The 8 Best And 7 Worst Things Happening In WWE Right Now

Nothing is ever "good" in the complete sense of the word. For everything good there must be something bad; it's the unwritten law of nature. Every Heaven has a Hell; and where most Hells prove a better time, such is not the case within the current WWE environment.

The New Era has arrived and with it came along a string of new stars while some wily veterans have claimed their rightful spots among this new breed. A.J. Styles serves as the prime example of this notion.

However, for all that is good in WWE right now, there is plenty bad. In this article we will attempt to highlight all the ups and downs taking place within Vince McMahon's long-running rough-house organization.

These are The 8 Best And 7 Worst Things Happening In WWE Right Now:

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15 Best: Mauro Rannalo on Commentary

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In professional wrestling, the lead commentator is used to tell/sell the story taking place in the ring; at least that's how it once was. In the WWE world, there has never been an announcer who can hold his own with Jim Ross.

Jim Ross set the standard for WWE announcing and for years a man named Michael Cole has been trying to live up to that standard; failing in the process. Of course, this is not entirely the fault of Cole who must be annoyed by the constant comparison.

Along with the New Ear, came a new voice; a fresh breath of air in a stagnant WWE. That voice comes along with Muro Rannalo who serves as the lead commentator of SmackDown Live. Rannalo is without a doubt the best in WWE at this present time.

14 Worst: Third Wheel Commentary

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Remaining with the commentary table: let's discuss the idea of "third wheel announcers." Specifically, Byron Saxton and David Otunga. Why exactly do we need to hear these guys on Monday and Tuesday nights? They are an unnecessary part of programming.

Monday Night Raw would do just fine with Michael Cole and Corey Graves serving as their one-two punch, while SmackDown Live would be much better with Maro Rannalo. While both are bad, SmackDown clearly wins over Raw in this case. (That's not a good thing.)

David Otunga makes Bryon Saxton sound like Bobby "The Brian" Heenan. Otuna's commentary is cringe-worthy. Who thought it was a good idea to add this guys to the SmackDown Live announce crew? Why? Why must we hear Otunga's voice.

13 Best: Brand Split

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There have been many naysayers about the Brand Split (myself included but the schizophrenia has kicked in once again). The truth about this matter: the Brand Split is a great idea that could finally rejuvenate the WWE product.

Back in the early part of this awful century, the original Brand Spilt proved rather successful before WWE decided it was time to move everybody back into the same house. And what happened then? The product suffered and viewers tuned out.

Having two separate atmospheres in their "WWE Universe" allows fans to breathe two different sets of air. On top of this, the Brand Split provide a platform for the young up-and-coming talent who did not have to compete on Superstar-packed rosters.

12 Worst: Roman Reigns' Status

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This is not going to be just another entry about how bad Roman Reigns is on the mic and how he cannot wrestle. That has been said a million times over and can be found all over this dirty internet (our save haven to feel tough against these wrestlers).

Roman Reigns' in-ring ability have improved greatly over the past year. The problem remain with his mic skills and connection (or lack thereof) with the audience. Look, we get what WWE were going for: another cool Samoan Superstar akin to The Rock.

However, Roman Reigns simply does not have that star quality. Reigns can and should be a force within WWE but if anybody needs to turn heel, it's Reigns. (Yeah, John Cena is never making that turn so it's time to awake from that dream.)

11 Best: The Miz' Status

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Surely the I.W.C. felt their collective heart break when The Miz recaptured the Intercontinental Championship from WWE's perpetual silver medalist, Dolph Ziggler on the SmackDown Live 900th episode special. (Sad night for Ziggler fans.)

However, The Miz has finally become a true WWE Superstar. And the Intercontinental Championship in his possession is the best thing for the title right now. The Miz has brought back value to a title that has been devalued in recent years.

The Miz may not be in the main event picture on SmackDown Live but (along with Maryse and The Spirit Squad) The Miz has made the mid-card something worth watching once again. Remember when the mid-card was exciting and entertaining?

10 Worst: Sheamus and Cesrao's Unnecessary Pairing

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The entire best-of-seven series ended in a draw? Was that the idea all along or did somebody call an audible when they realized there was nowhere to go for Sheamus or Cesaro following the conclusion of their hard-hitting series of matches?

Anyway, now we are presented with the classic "Odd Couple" tag team scenario. And yes, this is a recycled concept (The Rock 'N' Sock Connection, Team Hell No). However, that will never stop WWE from trying to fool their younger audience.

Who knows. Perhaps us older wrestling fans have simply become jaded. Or perhaps this tandem truly doesn't work together. Either way, most of the humour between Sheamus and Cesaro falls flat and this is certainly far from being something great.

9 Best: Brian Kendrick's Run

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Has the Cruiserweight Division been all that it was supposed to be this far? Absolutely not. Does there remain reason to believe in the division? Absolutely. This group of outcasts are the most athletic around and they need support now more than ever.

While T.J. Pekins was believed to be the face of the division, the old man Cruiserweight has stolen the spotlight. Brian Kendrick has bene fantastic this time around (Kendrick was once employed by WWE but was released for a lack of maturity.)

Brian Kendrick has played a true loser heel (while winning the Cruiserweight Championship in the process) and has done it better than anyone. Kendrick is kind of pathetic and kind of perfect at playing the part.

8 Worst: Raw Tag Team Division

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At this point the final destination for The New Day should be clear: the trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods will break Demolition's record as the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history. And that's fine. However, what comes next?

How much longer is The New Day shtick going to humorous? Or is anybody still laughing at all? The logical thing to do with The New Day would be to have the team finally drop the WWE Tag Team Championship next spring at WrestleMania.

Now, the real problem: to whom? The Tag Team Division of Monday Night Raw is weak and cannot hang with the more youthful Tag Team Division of SmackDown Live. Over on the Red Brand, the only team worthwhile after The New Day are Enzo Amore and Big Cass.

7 Best: A.J. Styles' Championship Reign

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This long-traveled Superstar serves as the current holder of the top prize in all of professional wrestling: the WWE World Championship.  Yes, A.J. Styles has claimed his spot atop the WWE roster and after so many years, it's a bout damn time.

A.J. Styles is a unique case of a non-WWE product rising through the ranks of the sacred company (the last two to achieve such a feat were CM Punk and Daniel Bryan). And Styles is sure making the most of his time (who knows how long Styles will hang around).

Watching A.J. Styles in recent months - specifically since his heel turn - has been a pure delight for wrestling fans. Sure, Styles is not the prototypical "Sports Entertainment" guy but it is always more fun to watch a real wrestler taking over.

6 Worst: Braun Strowman's Push

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In the foul year of 2016 (and beyond) a character like Braun Strowman is boring. Plain boring. We have seen this all before: the monster who "cannot be defeated." While this sold once before, it no longer draws in the modern wrestling scene.

We have seen this gimmick a million times over. So, what does Braun Strowman bring to the table that is different than all the previous monsters? Perhaps a better beard. However, it ends there. Strowman is noting new and nothing to cause a wave of excitement.

However, as long as Braun Strowman is big, then he stands a chance. Vince McMahon loves his men big; always has and always will. So, do not be surprised if you see this incredibly green wrestler in the main even picture soon enough.

5 Best: Kevin Owens' Championship Reign

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Triple H may have literally handed Kevin Owens the WWE Universal Championship but that doesn't mean it wasn't a deserving moment for the French-Canadian Superstar; who for years had traveled the roads tarrying to make it in the wrestling game.

Kevin Owens is after all the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion of all time (yeah, we know, take it easy). All signs point to Kevin Owens crossing paths with Roman Reigns prior to WrestleMania season; so let's hope WWE doesn't have a change of heart here.

Ideally, Kevin Owens should hold onto the WWE Universal Championship until at least WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Even then, should Owens retain, fans should rejoice as Owens' title reign is one of the best things going on in WWE right now.

4 Worst: Randy Orton in The Wyatt Family

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Randy Orton is way too clean-cut to come across as a believable member of The (New) Wyatt Family. Not to mention, Orton is a direct descendent of Evolution; a faction that represented the exact opposite of The Wyatt Family.

And what's the end game here? Are we preparing for another Daniel Bryan "infiltrate" the Family then turn on Bray Wyatt angle? Or are we supposed to believe that Randy Orton will actually continue to run alongside Wyatt and his follower?

The Wyatt Family represent the downtrodden and Randy Orton represents the materialistic. This combination does not wok out. Regardless, at least it's something different. However, we must keep in mind that different is not necessarily good.

3 Best: Sasha Banks and Charlotte's Rivalry

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Let's call this one right now: Sasha Banks and Charlotte will be awarded "Feud of the Year" for 2016. How could it go to anybody else? Yes, John Cena and A.J. Styles was great but these women have officially changed the game. And it's about damn time.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte are currently involved in a game of Hot Potato with the WWE Women's Championship but that's all right. Fans have enjoyed every minute of these two. And even though the finish from Hell in a Cell was botched, it remains amazing.

For the first time ever (yes, even including the Trish Stratus and Lita days) the Women of WWE actually matter. And while there are other women to thank for this "revolution" Ssha Banks and Charlotte have definitely helped push the movement forward the most.

2 Worst: The Undertaker's Potential Role on SmackDown

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WrestleMania will not longer "define" The Undertaker? Well, quite frankly, it should. And hey, we all love seeing The Undertaker but nostalgia can only take you so far. It you want progress then you must lose that nostalgic sense and face the harsh present.

What does it mean for SmackDown Live if The Undertaker decides to challenge for the WWE World Championship? And, what does it mean if "The Deadman" captures the gold? It means that the entire "New Era" concept is nothing but complete B.S.

Remember how WWE cut out the old back in the 1990s? Well, there is nothing different this time around. We all love The Undertaker but there is no place for "The Phenom" in this new WWE. it's time to let it go, folks. The past is gone.

1 Best: Chris Jericho's Entire Gimmick

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Yes, we just mentioned how The Undertaker does not belong in the New Era but the same does not apply to Chris Jericho. Why? Because Jericho is the absolute best thing happening in WWWE right now. And you better believe that's true.

Chris Jericho has reinvented himself once again to fit the ever-changing times in WWE. Where The Undertaker is just The Undertaker of old showing up in the New Era. We will spare you any corny list jokes but without a doubt "The List of Jericho is Gold."

How much longer will Chris Jericho stick around before he takes off for the rock star road? Well, we're not sure but for the moment we should all enjoy the time we do get to spend with Jericho in our living rooms each week when Jericho appears on screen.



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