The Fiend Attacks Universal Champion To Close WWE PPV

A tremendous main event match between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman only got better when The Fiend showed up to attack the champion.

It looked like Sunday's WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view was going to end with Seth Rollins holding his successfully defended Universal Championship high. That is, until the lights went out and Rollins found himself in the clutches of his next opponent.

It was already public knowledge "The Fiend" would be challenging the winner of the Universal Championship match. Whether that was Rollins or Strowman didn't matter to Bray Wyatt. When it ended up being Rollins, "The Fiend" didn't waste any time letting the champion know the challenger was ready.

Wyatt hit Sister Abigail and then after picking Rollins back up, applied the Mandible Claw to put Rollins down for good. The show went dark as The Fiend's demonic laugh echoed through the Carolina arena.

WWE will surely address the situation on Monday's Raw as Rollins is expected to defend his title against Wyatt at the October 6, 2019, Hell In a Cell pay-per-view. The match will likely be contested inside the Cell.

Who Wins? Fiend or Rollins?

It will be interesting to see where WWE goes with this. Rollins went over Braun Strowman clean after four stomps and a Pedigree. That finish was arguably meant to make Rollins look like the unbeatable underdog. If that's the case, does it really make sense to have him lose to anyone right now even The Fiend?

At the same time, The Fiend is arguably WWE's most popular character and really can't afford a loss while his gimmick is being built into an unstoppable monster. Why have him lose already?

This is a tough choice for WWE and the company will have a few weeks to convince fans that one of these guys can actually lose a match at this point.

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