The Golden Goddess: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Mandy Rose

The Women’s Division on both RAW and SmackDown has been turned upside down over the past couple of weeks with multiple debuts and call ups from NXT, including new members of RAW and SmackDown rosters Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, Sarah Morgan and Sonya Deville. This is a very exciting time for the Women’s Division to have such a large influx of new talent coming onto the roster, who all seem to have very bright futures, as well as the confidence of WWE Management to debut them all in such a high profile way.

Now, despite all the talent that is now running around on the rosters, there is one new debut that stood above the rest for me due to the skill, beauty and presence that she brings to the ring – that new wrestler is Mandy Rose who made her debut alongside Paige and Sonya Deville and the returning Paige on RAW recently.

Not a lot is known about Mandy Rose to those that have not tuned in to WWE programming like Tough Enough and Total Divas, so I have taken the liberty of compiling several things about our newest RAW roster member that you may not already know.

Spoiler Alert – she is ridiculously gorgeous.

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15 Teaming With Eva Marie?

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Can you believe that these two gorgeous women are actually great friends? Imagine seeing these two ladies walking down the street together - what an absolute smoke show! Both Mandy and Eva met while filming Total Divas, and as it was depicted on the show, they began to partner together while training for in-ring competition.

Eva Marie is also credited with helping Mandy adjust to the travelling and social media demands of being a WWE wrestler. In an article with E!Online, Eva Marie said about her relationship with Mandy, "So with Mandy, I’ve been there and I’ve been that girl, so I want to welcome anybody that’s brand new and let their actions or whatnot let me determine how I feel about them. But I’m going to welcome anybody with open arms and embrace them because the last thing I want is somebody to feel not welcomed or out of place, because it is a scary world, especially when you’re not born into wrestling.”

How sweet of her!

14 2014 World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion

Mandy Rose had a full career before joining WWE as both a fitness competitor in the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) where she competed for a number of years, before achieving the top title at the 2014 Worlds competition where she was crowned champion. As we have learned from other female wrestlers, such as Alexa Bliss, of the legitimate focus and determination that it takes to complete in the fitness modelling world in terms of the rigorous dieting, workouts and patience that it takes, we know that coming into her professional wrestling career that Rose has the discipline needed to be great in her role. There are a lot of parallels between the worlds of professional wrestling and fitness competitions, and we have seen a lot of success from females that come into the WWE with this background.

13 Fitness Freak

While Mandy may not be involved in the competitive world of fitness and body competitions since becoming involved with WWE, it only takes a single glance at her Instagram account to see that she is still absolutely obsessed with her fitness and staying in top physical condition. Mandy’s social media is stock full of photos and videos of her at the gym and lifting weights. While we know that it takes a lot of commitment to stay in shape while working full-time in WWE, it is rare that we see this much dedication documented on a wrestler’s social media account. While the devotion is very refreshing to see out of a new wrestler, it is also certainly pleasing to look at!

12 Her Real Name Is Amanda Saccomanno

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Amanda Saccomanno (yes, that's her real name) may very well be one of the most beautiful women to ever appear on Monday Night RAW. She's of Italian and Irish descent and grew up in Westchester, New York. She has earned her nickname as "The Golden Goddess" in my books, and I look forward to her having a long career with WWE. Given the talent that we have seen of her on Total Divas, Tough Enough and NXT, it is very likely that she is the type of wrestler that can use her WWE exposure to catapult her into further entertainment gigs like television and movies. All that we can hope is that she remains with WWE for as long as possible, because she is an absolute breath of fresh air for us fans.

11 Unfortunate Racist Comment

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While we would like all of the new things you've learned about Mandy Rose to be positive, unfortunately they cannot be. While on a plane in 2016, Mandy Rose was on a plane and posted a SnapChat of her seat with a black woman sitting in front of her, and her natural afro-hair was poking above the seat back. Rose took it upon herself to post a picture saying "WTF For the third time today". Posting this picture put her under fire on social media as it was considered racist. Mandy apologized for the picture on social media, and it introduced her to just how under the microscope she is as a television star. Perhaps it was just an ignorant statement and she didn't mean anything by it, but we all know how quickly these things spiral on social media.

10 Total Divas – Season 5

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While I have always been a binge-watcher of most WWE programming (you’re talking to the guy who even has the WWE Hall of Fame ceremonies on DVD in a box in the garage somewhere), I can say that I have rarely watched an episode of Total Divas. It is not a program that has ever really appealed to me. Well, that was until the premiere of Season 5, which began just this last year in 2016 when Mandy Rose joined the cast after her season of Tough Enough had wrapped.

Given the fact that Mandy had never been seen on WWE programming apart from Tough Enough, it was surprising to hear that she was joining the show alongside established cast members like The Bella Twins and Natalya. I can say that I did tune in for the premiere to see how Mandy would be shown on the show, but unfortunately have not watched since. I just can’t do it! Did you miss how the other women reacted to Mandy joining the cast? Take a look here.

9 Her Fitness Routine Includes Yoga, CrossFit and Weights

#MondayMotivation 🏋️‍♀️ @bluelineefex

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I already mentioned that Mandy takes pride in her physicality and works very hard to keep herself in shape by working out regularly. But, do you ever wonder how someone keeps themselves in such great shape? Well, Mandy keeps a rigorous workout regimen combining calisthenics, such as hot-yoga, and CrossFit, which is a mixture of high-intensity training and weight lifting. Mandy may only stand at five-foot-four, but she is insanely strong, which you can see here in the picture where she is lifting close to three hundred pounds. While her Instagram is great to see her display her beauty, it is also great for work out and nutrition tips, as well as to see her lift an insane amounts of weights.

8 Her Parents Are Divorced

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As mentioned before, Mandy Rose grew up in Westchester, New York to Irish and Italian parents. She also has two brothers. One of the episodes from season 5 of Total Divas highlighted the relationship Mandy Rose has with her family and it was brought to light that Rose's parents are divorced. In the episode, Mandy's family went on a vacation with Natalya's family, with Rose's parents putting their differences aside so everyone could have a pleasant time.

With the experience bringing the family together, Rose expressed hope that her parents could find their way back together, but was quickly shot down by her brother, assuring her that their marriage was indeed over for good. Divorce is always tough on families, even if the kids are grown up. Hopefully Rose's entire family has made peace with their situation.

7 FitnessRX Cover

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What happens to someone who works so hard with yoga and CrossFit? Well, they get showed off on the cover of magazines, of course. While we have not seen Mandy Rose grace any covers of PlayBoy-esque magazine (we can continue to hope and pray), but Mandy has been featured on several fitness magazines as a result of her work-ethic, such as here on the cover of FitnessRX’s early 2017 issue. Having Mandy reach the level of achieving so much exposure on Total Divas as well as magazine covers like this creates a great outlook for her career. Selfishly as wrestling fans, let’s all hope together that her star does not get too bright that we end up losing her from WWE any time soon!

6 Second place in Tough Enough

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For those wrestling fans who have been initiated with the show Tough Enough in the past, we know that it has not always produced top notch talent in terms of work-rate in the wrestling ring. For example, out of the final four that were featured on Mandy’s season of Tough Enough, she is the only one still employed with the company. With those kind of statistics backing things up, it will be shocking to some to realize that Mandy was not the female winner of the season – that “honor” instead went to Sara Lee, who was released from her developmental contract in 2016.

While we cannot always trust the show to produce talent that will be committed enough to better themselves after the show has ended, we can thank our lucky stars that Mandy was cast on the show.

5 Her Relationship Status

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Sorry everyone, it looks like Mandy Rose is taken - her fiance Michael Lubric announced on his Instagram on 2016 that they are engaged to be married.

Wait - we have a new development! It appears that Lubric's post has since been removed from his Instagram, which puts their marital plans in doubt. Mandy has yet to comment publicly on the Instagram post, so the skepticism is still rolling in about their engagement status. There have been posts on Rose's Instagram, wishing Lubric a Happy Birthday and whatnot, but it's unclear what their status is.

We can only hope that she's not engaged because that means there is hope for guys like us. Right? I can dream, can't I?

4 Trish Stratus’ Twin?

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We have already detailed Mandy Rose’s past before entering professional wrestling – fitness and bikini modeling champion, insanely fit and entered WWE without any wrestling background but has all eyes on her now that she has made her debut. Does this sound like another blonde bombshell that was once a part of the WWE roster? A member of the WWE Hall of Fame, perhaps? Maybe of a certain seven-time Women’s Champion that provided us with Stratusfaction for close to a decade? Of course, I am talking about Canada’s greatest export, Trish Stratus.

As you can see in the picture above here, Rose bears a striking resemblance to Trish Stratus, as well as sharing a similar career trajectory in terms of how they broke into the business. We can only hope that Mandy Rose continues to share a similar path as Trish, which means that we will see her grace our screens for many years to come in many high profile situations.

3 Her NXT Record Is 30-1-106

#WWEuniverse You're welcome! #RAW @realpaigewwe @sonyadevillewwe 😈 #WeHere

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This is Mandy Rose’s current record in NXT. Let’s keep in mind that this number also includes a count of her live event wins and losses, which she has traded with most of the Women’s roster on NXT including Ember Moon, Liv Morgan and Aliyah. While the record may not look impressive, this has been amassed in just under a year in the NXT developmental system, which means that Rose is putting in a lot of work to better herself as a wrestler. Watching her hit some moves and strikes during her debut on Monday Night RAW, she has come a long way since the annals of Tough Enough, and has all the tools to be a legitimate superstar in the Women’s division.

2 Sonya Deville = Best Friends

Started from the bottom now we here 👯😈 #RAW @sonyadevillewwe

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The other story of the week during the Paige and Mandy Rose segment was the other female wrestler that had debuted alongside them, which was none other than Rose’s NXT cohort, Sonya Deville. Deville is a former mixed-martial art fighter who has transitioned to wrestling. Like Rose, she was a member of the latest season of Tough Enough, and despite being eliminated third in the competition, she was signed to a developmental contract and debuted in NXT in 2015 where she was shown in a very dominant light against other women on the roster, earning herself a spot in the Women’s Championship contendership at TakeOver: Wargames, though she eventually lost.

The best part about this partnership? Deville and Rose have become great friends outside of the ring, which will surely show during their pairing as a part of Paige’s faction that recently debuted, which can only mean good things for the pair.

1 Why She's The Golden Goddess

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Every good, big-time wrestler needs a nickname to be called as so they can be distinguished from other wrestlers that they are alongside. While we currently has Sasha Banks as “The Boss” and Asuka as “The Empress of Tomorrow”, Mandy Rose was christened in NXT as the “The Golden Goddess”. She was given this nickname for a couple obvious reasons – not only is her hair a wonderful shade of blonde, or that it matches her golden shade of wrestling gear, or that her bronzed skin looks ravishing.

The real reason for this nickname is because Mandy Rose is apart from her exterior as a beautiful woman, she is absolute gold in her character of a mean, no-nonsense wrestler that the sky is the limit for her as a performer. And, just to stay on theme, she looks absolutely stunning in a gold bikini.

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