The Hugger: 15 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About Bayley

Bayley is the newest female Superstar on Monday Night Raw after she was brought up to WWE the night after SummerSlam when it was made apparent that Sasha Banks was injured and WWE has no one to challenge Charlotte.

The former NXT Superstar is also a former NXT Women's Champion and is the last one of the famous Four Horsewomen of WWE to be brought up to the main roster after Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte were all brought up to the main roster in the Summer of 2015 as part of the Divas Revolution.

Bayley hasn't made much of an impact since she made her debut a few months ago, but along with Charlotte she was one of the survivors for Team Raw at Survivor Series and has since stepped into a rivalry with the Women's Champion, a rivalry that could take her to her first WrestleMania.

While Bayley was the last of the Four Horsewomen to be called up, this was nothing against her, it was just the fact that NXT needed someone like her to continue to run the Women's Division in the absence of the other three Horsewomen. Bayley did a fantastic job of keeping all eyes on the NXT roster and was brought up to the main at Battleground for a special one off appearance to help Sasha defeat Dana Brooke and Charlotte.

Even though Bayley has been on our TV screens for the past four years, not a lot is known about her or her life before and outside of WWE, but here are 15 facts about 'The Doctor of Huganomics' that may surprise you.

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17 Her Hugger Character Comes From Her Move-Set

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Bayley is known as 'The Hugger' or 'The Hugable One' in WWE and it seems to have become the thing she is best known for along with her character, but it actually stems from her move-set inside the ring.

'Bayley's Gonna Hug You' comes from the fact that Bayley has to hug her opponents to put them into the Belly to Bayley Suplex to finish her matches. Fans picked up on this and began chanting it so WWE decided to cash in on the opportunity and 'The Doctor of Hugonomics' was born. Bayley suits this role well as 'The Hugger' persona is something different from Superstars of the past. Bayley comes across as a cuddly character as ooposed to a mean presence.

16 She Loves Pogo Sticking

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It is perhaps one of the most random stories about her, but much like her best friend Finn Balor and his lego collection, Bayley also has a trait that she has managed to hold onto since she was a child. (There is nothing wrong with holding on to a piece of your childhood as you age.)

Yes, Bayley is an avid pogo-er and has been since she was about 10 years old. The former NXT Women's Champion has many photos of her on her Social Media accounts with her and her pogo stick. There are also photos of her from when she was much younger holding her pogo stick while wearing a Hardy Boyz and Lita shirt, showing how long she has loved the wrestling business.

15 She Actually Forced Nia Jax To Tap Out

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Survivor Series this year saw Becky Lynch force the undefeated Nia Jax to tap out to The Disarmer. But even though the WWE Universe thought that this was an absolutely incredible feat for the SmackDown Women's Champion, Bayley actually did it first 9perhaps less known since it occurred down in NXT).

When Bayley was the NXT Women's Champion back in 2015, Nia Jax stepped up to fight for the title at NXT TakeOver: London. Nia Jax had already defeated Bayley on an episode of NXT and was a heavy favourite heading into the match, but despite the fact that Nia dominated the entire match, Bayley dug down inside her and managed to lock in a Sleeper Hold. This would force the dominant Samoan to tap out.

14 Her First Ring Name Was Davina Rose

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Every wrestler has a career before they step foot in a WWE ring. They spend years on the Independent Circuit and they often spend years learning their craft. And of course, Bayley is no different. She began training when she was 18 years old and made her professional debut just months later on the 19th of September 2008.

Bayley debuted as Davina Rose in Big Time Wrestling, a promotion that was working out of North California. She continued to train and appear under Jason Styles at the North California-based promotion until she was signed by WWE in 2012 and made the switch over to NXT. Davina Rose now seems like a lifetime ago as the character of Bayley continues to take the wrestling world by storm.

13 She Would Love To Have Wrestled In The Attitude Era

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Bayley has been a huge fan of professional wrestling for most of her life. Growing up she fell in love with female wrestlers like Lita and Ivory and Trish Stratus and has stated many times that she would love to wrestle one of these women if the opportunity ever arose (the most likely being Lita should she ever decided to take one more run).

She watched WWE though its glory days, known as the Attitude Era and has said that she would have loved to have begun her career at that time. Even though there weren't as many opportunities for the female stars of WWE at the time, it seems like there was a reason wrestling reached its peak and she would have loved to have been a part of that.

12 She Was Once Told To Stop Smiling So Much

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Bayley has an infectious personality and fans find it so easy to like her because she never stops smiling. When she first began training to become a professional wrestler eight years ago, she was told that she needs to stop smiling so much (how could Bayley be Bayley without that big smile?).

It seems that being that happy as a professional wrestler didn't come off very well and her trainer thought that she needed to rethink her facial expressions when she was performing. Obviously, Bayley didn't care and continued to smile while competing and is not considered one of the happiest and positive female wrestlers in the company. And in a world where young girls need better role models, that can't be a bad thing.

11 She Loves Her Younger Fans

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WWE Superstars are not always happy about the attention that they receive from their fans. The WWE Universe can be a persistent bunch of people and some wrestlers don't enjoy being stopped at the airport by their fans 9go ask Brock Lesnar how much he enojoys meeting fans).

Bayley is completely different. She loves the WWE Universe and loves her younger fans more than anything. While she was down in NXT she had one fan in particular called Izzy who was well known as being Bayley's biggest fan and Bayley made sure she went over and spoke to her before every match. Bayley likes to make her young fans feel special, which is a great way to boost your fans base and a great way to improve confidence in the kids.

10 She Fell In Love With Wrestling When She Was Eleven

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It's hard to fall in love with something when you're still growing and changing yourself, but Bayley began attending shows at Big Time Wrestling in North California when she was just eleven years old (this is all it takes for a young girl to fall in love with the business).

It seems that she found her calling way back then. From the moment she walked into the venue she knew she wanted to be a professional wrestler. She had to wait another seven years to train, but she grew up watching WWE and also fell in love with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Ivory, Trish Stratus, Lita, and 'Macho Man' Randy Savage (more on Savage and the direct influence he had on Bayley to follow).

9 She Started Training When She Was 18

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Considering Paige and Becky Lynch both started wrestling at around 14 years of age, it seems that Bayley actually began her career much later than the other girls. But she was only on the wrestling circuit for four years before she was signed by WWE (so, that's impressive).

At the age of 18, she began training under Jason Styles at Big Time Wrestling and that was where she then made her debut less than a year later. She only left the company when she was approached by WWE in 2012. Bayley was never going to be happy on the Independent Circuit. She has said many times that WWE is the dream. WWE was always her dream and she has proved how much she deserved the call up many times.

8 She's An Anti-Bullying Advocate

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Bayley has always been very outspoken about the fact that she is different. And now that she is no longer in a school based environment, she can accept all of the things that make her stand out. But it wasn't that way when she was younger.

She once stated that she was bullied a lot in school because of the way she dressed, looked, and spoke. And even though she hated it, her mother always forced her to go back and stand up for herself, which is something she hopes to inspire other children to do as well. She has cut promos on Becky, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks over the past few years where she has talked about bullying and how she reacts to it.

7 She Was A BasketBall Player In High School

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It rarely comes as a surprise when it is revealed that WWE Superstars were athletes before they became wrestlers (this is often showcased in their move sets). All Superstars employed by WWE become professional athletes, so it makes sense that this kind of body conditioning was already a big part of their lives.

Bayley is no different. She played Varsity Basketball in high school. She played as Shooting Guard and even captained the team in her senior year. There is a reason her body is in such great shape as she also played volleyball, track, and cross-country while she was in high school. This would all prepare her for her wrestling training a few years later. Knowing of her participation is these sports, we can now consider Bayley to be an all-around athlete.


5 Her Boyfriend Is Also A Wrestler

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There were many rumours circulating a few months ago that Bayley was dating the former NXT Champion Finn Balor but it seems that the duo are just really good friends because Bayley is actually dating a fellow professional wrestler by the name Aaron Solow (not quite a high profile relationship but those usually work best).

Her boyfriend wrestlers on the Independent Circuit and even applied for last year's Tough Enough revamp. But obviously, he wasn't chosen for the show. Maybe he will make an appearance in the WWE in the near future, or maybe Bayley was the reason WWE didn't choose him. After all, he did name drop in his application video (this is definitely no way to have the company take notice of you).

4 She Once Thought About Being A Luchador

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When Bayley was signed by WWE in 2012 it was obvious that she would have to change the ring name that she had been using for the past four years. But it seems that Bayley also wanted to change her gimmick (could you ever imagine Bayley withoutt he colours, smiles, and hugs?).

Bayley made her first NXT appearance as a luchador under a mask and actually wrestled one match like that. But she would decided after this that she didn't want to be a luchador anymore and instead became the Bayley character that the WWE Universe has seen grow through NXT and finally rise up to the main roster in recent months. This was definitely for the best as Bayley under a mask simply would not have worked out.


2 Her Ring Attire Is Inspired By Randy Savage

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When WWE Superstars design their ring attire, they usually have a little bit of inspiration. Sasha recently used Eddie Guerrero to inspire her WrestleMania attire and it seems that Bayley has been inspired by none other than 'Macho Man' Randy Savage.

Bayley herself stated that Randy was the first man she ever saw wrestle and it was his attire that drew her to him (Savage was the first true colourful WWE Superstar). She said that all of the colours and lights and basic randomness is all inspired by him because it was him that got her hooked on wrestling. I think the shirts with the tassels kind of gave it all away as such designs were a signature look for Randy during the height of his career.

1 When She Was Younger She Wrote A Letter To Her Future Self

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Bayley was part of NXT's Breaking Ground series earlier this year, a Network Exclusive Series that showcased many of the top performers in NXT and showed their lives outside of the ring.

Bayley was one of these people and she used this stage to explain her love for wrestling. On the show she would actually reveal how she wrote a letter to herself when she was younger because she was convinced that she was going to become a professional wrestler one day. She also shared an essay that she once wrote in an English lesson just before her history making Iron Woman match back in 2015. It was about that fact that she didn't only want to become a professional wrestler or a female wrestler in WWE, she wanted to be the Women's Champion and she wanted to prove that she was the best.

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