The King of the Ring is Back!

There's always various parts of old-school WWE which fans want to see come back and King of the Ring is one of them. The tournament, if done correctly, can give the winner a significant push and hopefully springboard the superstar into bigger and better things.

Here is the bracket for the tournament, which WWE released today:


Alas, that's not what it looks like. Yes, the King of the Ring is returning to the WWE but that's where the good news seemingly ends. Rather than having matches take place week by week or better yet, giving the KOTR its own PPV, the tournament will be split into two nights. The preliminary matches will take place on Raw tonight and the finals will take place on the WWE Network Tuesday night at 8:00. Way to make a tournament seem important WWE by having it wrap up in two days.

What do you guys think of this format for KOTR? Comment down below.

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The King of the Ring is Back!