The First Official Trailer For "Owen: Hart Of Gold" DVD

The WWE will be releasing the DVD documentary about the late great Owen Hart later this year on December 8th (December 7th in the UK). The DVD, titled, Owen: Hart Of Gold will feature a documentary as well as several of Owen's best matches.

The Documentary will feature loads of interviews with WWE talent and WrestlingDVDNetwork has released a trailer for the documentary, which you can check out right here:

As a side note - Martha Hart, Owen's widow, does not support the DVD and does not want it to be made. This is a statement she made in response to an earlier article that said that the DVD and Documentary had the full backing of Owen's family:

"My children and I were unaware of this project until May 7, when it was brought to our attention by a friend who had read about it online. Contrary to your report, we do not back or support it in any way, nor has WWE requested our backing or support. From what little we know of the project, it seems to be another attempt to exploit Owen’s memory, and his tragic death, for commercial gain. We have resisted that kind of initiative for almost 16 years. If WWE really wanted to honor Owen’s legacy, it would just let him rest in peace."

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The First Official Trailer For "Owen: Hart Of Gold" DVD