The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Wrestling today is a small man's sport. The athletic wrestlers like AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have changed how people look at professional wrestling and the giant monsters from yesteryear would never work in today's world. When a giant man shows up, fans normally turn on them and refuse to even take notice. However, it wasn't always like that.

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When Hulk Hogan was champion, WWE brought out bigger and heavier challenges for him to overcome and the fans loved it. While there have been extremely large men in professional wrestling, with at least one advertised at 800 pounds and a tag team at 600 pounds each, WWE has been careful to only hire certain stars for health reasons. Here are the 10 heaviest wrestlers in WWE history.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Most fans know Gorilla Monsoon from his days as the voice of WWE, working alongside Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. He called some of the biggest matches in the '80s while Hulk Hogan was raising the company to new heights. Later, in the Attitude Era, he was an authority figure.

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However, before all that, he was a professional wrestler in the '60s and '70s. While he started as a babyface, he realized the money was in being a heel monster and Gorilla Monsoon was born. He worked as a top heel in WWE, feuding with Bruno Sammartino. At his largest weight, Monsoon was billed at 440 pounds.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

The Big Show is the heaviest wrestler in WWE today by a long shot. He has always been huge, and WCW hinted that he was actually the son of Andre the Giant, which is not true. However, it made for a good introduction to the newest giant in professional wrestling.

He is also one of the most successful giants in WWE history. He is a two-time WCW world champion, four-time WWE world champion and one-time ECW world champion. He recently slimmed down and muscled up for his health but at his heaviest, he was up around the 537-pound mark, but his average weight was actually closer to 441.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Big Van Vader wasn't always as large as his heaviest billed weight. He was always a strong powerhouse and was, at one time, extremely strong. He was a former football player and remained very agile despite his girth. Vader could do a moonsault at his weight, something that remains astonishing to this day.

In 2018, his heart gave out. When he was failing in health, he tried to get healthy through DDP Yoga, but Dallas Page told him he needed to slim down a lot if he wanted to survive. Sadly, it was too late. At his heaviest, Vader weighed in at 450 pounds.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Old school fans of the territory days know George Gray by the name the One Man Gang. At that time, he was a monster who traveled the territories and brutalized the babyfaces, usually with someone like Skandar Akbar or Gary Hart as his manager. He was a UWF Heavyweight Champion at the height of the territory days.

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In 1988, he signed with WWE and many fans were introduced to him in a very different gimmick. He was Akeem, a big dancing machine who wanted to re-embrace his "African roots" with manager Slick. One Man Gang topped out at 450 pounds.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Uncle Elmer would be totally forgettable if not for one specific moment in WWE history. Stanley Frazier was a mainstay in the territories when he was hired by WWE to become part of Hillbilly Jim's family. Jim was struggling with some heels that made his life rough and brought in his Uncle Elmer, Cousin Junior, and Cousin Luke.

When it comes to Uncle Elmer, he was a giant of a man, weighing in at 450 pounds and barely able to move around the ring at all. However, he stands the test of time since he had a wedding on WWE television to Joyce Stazko -- a wedding that legitimately happened.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

King Kong Bundy sadly died this year at the age of 61. During his life, he was one of the heaviest wrestlers in WWE at 458 pounds and was actually part of the main event of WrestleMania II. That match saw Bundy battle Hulk Hogan for the WWE world title, a match that Hogan won by escaping a steel cage since he couldn't pin the big man.

Bundy also competed in a noteworthy match at WrestleMania III where he teamed with two midget wrestlers to battle Hillbilly Jim and two other midget wrestlers. When he bodyslammed one of the little guys, they all turned on him and he splashed them all.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Earthquake was one of the heaviest wrestlers in WWE history and two of his most memorable moments came due to his weight. He feuded at one point with Hulk Hogan and his girth was shown to be impressive when he splashed Hogan and kayfabe broke his ribs. This made him a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

He also had a moment where he splashed the bag that Jake "The Snake" Roberts carried his python Damien in, a horrifying moment. At his heaviest, Earthquake weighed in at 468 pounds. He passed away young, at the age of 42 after battling bladder cancer.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

Nelson Frazier Jr. had a number of gimmicks when he competed in WWE. His first one was ridiculed by most fans as he took on the role of King Mabel, part of the Harlem tag team Men on a Mission. WWE tried to push him as a monster singles wrestler as well when they had him win the King of the Ring tournament, but fans rejected him and he was repackaged.

When he returned he was now known as Viscera and was part of Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. He teamed with Mideon and worked as a henchman for Undertaker. Later he returned with a new gimmick as The World's Largest Love Machine and finally as Big Daddy V. He died at the age of 43 and at his heaviest, he weighed 500 pounds.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

For years, Andre the Giant was dubbed the heaviest wrestler in WWE -- by far. Even when he wrestled other giants like Big John Studd, Andre towered over them. With the nickname The 8th Wonder of the World, Andre was not a good wrestler but was a special attraction that people loved to see compete.

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He would travel the world and beat the villains in different territories and was loveable and a treat to behold. He did have one heel turn when he challenged Hulk Hogan, allowing Hogan to bodyslam him to prove his might. At his heaviest, Andre was 540 pounds.


The 10 Heaviest Wrestlers In WWE History

In 1992 a new giant came onto the scene. Yokozuna was actually Rodney Anoa'i, and if that name sounds familiar, it is because he was the cousin of Roman Reigns, Umaga and the Usos. Yes, the big Japanese wrestler was actually part of the Samoan dynasty.

With that said, he took Mr. Fuji as his manager and wrestled as a Japanese wrestler who dwarfed over everyone he fought. While he competed in WWE, he topped out at 600 pounds. However, he had a goal to become bigger and after WWE fired him due to health concerns, he ballooned up to 760 pounds. He ended up dying at the age of 34.

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