The Final Answer On Whether Or Not Kenny Omega Will Be In The Royal Rumble?

One of the biggest games WWE fans play leading up to the Royal Rumble is trying to guess who the surprise entrants are going to be. And this year, one of the biggest rumours that has folks buzzing is the possibility of Kenny Omega showing up in San Antonio. And it didn't hurt that John Cena looked to be suggesting that was going to happen with a bunch of Omega-themed Instagram posts.

But, according to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Omega will definitely NOT be showing up at the Royal Rumble.

As Meltzer pointed out, the Royal Rumble is happening on January 29th and Omega's NJPW contract doesn't expire until January 31st. So, even if he doesn't resign with NJPW (although some are suggesting already has), he would still be under contract to them when the Royal Rumble takes place.

And more evidence that Omega will not be at the Rumble is the fact that he is being advertised for a January 28th card in Chile the night before.

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