The 8 Tallest And 7 Shortest Male Wrestlers In WWE Today

Many years ago, the world of professional wrestling was very different from how it looks today. As opposed to seeing smaller guys winning world titles left, right and centre, the main event scene was dominated by men who looked like they belong on the cover of bodybuilding magazines. Seriously, go back and look into some of the champions from back in the day.

In 2017, however, the landscape has altered dramatically with superstars coming in all shapes and sizes up and down the card. Of course, some are positioned more prominently than others, but the variety on display is what we’re here to discuss as it really is staggering at times.

Every single entry on this list possesses a great deal of talent, and it’s how they utilise their size which makes them so impressive. In terms of how we know these statistics we didn’t exactly go round the WWE locker room measuring these guys, and instead we’ve accumulated the results from their "billed" heights as the company likes to say.

So yeah, a few of these may be off by an inch or two, but professional wrestling allows us to get carried away sometimes and this is one of those moments.

15 TALLEST: Goldust – 6 ft 6 in

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You may be surprised that Goldust is kicking things off as one of the taller wrestlers currently employed by WWE. The Bizarre One has been freaking people out for over two decades now, and during that time nobody has really stopped to realise just how tall this guy is. Seriously, he towers above fan favourites like Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.

His recent heel turn and push seems like it could be his last chance to be put into a big-time feud, and we’d buy him as a credible threat based on his height alone. We know he can go in the ring, we know he’s mastered the character work down to a tee, and he’s got the experience necessary to put over a younger talent convincingly. We’re all in.

14 SHORTEST: Neville – 5 ft 8 in

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As the plucky babyface on the main roster, Neville’s height certainly stood out. In the cruiserweight division, however, he comes across as the Brock Lesnar of the purple ropes courtesy of his outstanding heel work. The Geordie sensation has been turning heads for quite some time now, and he deserves more recognition because of it.

It seems only logical to move him up to play with the big boys once he's been dethroned as champion, kind of like how NXT promotes superstars to Raw and SmackDown Live once they lose the belt. Those who are worried about his future success before certainly won’t be sweating it after witnessing this recent run.

13 TALLEST: Erick Rowan – 6 ft 8 in 

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Speaking of bizarre – we move on to the weirdo himself, Erick Rowan. This current "clown" gimmick that he seems intent on doing is certainly freaky, but what’s even scarier is the prospect of coming face-to-face with a man this tall. Oh, and yes, it’s much more effective when he’s got the mask on as opposed to when he takes it off.

Rowan hasn’t really been utilised as well as he should’ve been, and for whatever reason the company continues to see him as the weakest ex-member of The Wyatt Family. To many that may be true, but to us it seems as if all three of the original members are equally as strong – it’s just they have different traits that make them special.

12 SHORTEST: Chad Gable – 5 ft 8 in 

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American Alpha have seriously cooled off in the last few months, quickly transitioning from being one of the most entertaining tag teams in wrestling to one of the dullest. Why? Because WWE have booked them in such a repetitive and lethargic way that we haven’t been able to connect with them as well as we did down in NXT.

For a while now, people have been tipping Gable for superstardom once the duo break up, but if that happens we’d like to see him turn heel as opposed to continuing on as a babyface. If you think about it, he has the look and size of a guy who would work brilliantly alongside a few 6-foot-6-plus bodyguards that could fool people into thinking he can’t actually wrestle that well.

11 TALLEST: Luke Gallows – 6 ft 8 in 

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Luke Gallows, Fake Kane, Festus, whatever you want to call him. This guy is money, and the fact that WWE is only just starting to realise that is an absolute crime against professional wrestling. Ever since he was brought back as a member of the Straight Edge Society, Gallows should’ve been considered a big-time midcard player on either Raw or SmackDown.

Alas, since his return alongside the debuting Karl Anderson, they haven’t exactly had the desired impact, which could be questioned by the fact they have indeed been Raw Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately, their reign was about as memorable as RVD’s WWE Championship run, and they were only being used as fodder for The Hardy Boyz.

10 SHORTEST: Rich Swann – 5 ft 8 in 

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Can you handle this? Because we most certainly can’t. Rich Swann is smaller than the majority of the WWE roster, and yet he has more charisma in his little finger than most of them do in their entire bodies. The dancing, happy-go-lucky former champion could be a big player once again among the cruiserweights, and he’s still being featured quite prominently.

His current feud with Noam Dar is decent enough, even though it feels like they’ve just re-cast Swann in Cedric Alexander’s original role, and Swann is still managing to make something entertaining out of it. We can’t see him ever being promoted onto the actual main roster, but perhaps a small stint back down in NXT could be on the cards.

9 TALLEST: Baron Corbin – 6 ft 8 in 

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Big, bad Baron Corbin is one of NXT’s greatest success stories, mainly because he’s one of the few who seems to have gotten consistently better after being promoted to the main roster. That might be because he hadn’t been on the independent scene prior to signing with WWE, but it could also be because he is a freakishly tall dude.

Of course we’re messing around, but you have to admit that Corbin is a fairly imposing figure, considering most people just choose to focus on his unfortunate hairline. The former Golden Gloves champion and NFL offensive lineman may not ever ascend to the heights of becoming WWE Champion, but he’ll always be there or thereabouts if he remains on the blue brand.

8 SHORTEST: Ho Ho Lun – 5 ft 7 in

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Nobody gave Ho Ho Lun a chance in the Cruiserweight Classic, but after his first round victory it became evident that he could be used as a solid underdog in the tournament. Unfortunately, he was eliminated in the next round by Noam Dar and hasn’t really been featured all too much on 205 Live, but there’s still room for optimism.

Lun is young enough and hungry enough to warrant another shot at glory, and his Hong Kong origins will help a lot when it comes to WWE wanting to break into that market. Obviously he shouldn’t just be pushed for that reason (we’re looking at you, Jinder Mahal), but it would be nice to see a bit more of what this kid is all about.

7 TALLEST: Braun Strowman – 6 ft 8 in 

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This may come as a shock, but Strowman is actually quite a ways off of being a seven-footer. The Monster Among Men has been on an absolute tear since being repackaged last year, beating top name after top name on his way to becoming a legitimate contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship.

His recent injury is quite a big blow to his title hopes, but many believe that he’ll be back on the straight and narrow in time for a SummerSlam showdown with The Beast Incarnate. If that match does indeed take place, Strowman could go on to become the monster heel champion that WWE always desired Brock to be. Irony is a funny thing, isn’t it?

6 SHORTEST: Lince Dorado – 5 ft 7 in 

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Also known as the man who uses the babyface/heel line like a jump rope, Lince Dorado only really stood out following the Cruiserweight Classic because Gran Metalik seemingly wasn’t available. That may sound harsh, but it’s the reality of the situation – Metalik is essentially just a more well-rounded version of Dorado in every way.

With that being said, Lince is still a solid competitor, and he also falls into the category of “we didn’t realise he was that small." He can continue to be used in the months to come as a midcarder that main eventers can defeat, and he’ll remain fairly bulletproof as he can just come back from a loss in order to take another one somewhere down the line.

5 TALLEST: Kane – 7 ft 0 in 

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Our final two candidates in the "tallest" department are well known for being billed as 7 foot tall, and yet The Big Red Machine doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for his monstrous size. The WWE veteran has gone through some inconsistent booking ever since debuting nearly two decades ago, but that hasn’t stopped the former WWF Champion from having an honest to god legendary career.

For all of the bad storylines and Corporate Kane issues we’ve had to live through, nobody will ever forget the image of 7-foot Kane making his debut and ripping the cage door off of the Hell in a Cell. Doing flips and tricks is all well and good, but sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned brute strength.

4 SHORTEST: Akira Tozawa – 5 ft 7 in 

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Akira Tozawa started off like a house on fire on the main roster, with his initial main roster debut getting a lot of people talking. Many members of the WWE Universe believe that he could be the man to dethrone Neville at the top of the division, meanwhile others think he could be nothing more than a six-month flash in the pan.

Whatever your opinion of him may be, we’re going to bet good money that you didn’t realise he was this small. The Japanese sensation has wowed fans with his quick movement and lethal moveset, even if the current feud with The Brian Kendrick feels like it’s been going on for about a year. Keep an eye on this one, he could be a big player in the years to come.

3 TALLEST: Big Show – 7 ft 0 in

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Well, it’s the Big Show. We aren’t giving him the top spot here because being the gentlemen that we are, we’d like to put a younger guy over. Despite that, Big Show deserves an unbelievable amount of credit for what he’s done for the product over the last 20 years – seriously, have you seen how many guys he’s put over?

Show is the brick wall that superstars have to go through in order to reach that next level, and there’s an argument to be made that the former World Heavyweight Champion was, in his younger days, one of the most agile big men in wrestling history. With this likely being his last year in the business, we want to thank him for his many years of service.

2 SHOTEST: Kalisto – 5 ft 6 in 

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We're now down to the runt of the litter and the man who, based on this list, probably belongs in the Cruiserweight Division. Kalisto has been lingering around the main roster for a few years now and aside from a United States Championship reign, he hasn’t really done anything of note to warrant fans taking him all too seriously.

His size isn’t really a problem when you consider how small someone like Rey Mysterio was, and we imagine that’s the kind of image WWE wants us to have of Kalisto whenever he’s onscreen. Unfortunately, he lacks the fundamental skills in the promo department at the moment, as he just doesn’t have much of a personality.

1 TALLEST: Big Cass – 7 ft 0 in 

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This right here, this is Big Cass – and he’s seven foot tall, and you can’t teach that. (He may be closer to 6'10", but that's close enough, we guess.) Big Cass is one of WWE’s most valuable assets in the present day, with his appearance in the Universal Title match last summer proving that the guy has what it takes to make it to the next level in this industry.

With his size, promo work and in ring ability there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t be calling him a World Champion one day. Cass himself has stated that critics used to tell him he was only still employed because of his size, but nowadays that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

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