The Biggest Thing WWE Wants You To Forget About Each Female Talent

WWE's female division has been given a huge boost recently with the introduction of the Women's Championship and the old Divas title finally being retired.

There are now two very competitive Women's Divisions in WWE currently, not to mention the women who are ready and prepared to be pushed to the main roster in a few weeks time.

There are more than 20 women on WWE's main roster right now, and even though many of them are not currently active, this is the best position females have ever been in WWE. This is a time that many young fans have waited for, a time when female wrestlers can finally be called role models.

Even though these women are role models to many of the next generation, much like Trish Stratus and Lita a few years ago, there are many things that WWE has tried to cover up when it comes to the history behind these female stars.

Everyone has a past and sometimes there are things that people are not proud of and when it comes to the female locker room. Here are the things WWE wants the WWE Universe to forget about them.

22 Lana's Photos

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Lana had an entire career before she made her way to WWE and actually auditioned for the 2013 Diva Search. WWE decided to hire the former actress and aligned her with Rusev while he was still part of NXT. She has since remained by his side for more than two years.

Before Lana made the switch to WWE, she worked as a model, actress, and dancer and actually posed for some unflattering photos that WWE would not want the younger members of the WWE Universe to come across. Lana hasn't mentioned these photos, even though Eva came clean about hers on Total Divas. Which is interesting, as it seems that WWE is just trying to forget them altogether and allow Lana to begin life as a WWE star with a clean slate.

21 JoJo Struggled With Wrestling

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JoJo was just 18-years-old when she auditioned for the 2013 Diva Search and actually won the competition along with Eva Marie. JoJo and Eva were then added to Total Divas for the first season before JoJo opted to leave the show and concentrate on making a career for herself inside the ring.

It's sad to think that while Eva Marie and JoJo actually won the Diva Search, Lana was a runner up and she has done more in a WWE ring that either of the winners. JoJo has been part of only a handful of matches and was actually injured in training, so WWE made the decision to allow her to become a member of the announce team instead. This has been something that she has actually excelled at. She is currently performing on the Raw brand.

20 Alicia Fox's Little Sister Was Once Signed To WWE

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Alicia Fox is now considered to be a veteran in WWE. And even though the company has relegated her to running around after members of 205 Live, Alicia herself is a former Divas Champion and widely considered to be one of the most underrated females in WWE.

Alicia isn't the only member of her family who currently makes a career out of wrestling, though. Her younger sister was recently a member of the Tough Enough Season 5 cast. Caylee Turner was given a chance in FCW after she was eliminated from Tough Enough, she was then trained by the likes of Booker T and Trish Stratus. Sadly her career didn't work out though and she decided to retire from wrestling altogether in 2012 to become a cheerleader in the NFL.

19 Dana Brooke Is Currently Dating A WWE Producer

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Dana Brooke was once one of the best things about NXT's Women's Division. Along with Emma, the duo controlled the females at Full Sail University before she was prematurely called up to the main roster as part of a storyline with Emma.

Dana was dating former World Champion Dolph Ziggler while she was down in NXT but it was revealed earlier this year that Dana and Dolph had broken up. This was said to be because she was now dating a producer who works backstage in WWE. The company made a rule a few years ago that talent wasn't allowed to date any of WWE's production team. Dana has had a lot of heat on her, since her debut because of the number of botches she has made, and given that she obviously has a person backing her up backstage, it makes sense now as to why she has been given so many chances.

18 Renee Young's Hollywood Ambitions

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Renee Young has become one of the standout females on WWE's announce team over the past few years and it seems that WWE has allowed her to properly flourish in the time she has been with the company. Renee has climbed through the ranks from being a backstage interviewer to then commentating on female matches in NXT and then finally being made the host of all WWE kickoff shows.

Renee is very good at what she does, and many people in WWE have been working their way up to the company their entire life, but Renee always wanted to be an actress. She has been in music videos and part of acting projects before, but she decided to finish doing this when she was signed by WWE. Maybe this is something that Renee will pick up on when her WWE career comes to an end.

17 Emma Was Once Arrested

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Emma has recently been thrust into the spotlight thanks to her failed attempted to become Emmalina. Before that Emma was working as an impressive heel down in NXT and was destined for great things before she was shockingly released from WWE.

It was revealed that Emma was arrested earlier that day for stealing an iPad case from a local store. Emma's visa was then in a little bit of dispute following her arrest and WWE reacted quickly and decided to release her. They later withdrew this and decided to reinstate her but punish her internally for her actions, even though she claimed that it was all innocent and she just forgot to pay for it. WWE have all but forgotten about this, but the WWE Universe still remember it vaguely.

16 Summer Rae Was Recently Buried By Mick Foley

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WWE have done a lot wrong with Summer Rae over the past few years. One of those things was adding her to Total Divas and then dropping her. Another mistake was pulling her up from NXT to join up with Fandango as part of a dance duo.

Summer Rae was a credible wrestler in NXT and WWE ruined that. She has been off WWE TV for the past few months and hasn't appeared on Raw since she was drafted in the summer. Micke Foley decided to mention Summer as part of a private conversation with a fan a few months ago and stated that she couldn't hang with the women in the Divas Division at the moment. Summer is still yet to be seen since then and Mick Foley then deleted his Social Media account when the messages were leaked and it is thought that WWE was not impressed with his outburst either.

15 Paige's 2016

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Paige didn't have a great 2016. She debuted on the main roster of WWE back in 2014 and was a former two-time Divas Champion leading into 2016. However, Paige failed to win a championship in 2016 and then when she started a relationship with Alberto Del Rio later in the year, it seemed that it went from bad to worse.

Paige was then suspended from WWE twice for violating their Wellness Policy in the latter stages of the year before it was revealed that WWE had actually asked Paige to break up with her fiance. Paige then underwent neck surgery towards the end of the year and is hoping to make a return to WWE as soon as she is recovered enough to be cleared by the company for in-ring competition.

14 WWE Tried To Split Carmella And Big Cass Up

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Carmella and Big Cass have been dating now for the past three years. The couple met when they were teamed together in NXT and it seems that WWE is not happy with them being together.

When Enzo Amore And Colin Cassidy were first promoted to the main roster, Triple H decided to leave Carmella behind. To then add insult to injury WWE then had Carmella drafted to a different roster than her boyfriend during the draft, so that the couple now rarely see each other. Emma and Zack Ryder and Paige and Alberto Del Rio were also couples who were split during the draft. Many online rumors suggest that WWE did this on purpose because they were hoping it would come between them, much like when Vince McMahon tried to split up Lana and Rusev.

13 Alexa Bliss And The NXT Locker Room

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Alexa Bliss has always wanted to be an athlete. She worked throughout her childhood to be a gymnast and a cheerleader and then a bodybuilder and now she has finally decided that being a WWE Superstar is what she wants to do with her life. But there will always be rumors about the current SmackDown Women's Champion.

Back when Alexa was in NXT, there was an anonymous source who referred to Alexa as a 'Ring Rat' and stated that there was only one reason why she had got to where she was in the company. Alexa at the time was dating Buddy Murphy whom she is now engaged to and completely denied the rumors. But sadly many of the WWE Universe live by the rule that there is no smoke without fire.

12 Eva Marie's Alcohol Addiction

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Eva Marie was also suspended by WWE back in 2016 and she hasn't been seen on WWE TV ever since. She has instead landed roles in various films to keep her away from the product. When Eva first came to WWE she was a winner of the 2013 Diva Search and she was added to the cast of Total Divas.

Eva revealed on Total Divas that she had an alcohol addiction from a young age that caused her a lot of problems. She was never seen with alcohol on Total Divas and explained to the other members of the cast why that was. Eva has done well to overcome it, but much like her pictures that she tried to hide, Eva will be hoping to put this history behind her.

11 Tamina's Father's Convictions

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Tamina Snuka has been off WWE TV now since her role in Team B.A.D came to an end because it was revealed that she would require surgery on some ligaments that she had torn during this time.

Tamina has been off WWE TV for almost a year now and has supported her father throughout his court case, where it was deemed that he was to ill to stand trial for a murder that he was a suspect for 30 years earlier. Snuka was suffering from cancer and sadly passed away earlier this year. Tamina was by his side the whole time and announced his passing on her Instagram page. Vince McMahon was one of the witnesses that gave evidence all those years ago and this time around WWE have decided to distance themselves from the case.

10 Mickie James And John Cena

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Mickie James has recently returned to WWE after staying away for six years. One of her final storylines was when she was being bullied because she refused to lose weight, something that set a bad example to many of the younger generation of the WWE Universe.

Before Mickie was drafted to the SmackDown brand where this storyline took place, the former Women's Champion was caught having an affair with John Cena while he was still married and she was engaged to another WWE star. Mickie was then drafted away from Cena so that he could move on with his life and she could then move on with hers as well. She has recently married and welcomed her first child with former TNA star Magnus, while John Cena has been dating Nikki Bella since 2012.

9 Naomi's Black History Month

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Naomi is now a former SmackDown Women's Champion, but there are rumors that the only reason Naomi was given the title was because it was Black History Month. Naomi has been in WWE for seven years and never been given the opportunity to lift gold. And now now that she finally did, it coincides with something that WWE are hoping to raise awareness about.

Naomi injured her ankle when she won the match against Alexa Bliss at Elimination Chamber and was forced to relinquish the championship and lose the opportunity to walk into her hometown of Orlando, Florida at WrestleMania as the Women's Champion for the first time. It is highly unlikely that WWE will give her another chance like this one. But if they do, hopefully, they don't force her to wait another seven years.

8 Natalya's Worst Storyline

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Natalya is one of the most technically gifted athletes in the entire WWE. She is a former Divas Champion and now considered to be a veteran and a trainer for the next generation of female wrestlers.

Natalya comes from one of the most well-known and respected families in the wrestling business, but that hasn't allowed her to be given any more of a chance than any other athlete in the company. Natalya was once part of a flatulence storyline that even her family refuse to speak about and act as though it never happened, where she was often seen backstage passing wind. Natalya herself saw no problem with the storyline because she was given screen time, but many of her fans condemned WWE for putting such a talented star in such a bad position.

7 Maryse Quit WWE Back In 2011

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Maryse is a former Divas Champion in her own right and even though she is a former Diva Search winner, it seems that WWE doesn't actually see her as a throwback to one of the worst Divas rosters in WWE history.

Maryse reached the point in her career where she decided she wanted much more from her life than wrestling and actually walked away from WWE. She stated in an interview that she told Vince McMahon that she would only return if she was allowed to main event WrestleMania or if she offered a million dollars. Maryse does look as though she will be part of WrestleMania this year, but it is highly unlikely that she will be main eventing. It is actually quite a shock that WWE rehired her after that.

6 Becky Lynch Has A Dark Past

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Becky Lynch was trained by Finn Balor, something WWE made a big deal about when she first made her debut on the main roster. At the time Becky lied about her age so that she could be part of Finn's training school, but WWE doesn't talk about why Becky wanted to wrestle so badly.

Becky had been led down a dark path by some of her friends and was messing with drugs and alcohol, something that she admitted herself that she was stuck in a dark hole. Luckily for Becky, she found wrestling and that was the one thing that allowed her to leave her dark past behind. Becky through herself into the sport and actually became good at it, which then led to her being signed by WWE in 2012.

5 Sasha Banks Lets Her Frustration Get The Best Of Her

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Sasha Banks is a former three-time Raw Women's Champion. But it seems that even though Sasha is considered successful and has become a fan favorite when it comes to the WWE Universe, she hasn't made many friends backstage thanks to her Social Media outbursts.

It seems that Sasha has taken to posting updates online. When Sasha found out that she wasn't being used as much in WWE's plans for the Women's Division going forward after Emma was injured heading into Money in the Bank last year, Sasha decided to go online and reblog many fans entries about how popular she was so that the WWE would see that she was needed. WWE obviously buckled and allowed it, but it didn't make her any friend with the writers and creative team backstage.

4 Charlotte Was Arrested Along With Her Father

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Charlotte is a four-time Women's Champion over on the Raw brand and a former NXT Women's Champion, but she is also another female who has a criminal record. Being the daughter of Ric Flair probably doesn't help Charlotte sometimes, but it seems that back in 2008 she was with her father when the pair were arrested.

Charlotte, her boyfriend at the time, and her father were all arrested after a police officer was assaulted during a brawl between them. The Flair Family has a history of brawls between family members and Charlotte has since divorced her husband, who was there at the time and was later revealed to have domestically abused the woman that he began dating after Charlotte. This proves that she was probably right to cut ties with him.

3 Bayley Has Been Built Like A Child

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Bayley has finally reached the top of the mountain and became Raw Women's Champion for the first time. But the problem now is the fact that WWE hasn't built Bayley as a champion. Charlotte held herself as a champion and made sense with the belt, but Bayley is basically a glorified fan and looks wrong holding a title.

Bayley hasn't done anything wrong as she he does as she's told. This is all on WWE and the way they have booked her over the past few months and decided to keep going back to the fact that Bayley is living her dream. So is every woman who is in WWE right now, why has Bayley different? WWE needs to do something with her if they expect her to be accepted as Champion heading into WrestleMania.

2 Nikki Bella Was Longest Reigning Champion To Spite AJ Lee

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Nikki Bella is now the longest reigning Divas Champion in the history of WWE. Something that will never be taken away from her now since the title has been officially retired. There were many rumors that stated that the only reason WWE allowed Nikki to retain the title for so long was because John Cena stepped in on behalf of his girlfriend.

While that might be true, the more damning story is the fact that WWE allowed Nikki Bella to surpass AJ Lee's record reign to spite both AJ and CM Punk. It was the company's way of wiping AJ out of the record books and they then hoped to turn their attention to CM Punk's reign and wipe that out too. So it seems that even Nikki was playing just a small role in an even bigger game.

1 Stephanie McMahon And Randy Savage

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The Billion Dollar Princess has had some stories spread about her over the past few decades, but the one that seems to always stick to Stephanie is the fact that she had relations with Randy Savage when she was only a teenager. Macho Man and Stephanie had always been close, but this seemed like a step too far when it was revealed that Randy and Steph's relationship had become sexual during his final year with WWE (1994).

Her father Vince McMahon apparently found out about this much later and it is why Randy was never allowed to return to the company and why Vince only allowed him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after his death. It seems Vince wanted to distance himself from this as well, and luckily Steph was able to move on and create a family with Triple H. The whole truth will now never be known, and it seems that Stephanie is not ready to come out and tell her side of the story.

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