The Fiend Attacks WWE Legend In Shocking Raw Main Event

All episode long, Bray Wyatt suggested The Fiend would show up on Monday Night and "make a new friend". Who he chose brought a shocking end to Raw.

Wyatt will be headed to Hell in a Cell to face Seth Rollins. Throughout the show on Monday night, Wyatt showed up in a number of video clips teasing more was coming. By the time Raw approached the final hour, it seemed clear fans were in for some sort of surprise.

What they got shocked more than a few people.

WWE Legend Kane made an appearance earlier in the broadcast to give R-Truth and Carmella a tour of Knoxville, Tennessee where Raw was taking place. The stage was set for the new Mayor of Knoxville to steal the 24/7 Title, which he did. He lost it later in the night and the series of segments surrounding the championship were entertaining. Most in the WWE Universe assumed that would be it for Glen Jacobs until he showed up again the main event as Kane.

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Out to help Rollins from a 5-on-1 attack at the hands of the O.C., Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, Kane was overpowering and showed glimpses of his former dominant self. That is until the lights dimmed, the creepy music hit and The Fiend showed his face. Applying a Mandible Claw, The Fiend took out Kane with ease.

Fiend Then Set His Sights on Rollins

Once The Fiend was done with Kane, he ominously crawled over to a beaten and bruised Rollins and hovered above him to ensure his presence had been felt. The show then ended with a the title credits of the FireFly show with a number of glitches and technical problems that provided one of the more memorable endings to Raw in a long time.

Kane returned to WWE but it wasn't his greatest night. He won and lost the 24/7 Championship and became The Fiend's latest victim, all in a matter of an hour or so.

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