The French-Canadian Phenom: 15 Hottest GIFs Of Maryse

Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 hottest GIF's of one of the WWE's finest, Maryse!

Maryse is by far one of the hottest Divas to ever step foot into a WWE ring - period. Starting off her pro-wrestling career full-time back in 2008, it took little to no time at all for Maryse to establish herself as one of the company's most beloved Divas (albeit many fans hated on Maryse for her arrogance). Regardless, with the looks Maryse possessed, she was very swiftly taken from the bottom of the card and was shot up to the top of the Women's Division and as a result, Maryse won her first of two Divas Championship's in her debut year (December of '08).

Maryse stayed atop the Divas Division up until her departure from the WWE back in 2011. However, Maryse would return to the company last year following WrestleMania 32 to accompany her real-life husband The Miz wherever he desires, and she acts as his manager (not to mention a helping hand). Although Maryse and Miz are currently working a relationship problem angle right now, you can expect Maryse to once again return to The Miz's side within short order - they were made for each other! Now, as I'm sure most of us fans would agree, Maryse is extremely hot, and we're all probably jealous of The Miz to some degree for "tying the knot" with Maryse.

Although some Divas worsen in the looks department with age, if anything, Maryse has only gotten hotter following her WWE retirement in 2011. Fast forward nearly 6 years and Maryse is looking better (and hotter) than ever before. Because "The French-Canadian Phenom" is a Diva in the truest sense of the word (looks, attitude et cetera), there are a plethora of extraordinarily hot GIF's of Maryse out there as a result. Stay tuned, as this list divulges the 15 hottest GIF's of one of the WWE's finest, Maryse!

15  15. Maryse's Dance Performance


This GIF showcases Maryse giving the WWE Universe a sensual dance routine back in her early wrestling days. It's really no wonder why Maryse became a top Women's Division wrestler in such short order - she had the looks that Vince McMahon (and nearly every guy) dream about! I doubt I truly need to describe why this GIF of Maryse is extraordinarily hot, as I'm sure you can see clearly for yourself.

What I will say is that although Maryse was never the best in-ring women's wrestler, Maryse's attitude, style and her overall appearance more than made up for her lack of extreme in-ring talent. With the current relationship issues story-line revolving around Maryse and The Miz, perhaps there's a possibility that the "French-Canadian Phenom" may part ways from The Miz and look to find success on her own in the Women's Division. If this happens to be the case, we'll have the addition of a solid heel Diva who can draw legitimate heat.

14 The Irresistible Attitude


I'd have to say that one of the main reasons as to why so many fans love Maryse is because of her irresistible attitude. Maryse is a Diva in the truest sense of the word, and although she thoroughly enjoyed antagonizing the WWE Universe with her tactics, that certainly didn't stop male wrestling fans from having affections for this French-Canadian.

As you can see, this GIF gives a visual representation of how Maryse acted frequently in the ring when things didn't necessarily go her way. From the looks of it, Maryse was likely attempting a pin on her opponent and was just shy of that three count. Obviously needing to take her frustrations out on someone, it was most likely the ref who got the anger taken out onto. However, with how hot Maryse looked here, I doubt the referee was complaining all too much!

13 A Revealing Angle


Let's just say that the WWE fans in attendance for this episode of RAW and for all those watching worldwide definitely witnessed a very revealing angle of Maryse during this Divas Division tag team match. Maryse is shown here attempting to antagonize her opponents as a distraction method so that her tag team partner can recuperate. What Maryse didn't realize (however there's a good chance she did), is that while attempting her signature air-kiss, the cameras ended up capturing an extremely revealing shot of Maryse's "set of glutes."

Back when this match occurred, the Women's Division wrestlers were mainly positioned on the card based off their looks, and if Vince McMahon had seen this GIF, I'm certain that he would've immediately stated in his gruff voice "there's our Divas Champion dammit!" There's no denying that Maryse's one of the all-time hottest Divas, and her "booty" in this GIF strikingly resembles that of current RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss's booty.

12 Maryse's Confidence


Here we have yet another GIF that showcases Maryse's attitude and confidence (all while giving the WWE Universe a revealing pose in her stunning red ring attire). I'm fairly certain that the Diva Maryse had attempted to pin here was Maria Kanellis who has since returned to the WWE with her husband Mike at the SmackDown exclusive Money In The Bank PPV. Both Maria and Maryse bring back memories of the "WWE Diva days," as presently the company's female talents are revolutionizing women's wrestling and have since changed their reputation of being "Divas" to now being considered "Women's Division" wrestlers.

Although I'm certainly one who can appreciate a solid women's wrestling match (often times the females outperform the males), I still have an appreciation for the good old Divas of the past. I think it's important to have variety, and with the WWE introducing Women's Division wrestlers like Lana and Maria into the fold, the company has understood this principle and are giving the fans both sides of the coin.

11 Teasing The WWE Universe


Maryse is most definitely a Diva who knows how to rile up the WWE Universe. This extraordinarily hot GIF showcases Maryse adjusting her ring gear in the most sensual possible way. Although there's a small chance that Maryse was just fixing her gear so that it wasn't uncomfortable, there's a much greater chance that she was simply teasing the WWE fans during what looks to be tag team match.

Back in the mid 2000's, the Divas Division didn't really consist of exceptional in-ring talents (although of course there were some better than others), instead, the women relied on putting on shows for the fans whether that involved "cat fighting," strip teases - you name it! Back then, Vince promoted viewer-entertainment over solid in-ring bouts when it came to his female talents. Things have certainly changed since then, as a large portion of the Divas of today can truly go in the ring and put on solid matches.

10 Holding The Miz's IC Championship


This is one of the more recent hot GIFs of the "French-Canadian Phenom" which showcases Maryse holding The Miz's Intercontinental Championship. Quite surprisingly, although Maryse was widely considered to be one of, if not the hottest Diva back in her wrestling days, Maryse has only gotten hotter with age and judging by the GIF above, I'm sure you can see why. Maryse looked absolutely stunning in her tightly fit black dress, and her overall style was completely on point.

Despite the fact that The Miz is a guy who truly loves all the attention, there's no denying that Maryse takes quite a bit of The Miz's spotlight whenever she's accompanying him. Maryse has definitely "completed" The Miz in a sense, because the "Awesome One" has never been more relevant since reintroducing the WWE Universe to his wife and former Divas Champion. They are without a doubt a WWE "it couple," and it pains me to say this considering The Miz's a total ego-maniac (in character that is)!

9 Eye-Popping SummerSlam Entrance


As I'm sure most of you can see for yourself, Maryse looked absolutely phenomenally gorgeous in her SummerSlam 2016 all-white attire. Honestly, there really aren't many Divas that come close to Maryse's hotness level, and the only recent names that I can come up with which are comparable in terms of hotness to Maryse are Nikki Bella, Lana and of course, the RAW Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss. Despite the fact that Maryse has only performed as The Miz's manager up to this point, there's still that possibility of Maryse transitioning once again into an in-ring Women's Division role sometime down the line.

Maryse's only 34 years old as of January, and if a 35 year old Maria Kannellis can shockingly return to the WWE to reprise an in-ring role, then who's to say that Maryse won't do the same thing at some point. If this eventually proves to be the case, Maryse will most definitely bring some Diva flair back into the division, and give Women's Division wrestlers such as Alexa Bliss and Lana a run for their money in the hotness department.

8 Maryse Motivating The Miz


Here we have another hot GIF of Maryse in her SummerSlam 2016 attire. The GIF captures Maryse attempting to motivate her husband The Miz in his Intercontinental Championship match against rising star Apollo Crews. Obviously the French-Canadian's motivation proved to be enough, as The Miz slithered away from SummerSlam last year remaining the IC Champion. Speaking of Apollo Crews, I find it to be quite a shame in regards to how far down the ladder Crews has fallen since his main roster debut last year.

Apollo started off his main roster career in dominant fashion by pulling off a win against a former World Champion in Sheamus at the 2016 MITB (okay, not the biggest accomplishment), but Crews quickly found himself "lost in the shuffle" shortly afterwards and he hasn't recovered since. Now, as the client of the "Titus Brand," it's easy to realize just how bad Crews' position is within the company right now. Let's hope that the WWE have bigger plans for Apollo down the line, because he's far too talented of a wrestler to squander away in obscurity.

7 Maryse's Revealing Pin


I must say, there are plenty of extremely hot GIFs of Maryse in the ring attire shown above. Out of the 15 entries on this list, there has already been three entries which revolve around Maryse's gold/black ring outfit. However, this isn't at all surprising, as Maryse looked absolutely fantastic in this outfit, and her "booty shorts" were as revealing as can be. In this GIF, Maryse is attempting a pin on what looks to be a Bella Twin (could be wrong), and she did so in such a confident and sensual way.

There's no doubt in my mind that Maryse in fact knows that she's extremely hot, and she taunts and teases the WWE Universe with her sensual tactics for fun and kicks. Regardless of the fact that Maryse has always played the heel Diva character, many fans still adored Maryse for her style and attitude (not to mention because she was basically the hottest Diva around).

6 Maryse Looking Dazzling


Here we have a GIF of The Miz and Maryse quite literally on the "red carpet" during an interview of some sort. However, probably most notably is the fact that Maryse looked breathtakingly beautiful in this GIF hence why it's by far one of the hottest GIFs of the French-Canadian out there. The Miz is definitely one lucky dude for being able to take Maryse home on a daily basis. It's no wonder why so many fans despise Miz - a plethora of fans are extremely jealous of The Miz's wife.

That said, now that I think about it, the hatred for The Miz probably stems more from the fact that he continuously taunts the WWE Universe over his relationship with Maryse and why the fans will never be in his shoes. Regardless in this GIF, even The Miz, a guy who's constantly surrounded by Maryse couldn't help but take in Maryse's beauty as the sunlight beamed on her stunning black dress.

5 Tease By The Ropes


Let's title this GIF Maryse's "try not to stare challenge." The footage of this GIF was taken from the same dance routine as the first GIF on the list, and who could possibly deny Maryse's exceptional hotness here? I know that there are some fans who don't believe that Maryse's very hot, but I'd also say that those said fans are definitely in the minority. If you weren't convinced before this list entry, there's a good chance that you are now after viewing this incredibly alluring Maryse GIF.

I believe this dance segment was recorded during Maryse's early WWE days (sometime between '06-'08), and judging by the sheer hotness of it, I'm certain that the segment went over very well with Vinnie Mac. This GIF's definitely a throwback to the "Diva days," and although the women of the past weren't regarded highly for their in-ring work, I doubt that even the most hardcore wrestling fans were complaining about these segments which occurred fairly frequently.

4 Maryse's Water Tease


I believe the only word which could possibly (and accurately) describe this Maryse GIF is "hot." Here we have a classic and alluring image of an extraordinarily hot woman being cooled off with some ice-cold water. In this case, that hot woman happens to be one the WWE's finest, Maryse. There's no denying that she looked breathtakingly hot here, and this is one of those GIFs that you would show a fan who's not completely sold on the idea of Maryse being considered one of the hottest Divas of all time.

After viewing a GIF like this, I'm certain that even a Maryse hater would rank her as being one of the hottest of all Divas. Although The Miz is an entertaining and talented dude, it's still quite shocking to me that he somehow managed to weasel his way into Maryse's affections. Regardless, he has done very well for himself, and The Miz definitely has "bragging rights" when it comes to his wife.

3 Showing Off Her "Set Of Glutes"


This is by far one of the hottest Maryse GIFs of all time! Maryse is showcased here entering the ring in the most sensual way possible (similar to how TNA's former Knockout's star Velvet Sky entered the ring). There's not a doubt in my mind that Maryse teased the WWE Universe on purpose here, because she knows full well that ring entrance would drive the male fans crazy. All this French-Canadian needed to do was bend a certain way or make a facial expression and the fans would lose their minds.

Whoever captured this GIF is probably considered to be a "hero" in the eyes of the WWE Universe, because it looks as though the GIF was captured from fan footage. If I had to guess, I'd assume that this footage was taken at a live event of some sort. It was definitely a sad day for many fans when Maryse parted ways with the WWE back in 2011, but thankfully for those fans, she's back now and better than ever!

2 Maryse's Entrance Accompanying The Miz


As we make our way closer to the bottom of the list, we find ourselves observing Maryse as she makes her way down to the ring accompanying her husband and the self-proclaimed "A-Lister" The Miz for another "Miz TV" segment. In this GIF, Maryse looked absolutely stunning, and although she plays the heel Diva character on-screen, there were definitely shreds of genuine happiness as she smiled at the WWE Universe.

I honestly believe there are many fans who solely put themselves through Miz TV segments because it means that Maryse will be by his side looking pretty. No doubt The Miz is a very talented individual (both in the ring and on the mic), but Maryse rounds out the "A-Lister's" character, and she has elevated The Miz to new heights of popularity since 2o16. Prior to Maryse's return following 'Mania 32, few fans truly cared about The Miz. However, since her introduction, The Miz has never been more popular. Is Miz's burst of popularity random? Nope, that's the power of Maryse for you!

1 Stunning Pink Dress


Although there have been some incredibly hot GIFs of Maryse on this list so far, I'd have to argue and say that this GIF showcasing Maryse dressed stunningly in a revealing pink dress takes the "hottest of them all" award, no doubt! Of course clinging onto none other than The Miz's arm, Maryse is shown here posing for the WWE Universe in an outfit that would make any man's eyes pop open - even if a man had previously been sleeping just 5 minutes prior.

Maryse's attitude was on full display here, and although some Divas attitudes come across as repulsive (okay, slightly harsh) or annoying, Maryse's "I'm above this" attitude fits her character extremely well and only makes the "French-Canadian Phenom" that much hotter. Despite the fact that Lana and Alexa Bliss are widely considered to be WWE's "blond bombshells," I'd have to say that Maryse is equally deserving of that title, and the hot GIFs on the list certainly reflect that notion!

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The French-Canadian Phenom: 15 Hottest GIFs Of Maryse