The Leaders Of These 15 Wrestling Factions: Where Are They Now?

Wrestling factions or even just wrestling teams are something that helps to build storylines and create friendship while the characters are part of WWE so that the Universe always know which Superstars are on the same page.

Factions can be made up of three or more Superstars with some including a number of wrestlers and being able to switch and change members over a number of years.

Many of these factions met a grizzly end when  jealousy became too much to keep them all on the same page. Whereas other teams decided that they had run their course as a team and it was time to move on to bigger and better things.

Factions have come and gone throughout WWE history with some of the most famous still being remembered to this day. Many of the Universe unaware of what these stars went onto when their brush with the spotlight finally came to an end.

The following is a list of 15 wrestling factions and where their leader has ended up since leaving WWE, whether it was a few years ago or a few decades ago.

15 Vince's Devils - Victoria

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Vince's Devil's were a trio of heel female Superstars that tried to control the Women's Division back in 2005. They consisted of Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, and Victoria. Of all the women who were part of the group, Victoria was definitely the most successful as a former Women's Champion.

The Black Widow easily stood out as the leader of the group and was the nemesis of Women's Champion Trish Stratus at that time. All three women have since left WWE with Victoria heading over to TNA and having a relatively successful run, becoming a TNA Knockout. Victoria and her ex-husband owned a restaurant together for a number of years before Victoria left following her divorce in 2015. The Squared Circle (name) was then forced to close a few weeks ago. Victoria did mention on her Twitter page that there would be another incarnation of the restaurant in another location in the future.

14 The Hart Foundation - Bret Hart

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The original Hart Foundation was formed back in 1985 when Bret Hart joined Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart (who was already managed by Jimmy Hart) to create a heel stable. The Hart Foundation was made up of two legitimate family members which helped their chemistry in the ring and allowed them to remain together until WrestleMania VII when Bret and Jim lost their titles. Bret then decided it was time to focus on a singles career.

Bret Hart has made several appearances in WWE since his departure as a way to help his niece Natalya with on-going storylines as well as also making cameo appearances along with his wife Stephanie on Total Divas. Bret launched his own podcast back in 2016 called The SharpeShooter Show. He is also starring in the documentary movie Nine Legends.

13 La Familia - Edge

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Edge is a former 11-time World Champion. During his lengthy run in WWE, he was part of many different tag teams and stables. One of which was La Familia that was created back in 2007 with members Vickie and Chavo Guerrero, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and Bam Neeley. This was at the point where Edge and Vickie were a married couple and Vickie was an authority figure in WWE.

The stable remained together for less than two years when it was made obvious that Edge only married Vickie for the power that she had. When she quit as General Manager Edge revealed his true colours. Since he was forced to retire from WWE in 2011 Edge has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and landed a recurring role in SyFy show Haven. Edge recently appeared in WWE Studio's film Interrogation as well as recently marrying WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix making them the first ever WWE Hall of Fame couple.

12 The Spirit Squad - Kenny Dykstra

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The Spirit Squad were a heel stable that were brought into WWE by Vince McMahon. They played a key role in his feud with Shawn Michaels and the reunion of DX back in 2006. The team consisted of five male cheerleaders Kenny, Mikey, Nicky, Mitch, and Johnny.

When DX put The Spirit Squad into a box and mailed them back to OVW, Kenny was the only star who remained in WWE, until he crossed John Cena and was released from the company. Kenny recently made a return alongside Mikey as part of the tournament to crown new Tag Team Champions on SmackDown but was then released from WWE again not long after. Dykstra has instead returned to the Independent Circuit where he has continued to ply his trade, most recently in Ring of Honor.

11 Right To Censor - Steven Richards

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Right to Censor was formed back in mid-2000 when PTC began protesting about the violence on WWE television. The company then decided to create a parody group. Steven Richard would then appear and begin covering up women who were showing off too much skin or taking away weapons from certain matches.

Steven was joined by The Goodfather, Ivory Bill Buchanan, and Val Venis, for a number of months before the group reached their natural end when they all lost the matches they were part of at WrestleMania X-Seven. Steven left WWE back in 2008 after a brief run in ECW before he made the switch over to TNA for a number of months and found his footing on the Independent Circuit. He is currently still wrestling for Ring of Honor, making appearances for the company whenever needed.

10 The New Breed - Elijah Burke

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The New Breed was a stable that was created in ECW as a way to feud with The ECW Originals when the brand was reformed under WWE's banner back in 2006. The New Breed was led by Elijah Burke but also included Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, Kevin Thorne, and Ariel.

The group only lasted a number of months after CM Punk opted to join The New Breed and turned on Burke. The group then quietly dissolved after this. Elijah Burke was released from WWE in 2008 and went on to spend some time on the Independent Circuit before he was recruited by TNA. After a brief spell with Impact Wrestling Burke left in 2013 before making his return in 2015 behind the commentary desk alongside former WWE announcer Josh Mathews.

9 The Nexus - Wade Barrett

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The Nexus made a shocking WWE debut in 2011 when they attacked John Cena and CM Punk and many members of the WWE announce team at ringside. It was later stated that all members of NXT wanted contracts for the main roster, except leader Wade who was guaranteed a contract after he won the show.

The Nexus then focused their attention on John Cena in what was a lengthy feud that ended with Nexus being under new management when CM Punk took over the group. Barrett later formed The Corre instead, before having a successful singles career and opting to leave WWE in August 2015. Barrett has since decided to focus his time on an acting career and has since been part of two films. Barrett has also made some Independent appearances, with the most recent being just a week ago when he served as the special guest referee for the main event match between Carlito and Badshah Pehelwan Khan in PWE in Pakistan.

8 The JOB Squad - Al Snow

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Back in 1998, Al Snow, Scorpio, and Bob Holly formed The Job Squad, which was a reference to the fact that all members of the squad were basically what is known today as jobbers.  The Squad had a small amount of success and even gained a number of new members while together. But after Scorpio was released from WWE it signalled the end for the group. Bob Holly defeated Al Snow for the Hardcore Championship at St. Valentine's Day Massacre which was the end of the Job Squad.

Al Snow was released from WWE in 2007 and decided to join TNA in 2008. He has since become one of their stand out stars. Al was even chosen as one of the judges for TNA British Bootcamp back in 2015. It was also announced that year that Al Snow was opening his own training academy in the UK and had called upon many former WWE and TNA stars to work as trainees when the academy officially opens.

7 The Cabinet - JBL

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After JBL won the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash in 2004 it was decided that he would create his own stable which included Orlando Jordan, Doug The Basham Brothers, and Jillian Hall.

The group didn't remain together for very long. With members being drafted away from SmackDown and Jillian and Amy being fired, it seemed to mark the end of the group. JBL retired from WWE at WrestleMania XXV after losing to Rey Mysterio in 23 seconds. JBL has since made sporadic appearances in the ring but has found a home for himself on commentary. JBL is currently part of WWE's SmackDown Live commentary team, even though he was recently wrapped up in a scandal to do with Mauro Ranallo quitting after being bullied during his time in WWE.

6 The Nation Of Domination - Faarooq

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The Nation of Domination became a well-known faction in WWE in 1996 and arw remembered as the group where The Rock fully found his feet. It was formed by Faarooq and his manager Clarence Mason before they were later joined by many other members in the coming years.

Faarooq signalled the end of the original Nation when he fired all the members of the group following his loss to The Undertaker at King of The Ring 1998. Faarooq originally retired from WWE back in 2005 but has made many one-off appearances since then in backstage segments or as part of storylines until his official release in 2009. Most recently Faarooq appeared at the Hall of Fame ceremony back in March to help induct his long-time friend The Godfather along with JBL.

5 The Un-Americans - Lance Storm

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The Un-Americans were formed back in 2002 by Lance Storm and consisted of  Christian, Test, and William Regal. The were formed after Lance decided that WWE were discriminating against Canadians and William later joined the group when they reached a decent level in the company.

The group found a lot of success but after a run of losses they decided to go their separate ways in brawling fashion. Lance Storm was released from his WWE contract in 2005 and went on to make a name for himself on the Independent Circuit. Storm has also opened a wrestling school called "The Storm Wrestling Academy" which has become a well-known training place for up and coming wrestlers. Storm still watches Raw and SmackDown religiously and often Tweets his views during the live shows.

4 nWo - Hulk Hogan

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The nWo are one of the most memorable WCW factions of all time. The team consisted of Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Kevin Nash as a bit of a renegade gang that were hoping to "take over" WCW. They later made the switch over to WWE after the company bought out WCW.

The group were one of the most successful when it comes to wrestling stables and the all three men are still well-known to the WE Universe. Hogan has had a controversial few years after an interview was leaked. WWE then released their legend from his contract and removed all mentions of him, Hogan also went through a messy divorce and considered suicide at one point before he met his current wife. He is said to have gotten his life back on track and could be set to make a WWE return in the near future.

3 X-Factor - X-Pac

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When Justin Credible made his WWE debut back in 2001 and saved X-Pac from Chris Jericho, the duo decided to form a Tag Team and later recruited Albert as an enforcer. The group helped X-Pac win the Light Heavyweight Championship and Albert to lift the Intercontinental Championship. But Credible decided to leave the group and join The Alliance after it was formed a few months later.

X-Pac is rarely out of the news nowadays with him recently being arrested at an airport and failing to appear at an event he was supposed to be part of in the UK. It was later reported that the arrest was related to drugs. X-Pac has been making various appearances on the Independent scene over the past few years, while also spending time with Diamond Dallas Page to help his recent personal problems.

2 The Brood - Gangrel

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Back in 1999, WWE was taken over by a group of vampire-like characters, led by Gangrel. The group also included Edge and Christian. The group's calling card was to leave blood in their wake and it became a well-known way for them to become over with the WWE audience at that time.

The group didn't last very long in a Vampire loving community, and it was because Gangrel turned his back on Edge and tried to convince Christian to do the same before Gangrel sided with The Hardy Boyz. Gangrel was released from WWE in 2001 and has since had a cameo in The Human Centipede. He has also made many Independent appearances all over the world. Most recently Gangrel has made various appearances in the UK.

1 The Fabulous Freebirds - Michael Hayes

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The Fabulous Freebirds were originally formed in 1979 and included Terry Gordy, Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin, and Buddy Roberts. The group is famed for having created the Freebird Rule for a championship when a trio can win and any two members of the group can defend the belts.

The group lasted for 15 years. Hayes and Gordy last appeared in WCW as a team and Hayes has since remained within wrestling having continued to work for WWE until this day. Hayes is one of the creative writers for the company and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016 along with his fellow Freebird, accepting the award alongside Jimmy Garvin. Most recently Hayes appeared alongside Eric Bishoff and Jim Cornette on an episode of Table for 3 on the WWE Network.

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