order (B.W.O.), weighed in at 323 pounds. For Pete's sake Meanie, tuck that belly away!

9 BEST: Brock Lesnar

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When your nickname is the "Beast Incarnate" is pretty much a surefire guarantee that you're going to be jacked beyond belief and that is the case with the Webster, South Dakota farm boy turned UFC fighter and WWE wrestler, Brock Lesnar. At 6'2'' and 290 pounds Lesnar frequently wows crowds by pulling out moves and maneuvers that a man of his size should have no business doing. The first thing that comes to mind is his botched shooting star press at WrestleMania, which for the record he has landed plenty of times. The first noticeable thing about Lesnar's physique is his massive traps that are probably the most defined traps ever showcased in the WWE. Lesnar has a mammoth like chest that sticks out as well. There are times where we've seen Lesnar a little more so on the tubby side, but he has always had a striking physique that easily intimidates.

8 WORST: The Nasty Boys

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You can't have Brian Knobbs without Jerry Sags; these two are about as conjoined as they come. They're two months apart as Knobbs was born in May of 1964 and Sags was born in July of 1964. They were both born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They were both trained by Brad Rheingans. Knobbs is 6'1'' tall and 295 pounds and Sags is 6'3'' and 290 pounds. If these two weren't destined to be tag team partners, I don't know who was. Black is supposed to be a slimming color but it did little, if anything to hide the flabby physique of the Nasty Boys. Neither Knobbs nor Sags appears to possess anything close to a neck. They have massive bellies that thankfully for us all were covered up by the ring gear the two wore. The pair frequently wore "Nasty I Am" gear, and all I can say is "ain't it the truth" Knobbs and Sags, "Ain't it the truth?"

7 BEST: The Rock

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The man has his very own app entitled the Rock Clock which is supposed to motivate others to get their candy asses in the gym as he does. Despite a grueling schedule, the Rock sticks to a strict regiment that requires him to wake up at 4 AM to get clanging and banging in the gym. The results clearly show as the Rock looks like a Greek God that has been chiseled out of stone. For the record, this only included the Rock's cardio duties for the day; the weight lifting hasn't even begun. That usually takes place around 10 or 11 AM for the Great One. The nutrition of Rocky has been well documented as he ate seven meals during his training for Hercules which consisted of plenty and plenty of cod daily. At forty-four years of age the Rock stands 6'5'' and 265 pounds with a body fat percentage that is likely to be in the single digits.

6 BEST: Lex Luger

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Upon signing Lex Luger, Vince McMahon had figured he'd gotten his Hulk Hogan replacement. Luger was tan, blonde, American and jacked to levels Hogan could only dream about. Luger never ended up being the star Hogan was despite his massive push, but he looked like a million bucks when it came to his physique. Luger stood 6'4'' tall and weighed in at 274 pounds; you'd be hard pressed to find someone in that weight class with a six pack as defined as Luger's was. Luger's not really lacking in any particular area either as he looks well proportioned all the way from his upper body down to his lower body. When you have a body as defined as Luger's you earn the nickname the narcissist and rightfully so.

5 WORST: Mabel 

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The late Mabel passed away in 2013 in Memphis, Tennessee as a result of a heart attack at the ripe age of forty-three. Mabel's most successful run came in 1995 when he won WWE's King of the Ring, when the honor was prestigious, unlike forgotten in today's day and age. The Harlem, New York billed big man who was teetering on the verge of 500 pounds throughout his career never found his footing in the main event scene. He had stints in the company as Big Daddy V whose gimmick revolved around him being the "World's Largest Love Machine" as well as in the Undertaker's eerie late nineties stable, the Ministry as Viscera. As Big Daddy V and Viscera, fans would have the pleasure of seeing Viscera fully clothed; as Mabel that wasn't always the case. Here, Mabel is shown in a singlet which he should have no business wearing. His pecs (or to better put, lack of pecs) are flopping all over the place and shame his physique rather than heighten it. Mabel doesn't look intimidating; he looks downright out of shape.




1 BEST: Scott Steiner

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Catchphrases go hand and hand with WWE superstars and Scott Steiner had one of his very own. When he wasn't stumbling and mumbling on the microphone he would hit fans with "Big Poppa Pump's got your hook up. Holla if you hear me!". Maybe Steiner was indirectly referring to the juice? Regardless of one's opinion on how Steiner achieved his physique, its impossible to not marvel at it. Steiner's biceps are what most notice when first seeing him and for good reason. While there isn't an official recording of the size of Steiner's biceps they are rumored to be anywhere from 22'' to 25''. Steiner's chest is probably his second most impressive attribute and well when you spend time in the ring doing push-ups the results better show!

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