The Four Horsewomen Of WWE Vs MMA: Who’s More Attractive?

The WWE's Four Horsewomen have the advantage in the squared circle, but which faction is hotter outside of the ring?

The Four Horsemen have long been a part of wrestling's history. The idea of the Four Horsemen originated with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, and Ole and Arn Anderson and the stable has since been occupied by other wrestlers, including Lex Luger, Bary Windham, and Chris Benoit, among others. Given Charlotte Flair's rapid rise through the WWE/NXT ranks, along with three other prominent Divas - Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks - it was only natural that fans - and the WWE - would promote the idea of the Four Horsewomen. The four women were responsible for starting the Divas Revolution and, combined, have had immense success in the company. All four have held the Women's Championship on at least one of the two brands and are ultimately carrying the Women's Division.

Given pro wrestling's relationship with UFC and MMA, a Four Horsewomen of MMA was recently developed in attempt to create a potential mega-feud between the two factions. The MMA Four Horsewomen, consisting of Ronda Rousey, Jessamyn Duke, Shayna Baszler, and Marina Shafir, have even promoted the idea on their social media accounts, leaving many to believe a Survivor Series or even WrestleMania match is in order. That notion was furthered as Baszler finished as the runner-up in the Mae Young Classic. Clearly, the WWE's Four Horsewomen have the advantage in the ring, but which faction is hotter outside of the ring? You be the judge.

16 MMA - Ronda Rousey


For a time, Ronda Rousey was the hottest athlete on the planet, and not only because of her perfect figure and sexuality. She was dominating women in the Octagon and proved herself as the biggest star in the entire UFC, not only in the Women's Division. She earned endorsement deals with just about everyone and was even in the Entourage movie as her pop culture presence escalated. That quickly ended, however, as she suffered a pair of devastating defeats that ultimately ended her career.

15 WWE - Charlotte Flair

If Ronda Rousey is going to be considered the leader of the MMA Four Housewomen, you could easily make the case Charlotte Flair will be leading the charge for the WWE stable. The blonde beauty is perhaps the most talented in-ring performer in the Women's Division and has the accolades to back up that claim. She also appears poised for a run at the SmackDown Women's Championship, which would look great around her waist heading into a feud with the MMA's Four Horsewomen.

14 MMA - Marina Shafir


Like Rousey and the other two members of the MMA's Four Horsewomen, Marina Shafir has made no secret about her potential WWE debut with hints on social media, including support of fellow stable member Shayna Baszler. While the 29 year old featherweight fighter isn't much of a feared competitor in the Octagon - she lost her last two professional fights by first-round knockout and hasn't competed since 2015 - she happens to be close friends with the other three members.

13 WWE - Bayley & Sasha 

BREAK IT DOWN!! Happy 20th anniversary DX! Time flies. @wwe

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Bayley is similar to Shafir in a sense that most fans of the respective sports might not consider her one of the hottest athletes, but she certainly has the goods. Regardless of how you feel about Bayley as a performer and her hugging gimmick that might be a little too PG for WWE's recent trend back toward increased violence and sexuality, she is still one of the company's most valuable assets in and out of the ring.

12 MMA - Jessamyn Duke


Jessamyn Duke is easily the bad girl of the MMA's Four Horsewomen and not just because of the fact she has lost her last five professional fights. While she might not be much of a fighter in the Octagon, outside of it she fits that label with her ever-expanding sleeve tattoo, affinity for posting gym selfies in which she's flexing, and, well, OK, mostly for the leaked photos of her and the areas in which she has tattooed that are hidden while she's fully clothed. Yeah.

11 WWE - Sasha Banks


As if you needed to hear it from us that Sasha Banks is one of the hottest women in the WWE. The Legit Boss is one of the most talented and successful women in the company, despite the fact she has been unable to defend the Women's Championship in either of her four title reigns.

10 MMA - Shayna Baszler


Although she didn't win the Mae Young Classic, Shayna Baszler proved herself a capable in-ring performer by making it all the way to the finals and earning rave reviews along the way. She looked like a natural in the ring with an excellent ability to sell and a powerful, athletic style that could one day help her rise to the top of the Women's Division.

9 WWE - Becky Lynch


The beautiful thing about all of these women is that you could make the case for most, if not all of them as being the hottest among the bunch. Every one of them has their particular strength in terms of looks and sexuality, but Becky Lynch, some might say, is the complete package. While it's true there are strange people out there who aren't a fan of redheads (natural or not), Lynch pulls it off effortlessly both in her in-ring attire and outside of the confines of the WWE, as seen above on a beach.

8 MMA - Ronda Rousey


In keeping with the theme of beaches, who pulled it off better - Becky Lynch or Rousey? You could make arguments for both, but you have to contend both are simply stunning sitting in the sand with their hair ruffled while staring seductively into the camera. There's a reason beaches have long been the go-to venue for photo shoots and Rousey looks just as stunning as any other.

7 WWE - Charlotte Flair


The WWE might not actively push its women to do scandalous photo shoots as it once did during the Attitude Era, when it was commonplace for stars like Lita, Trish Stratus, and Terri Runnels to bare practically all their skin in revealing boudoir-type photo shoots. However, they haven't completely scaled back on showcasing the sexuality of its women's roster. We've seen the previous photo of Charlotte Flair in which she was revealing her stomach, which was part of an Divas photo shoot.

6 MMA - Marina Shafir


We may have been a little harsh of Shafir in the looks department earlier, because any claim that she isn't one of the hottest women MMA athletes can be disproved with the above photo. In it, Shafir proves that, outside of all the training- and promotion-related photos, she can be a stunning bombshell when she wants. The above photo focuses on her captivating eyes and luscious, full lips, which can definitely help her rise to sex symbol status in the WWE if she is unsuccessful in the ring in any potential long-term role.

5 WWE - Bayley


Despite her relative success in the WWE, Bayley might have actually been more popular while performing in NXT. It was there where she rose to fame following memorable matches and feuds against her best friend Sasha Banks. Her underdog status and upset wins were cheered incredibly by fans, while her shtick has grown somewhat tiresome among WWE fans.

4 MMA - Jessamyn Duke

Jassamyn Duke has been the most active member of the MMA Four Horsewomen on Instagram in the lead up to a potential Survivor Series or Royal Rumble showdown. She posted frequent photos of herself and fellow Four Horsewomen member Shayna Baszler in the lead up to the latter's Mae Young Classic final match, but that's far from the only good content on her Instagram page.

3 WWE - Sasha Banks


Sasha Banks is absolutely beautiful in just about every setting. She knows how to catch your eye as the Legit Boss in all of her colorful attire and makeup. She's gorgeous outside of the ring in every single photo shoot done with WWE, and she's perhaps even better looking in her everyday attire, complete with the glasses that gives her an appealing look, but not in the sense that she's trying too hard.

2 MMA - Shayna Baszler

Look, we can acknowledge Baszler might not be the most attractive of the combined eight Horsewomen, but she might actually be in the running for one of the most talented, especially on the MMA side. She has already gained a relatively extensive amount of in-ring experience, including her finals run in the Mae Young Classic and she is a former Absolute Intense Wrestling women's champion, having won the title over a year ago.

1 WWE - Becky Lynch


We've seen Sasha Banks in the boxing gym and, as hot as she might be, she pales in comparison to Becky Lynch, who is super hot in her sweat-glistening state as seen above. The hand behind the head is a timeless female pose that has attracted men for centuries (we presume) and it's certainly working here.

While Lynch often appears as a more playful, homely-type girl you would love to take home to your parents, she's asserting her seductive, sexualized side here with her backside bumped out and her eyes staring wickedly into the camera. Literally everything about this photo is perfect from the makeup to the colors to the simple fact it features Lynch herself. We'd like to say we saved the best for last, but we'll ask you to be the judge of that.

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