The Best "Asset" Of These 15 WWE Women

There's a whole lot of love for WWE women these days. Even though The Four Horsewomen began a revolution, the movement does feel like it's right on the cusp of being something truly great. The company has enough lovely ladies to have on not one, but three shows (!) and a championship for each. Asuka is currently the longest reigning champ on any show of any gender, sure its a work, but that's a part of her character now.

As awesome as it is to watch real women's matches now, these are still spectacularly lovely looking ladies. The male fans might appreciate their athleticism, but we're all still red-blooded males. No, we might not yearn for them to wrestle in jello, but the fact that all of these girls are gorgeous certainly is an asset to the division.

Every fan has their own tastes and what they find attractive. So this is a list for us all, since we all have different assets that we find attractive. Here are 15 of the WWE's current ladies, and their best on and enjoy and hopefully we'll be reading about some of our past favorites soon too.


15 Alexa Bliss’ Thighs


The great adult and children's author Shel Silverstein had a song, “Never Bite a Married Woman On the Thigh.” Luckily for us all, the divine lil’ Miss Alexa Bliss isn't married, with all due respect to her fiancé, Buddy Murphy. There's still time to gaze upon the petite princess’ best feature, certainly the best set of thighs in the current WWE landscape.

Like many gymnasts as Alexa was before heading to NXT, Bliss needed a strong core and strong thighs to maintain balance and poise while performing and jeez did it pay off. Murphy’s a lucky guy, unless the psycho sparkler flexes her thigh muscles of course!

That five feet of fury needs the power walking fuel that only thighs like Alexa’s can provide. All kidding aside, nowadays the only woman to hold both the Raw and Smackdown Woman’s Championship needs her edible thighs to aid in some nasty kicks and the sparkle splash.

14 Nikki Bella’s Twins


So she's got worked cleavage, who friggin’ cares?! Just about every girl in the Attitude Era had gimmicked major boobage, Big Boobie Bella is just following in their footsteps as well, and it has paid off in droves! They're enough to keep John Cena happy and the Bella twin’s set of twins is the best rack in the WWE right now.

She wears shirts that say Fearless and the fabric behind them clearly do have no fear as they must have been crafted from the finest lingerie store, how else can we explain how the monstrous mounds are held up?! It’s a miracle only modern science could bring.

Thanks to the ginormous mounds of pleasure and the newfound sense of work rate when she does wrestle and you get a pretty decent D-sized gap between the cover model era and the revolution.

13 Emma’s Glutes


Not since Trish Stratus and her stratusfying derrière has there been a rear end so delectable. It's a shame that for some reason that Vince McMahon doesn't know just what to do with the Aussie beauty, Emma - or her phenomenally toned backside.

Since starting with NXT in 2012 and the main roster for a cup of coffee in 2014, and like a hobbit there and back again, Emma hasn't gotten much love or respect from creative (re: the Chairman), even with her delicious looking physique. Perhaps like Gail Kim, Vince doesn't see the appeal in Kiwis.

Unfortunately for the Aussie bombshell, once the creative was there to match her in ring and god given talents, she flubbed the debut of Emmalina, supposedly because she couldn't project the sexuality needed for the role…um, can we take a look at this picture and revaluate that moronic statement?!

12 Maria Kanellis’ Face


There is a reason that Maria Kanellis has been able to be a straight laced backstage interviewer, a silly ditz, and voluptuous vixen throughout several of her runs throughout her career. To paraphrase a song, it's in her face.

Her face is just that damn good, and adorable, and hot. Ever since her debut way back in the 2004 Diva Search, Maria has used face as her ultimate weapon to endear herself to the masses of wrestling fans all around the world and several men within the industry both on-screen and off.

While some female Superstars are great at being a heel and others a babyface, Kanellis’ bubbly smile and her sultry pout allow her to effortless pull off either, and she's doing so now as a heel for the first time in her WWE career.

11 Lita’s Hips


In case you haven't noticed, so far this list is only New Era Women. Thanks in part to her position as announcer for the Mae Young Classic do we get to pay homage to one of the most unique ladies of the past, the Hall of Fame hottie, Lita.

While the fiery faux-red head had all kinds of tremendous features to make her an alluring girl next door for the alt-rock fans, it was her super sexy waste line that enraptured all of the male fans. Long before Shakira’s hips pulled a George Washington, Lita was showcasing her own hips with possibly her most alluring weapon - a plethora of thongs sticking out of her ginormous UFO cargo pants.

Nowadays, she has taken her rightful place as a Hall of Famer and a mentor to plenty of girls in the locker room and beyond teaching a lot of girls that you don't need a cookie cutter look to still be a beauty and you don't have to settle for anything or anyone to be a dynamite performer in the ring and still have the goods out of it.

10 Maryse’s Hair


It might sound silly to some guys, but hair can be a very sexy thing for some dudes - remember, we do live in a world where all kinds of things from feet to back dimples could be as much of a turn to some as the normal female accoutrements. But as far as a luscious lively manes of hair in the WWE, the prize goes to Mrs. Mizanin, aka Maryse.

Like many WWE Superstars, Maryse knows what some of her best features are and knows how to accentuate all of them - her body is always showcased in bedazzling outfits that hug all of the right curves, but it's her wild blond locks that harken back to simpler, less risqué times. Her entrance is the best showcase for her tussles, but let's let the immortal words of Morgan Freeman describing Rita Hayworth in The Shawshank Redemption explain why Maryse’s main is her best feature.

As the inmates are watching the film Gilda, Red tells Andy “I love that s**t she does with her hair,” right before Hayworth’s own hair-flipping moment that sets all the convicts’ hearts a flutter

9 Charlotte Flair’s Legs

A former physical fitness instructor, you know damn well Charlotte Flair is toned up from head to toe. As plenty of her without pictures suggest, The Queen loves her chiseled abs and they are as nice as they are rock hard. But second generation star’s most alluring feature are her super leggy legs.

The woman does a split to get into the ring and one of her signature moves is a rolling head scissors, and you need amazing yams to pull that stuff off. She has always carried herself in the rig like the wrestling royalty she is, and some of that is thanks in part to her statuesque frame, which is supported by her lovely long legs.

More often than not, the Women’s division centers around Charlotte and it's easy to see why, she towers over most of their other women in all categories and can some things in the ring that even men dream of being able to do and it all starts with having the most beautiful legs in the business since the original leggy queen, Stacy Kiebler.


8 Dana Brooke’s Gunshow


When your signature pose is an actually Arnold Schwarzenegger-approved pose, then your “Gun Show” better be correct. For fans who might have been wondering if the flawless Dana Brooke has been filling out a little more as late, she was in competing beast mode for the last Arnold Classic. She's one of the most magnificent beasts in the WWE, it's a shame Vince hasn't tapped her full potential, as she has showcased a variety of character traits in every role she has been thrust in.

Perhaps she's able to hold herself up through all of the career changes by using her beautifully sculpted arms. You might be thinking “are people really attracted to arms,” and the answer is “yes,” or “have you seen the internet or a gym lately?” Both are filled with bevies of buxom women with fabulous arms.

Like many of the ladies on this list, there are a lot more wondrous parts to Dana’s wonderful frame than just her arms, but when she shows off why she's pinup strong, all of her beauty shines and the rest of her body is illuminated.

7 Carmella’s Abs


For crying out loud, how many crunches does one need to do to have abs like Carmella’s?! You'd probably lose track counting since you'd be too busy starting at Ms. Money in the Bank’s F–A–B–U–L–O–U–S washboard stomach, which is always on display whether the second generation star is flexing or not, yep that's how much exercising you have to do. While plenty of other ladies have tremendous tummies, Carmella doesn't even have to flex to show off her six pack.

Similar to several other ladies in the WWE, ‘Mella is a fitness freak and comes from a background of cheerleading for not one but two mega–popular sports teams, and dare it be said, those ladies need to be even better looking than WWE femal Superstars. The Princess of Staten Island clearly has no issue continuing her training regimens from her cheer days.

6 Lana’s Legs


You can complain about her in-ring ability all you want to, but even in the midst of the Women’s Revolution, they can't all be Sasha and Bayley - caliber level workers. Why should they be either?! Women have been eye candy since forever and if Lana is happy just being one of the hottest dime pieces, then that should be her choice, unless of course her boss is constantly coercing her to get in the ring.

But one thing that shouldn't be her choice is her choice of outfit. Since she debuted up until recently, the Ravishing Russian has squeezed her svelte, sexy frame into bright, vibrant suit dresses that accented every jaw-dropping curve.

But it was her legs that inspired the most jaws to crack the pavement. Oiled, golden, and abso-freaking-lutely stunning, Lana’s legs were even better looking as they had to maintain her balance while wearing her ginormous heels. Too bad it's pretty hard for her to wrestle in those things.

5 Alicia Fox’s Face


The longest tenured female Superstar has been been crushing it all over FCW, Raw, Smackdown, ECW, and now as a vixen on 205 Live, Alicia Fox has proven that you don't need to be a superstar in the ring to have staying power. That's not a knock on Foxy at all, but since so much emphasis has been put on in ring skill (and rightfully so), it's nice that even the pretty faces get to stick around too.

Foxy has been around so long that she got her start being Edge’s mistress when the Rated-R Hall of Famer was planning his wedding to Vickie Guerrero, but that doesn't mean she's some old hag. The now 31 year old still has the face of a fresh-faced diva just breaking in.

But she's still an evil temptress, from Edge, all the way to Noam Dar, Foxy’s gotta be Foxy and that face is still bending men to her whims.

4 Naomi’s Glutes


In following in her father-in-law’s tradition of the Stinkface, SmackDown Live’s current Women’s Champion, Naomi has been defeating opponents with her own variation of derrière-based offense, the Rear View for several years now.

GLOW isn't the only thing glowing in the industry right now, Naomi, her entrance, and her sweet glutes do an awesome job of getting the WWE Universe to feel the glow as well. The woman’s a former dancer (and clearly hasn't lost a step in that department either), who twerks, shakes, and gyrates her way to ring – her backside better be up to snuff!

Cameron and Brodus are gone now, and Naomi has become a very capable competitor in the ring, but thanks to the glow, funk is still on a scrumptious looking roll! Use is certainly a lucky man.

3 Natalya’s Twins


The first third generation Diva of the WWE, is the Queen of Harts Natalya Naidhart. She was “blessed” with her father’s stocky frame. But that just means she works like a beast to turn the Anvil into the Anvilette. Combine that with her form fitting but covering just about everything ring attire and sometimes it's hard to forget just how dynamite looking she is.

And Mrs. Kidd’s best feature is unfortunately covered up most of the time by her pink and black ring gear would have to be her own Hart Foundation. Nattie’s twins might not have the ridiculous proportions of Nikki’s, but to quote Seinfeld, “they're real and they're spectacular.”

Add her cute face (which thankfully is more Hart than Neidhart), the rack the Dungeon made along with her tight frame and that she works so hard to maintain and Nattie is what Conrad Thompson might call “roll tide.”

2 Summer Rae’s Abs


It goes to say when you’ve made the Maxim Hot 100, you’re pretty smoking hot, and no there’s just way you can teach that. The former Lingerie Football player, Summer Rae is one of the last “cover girl” Superstars on the roster and she like others have done their best to work on a capable repertoire of in ring moves.

In working hard, the fetching blond has developed an awe–inspiring stomach complete with great abs. Seeing as much, Rae loves to pose in sweet bikini shots on,, and wherever else on the internet, we get to see her stomach a lot more than we’ve seen her on WWE TV lately, since she is rehabbing injuries.

Here’s hoping that she doesn’t join Eva Marie or (possibly) Paige on the bread lines, Rae is a great heel and dynamite to look at. Now, with the revolution in full swing, we need some women who are more body than ability, and Rae fits that mold. Even if she gets better in the ring, she’ll still mostly be thought about for how beautiful she is.

1 Becky Lynch’s Smile


With a huge head of flaming orange hair, steampunk goggles, and a flowing trenchcoat and it's sometimes hard to notice how great looking Becky Lynch is as she headbangs and rocks out on her way to the ring. Always a diva that cares more about her matches than her beauty, it's easy not to notice her – until she poses for the requisite bikini shots. Then it's clear as the driven snow – Becky might just be the hottest girl in the WWE.

One thing that's never hidden and always bright, even underneath the bright hair is the Steampunk Diva’s smile. When the inaugural Smackdown Live Women’s Champion flashes her pearly whites, the world seemingly seems like a better place and her fans are ready to cheer her on.


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