The Latest On The Billy Corgan/TNA Lawsuit, TNA's Future

While Billy Corgan and TNA announced several weeks ago that a settlement had been reached in their pending case, the case remains active in the Chancery Court of Nashville, TN.

According to PWInsider.com, both sides came to a settlement in principal a while ago, the final paperwork has just now been signed. The suit should officially be settled within the next week.

As far as what it means for TNA's future, Billy Corgan will officially be gone and Anthem Media will announce that they've purchased the majority of the company's shares. At that point, it will become more clear what the future of the company holds and if any major changes will be made.

During the course of the Corgan vs. TNA lawsuit, documents revealed the initial plans were for Anthem Media to hold 85% of the company's shares, Aeroluxe would own 10% and Dixie Carter would have 5%. If this is still the plan, this would mean Carter would benefit financially from the company's profits, but she will no longer have power to make decisions affecting the company.

TNA is currently scheduled to tape Impact Wrestling in Orlando in early 2017.

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