The Least Talented Female Wrestler Every Year Since 2000

In 1983, the WWE, known as the World Wrestling Federation back then, signed The Fabulous Moolah after luring her away from the NWA, where she was their current World Women's Champion. She quickly became known as the first ever WWF Women's Champion and would remain so for the next 203 days when Wendi Richter would defeat her for the belt at the WWF The Brawl To End It All in Madison Square Garden. The Fabulous Moolah would go on to win the title three more times and become one of only four women to ever win the WWE Women's Championship belt at least four times. Trish Stratus won it seven times and is the record holder while Mickie James won it five times and Lita won it four also.

The WWE Women's division reached its' peak during the late 90's and early 00's with superstars and future Hall of Famers listed all over the roster. While things were going great for ladies in the WWE, there was still an ugly side to the division that began in 2000 and slowly started to destroy the entire women's roster from within. At the same time, World Championship Wrestling was riding high and staying close on the toes of the WWE in one of the toughest ratings competitions in any industry ever. But they lacked a women's division that was worth anything and by the time they folded, it was practically forgettable.

Before long, TNA popped up and started beefing up their women's division in 2002, when it all began. Although they weren't able to compete with any other promotion, they grew over the years and are now a tough division that is respected and has produced some raw talent. So let's go back in time, beginning in the year 2000, and rank the worst female wrestlers in the industry each year through last year, 2017. Enjoy!

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18 2000: Asya (WCW)

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During the summer of 1999, Asya began her WCW career as Ric Flair's head nurse. She would accompany him to the ring and act as a personal bodyguard at times. Her real debut came on the May 3rd, 1999 Monday Nitro when she ended up getting into a fight with Gorgeous George, a former dancer turned female wrestler thanks to her relationship with Randy Savage. At the same time, the WWE was just about to begin a run in their women's division that would become legendary with some of the most notable female wrestlers in the business on their roster. From Lita to Trish Stratus, the WWE was on the way up in the industry while the WCW was rapidly falling to its demise.

Asya was never an outright bad wrestler, she was just not so good.

In fact, most people reading this probably had to Google her name simply because they too do not remember her. Her time with the company was very short and most of her matches in 2000 ended within minutes. It was not really her fault because she was the only woman they had in the WCW that could actually wrestle. Her competition was so weak that the WCW was finding former dancers to feud with her (Gorgeous George).

17 2001: Sara Calaway (WWE)

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For every amazing storyline that comes out of the WWE, there are a handful of dreadfully terrible ones that last a few weeks before fading away. Back in 2001, when Vince McMahon purchased the failing WCW, he began to merge them into his company and had to find new ways to feature their star players. One of them, Diamond Dallas Page, was the biggest at the time and needed the best storyline if he was going to successfully bring his fans into the WWE environment. However, Diamond Dallas Page was featured in a darker light when he emerged as a stalker during the very short lived storyline involving The Undertaker and is valet, Sara Calaway. For weeks, on Raw, they teased us with multiple videos of this stalker following around Sara.

After just two weeks, DDP revealed himself as that stalker and a feud between The Undertaker and himself began. Somewhere in the middle of all that was Sara, a former valet and The Undertaker's kayfabe wife in real life. She was the woman being stalked and thus was a featured player in this feud too. But her wrestling skillset was a joke and she was gone from the WWE by September of 2001. She came out of nowhere, gave fans just a little taste of the weirdness that the WWE was about to unleash on their fans, and then left forever to be a wife and mother to her and Undertaker's two children.

16 2002: Jackie Gayda (WWE)

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The year was 2002. The show everyone was watching was WWE Raw. The match that was being talked about all night was a mixed tag team match between Hall of Famer Trish Stratus and Bradshaw versus Chris Nowinski and Jackie Gayda. That would be the last time anyone would think Jackie Gayda deserved to belong in professional wrestling because when the match began, it only took a couple minutes before she started screwing up so badly, not even Trish Stratus could carry her this time.

Following a pin attempt, Trish and Jackie both got up and in an attempt to work with Jackie on the rope, a charging Trish Stratus was left jumping onto the ropes while Jackie stood there, a few feet to the right of where she needed to be. To recover, Trish attempted to take her down and roll her ankle up except Jackie had no clue had to take the hit and wound up needing Trish to lay on her back while taking Jackie's hand and making the motion. It remains one of the most horrific matches ever and at one point, Trish was pinned down into the rope and used her hands to tell Jackie something. From the looks of her reaction, we can only imagine that she was saying some not so nice words about getting out of the ring, right away. She found a way to remain in the WWE for another two years but it was 2004 and 2005, two of the years Vince McMahon wants us all to forget about.

15 2003: Shaniqua (WWE)

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Shaniqua is best known for co-winning the second season of the WWE reality television show, WWE Tough Enough. She won the season along with Jackie Gayda, so we can all just imagine why Shaniqua made this list a year later. After winning the show, and entering into a contract with the WWE, which is the entire purpose of the show, Shaniqua found herself in a bit of a bad situation. She had no real depth to her character. All she was, was a former reality show winner. She needed to step up her game and do something creative to turn into a star. Instead, she was punished and sent back to Ohio Valley Wrestling to work on her skills after Jackie Gayda completely embarrassed herself on Raw in the match we discussed above while almost destroying any integrity the WWE Tough Enough reality show earned amongst fans.

When she came back in 2003, her career was going to be revamped and things would be better now that she had time to work on her game, right?

Not really. She returned to the WWE as The Basham Brothers manager, who is also a dominatrix. She had power over The Basham Brothers and they used that control to have her control the other divas by constantly interfering in matches and beating up other women on the roster. But in the ring, Shaniqua was not getting any better and was, once again, sent back down to Ohio Valley Wrestling but this time, she would never return back into the ring.

14 2004: Candice Michelle (WWE)

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Now that we have reached 2004, we felt we needed to explain something about our selection process. The purpose of the article is to find the worst female wrestler for each specific year starting in 2000. By choosing Candice Michelle as the 2004 worst female wrestler, that year, we are not saying she is the worst, or even among the worst ever. In fact, she is the only one on our list that went from being eye-candy to becoming a legitimate WWE Diva. Candice Michelle had to start somewhere and when WWE Raw hosted a Diva Search, Candice auditioned but failed to reach the top ten. Vince McMahon saw a future project and decided to hire her anyways and immediately put her on Raw under the gimmick of a makeup artist.

For the entire year, it was obvious why the WWE hired her, her body. In 2005, they wanted to put her in every single lingerie match they could come up with, and have her lose most of the times because the loser is going to be the one with the least amount of clothing on. So it was never fair to her that she was basically shoved into the spotlight before she ever had a chance to train and learn how to become a pro wrestler. The moments she is best remembered for in 2004 was any, and every single Raw women's garment contest or fashion show they hosted. She was always the one fans started to notice and her popularity grew from there.

13 2005: Joy Giovanni (WWE)

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The WWE Diva Search was not designed to only reward the winner. It was an audition to find some of the hottest women interested in professional wrestling in the world. There were plenty of WWE Divas that were discovered during the four-year run of the Diva Search including Maria Kanellis, Lena Yada, Michelle McCool, Maryse Ouellet, Rosa Mendes, Taryn Terrell, Candice Michelle (She did not even make the final top ten), and Karen McDougal.

The WWE Diva Search also helped them discover a beautiful Boston fitness model, that had absolutely zero professional wrestling experience, Joy Giovanni. She finished in 3rd place during the 2004 Diva Search. Joy Giovanni is a gorgeous woman with a body that is nearly perfect in every way. But that rarely translates into a successful professional wrestler. This became obvious when she was involved in a feud with Amy Weber on Smackdown! in January of 2005. The feud started off like most others, with a heated argument that escalates into a physical beatdown except this one was cringe-worthy because neither Amy nor Joy could act and when they attempted to fake a fight backstage, it was a cause for concern. She would go on to reach her peak when she was tied up and put in the trunk of JBL's car, where she was bounded and gagged. That was the moment all fans knew they had gone too far.

12 2006: Ashley Massaro (WWE)

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Speaking of the WWE Diva Search, Ashley Massaro actually won the event in 2005, and deservedly so. She had an amazing look, a beautiful body, a charming personality, and the charisma to carry herself for years to come. But when the bell rang, none of that matters. If you can't wrestle than you cannot work in the industry, plain and simple. Although she is best known for being incredibly horrible during her WWE career, she always tried hard and really wanted to be a star one day, she just never got it all together. She had timing issues and would miss her spots constantly, causing her opponent to ad lib the moves and play it off so the fans never noticed. She also had trouble selling the hits. Sometimes, she did a little too much and it felt fake.

It always felt fake when she was in the ring and that was her problem. When female wrestlers like Lita or Trish Stratus would wrestle, they made us think it was real. But even with all the negatives, Ashley Massaro managed to stick around for a few years, but that was probably because of the Playboy issue she posed for. It became one of their hottest selling issues so the WWE could not simply cut her right away. She makes the list for 2006 because that was, by far, her worst year.

11 2007: Jillian Hall (WWE)

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Of all the dumb ideas to come out of the world of professional wrestling, who decided it was a good idea to turn Jillian Hall, a pretty good female wrestler, into a horrible singer gimmick that even let her sing her own theme song? That gimmick ruined the possibilities of us ever getting a true star out of Jillian Hall. She had the makings of it early off in her career but the moment she started looking like Britney Spears, and singing herself to the ring, was the moment we all lost any faith we had in her and the system. How can the WWE ruin such a promising star right out the gate? They have done it before and will continue to do it again because there are certain people that Vince McMahon favours over others.

He was even left with the decision to win or lose a match if he determines it would be a good idea. So it should not shock us that the WWE made a mistake with this one, it was not the first and it will not be the last. Since we have determined that Jillian Hall's worst year was 2007, and the competition was hands down flying away from her, we just wanted to remind you that in 2005, Jillian Hall had a giant fake mole on her face. Remember that? It looked like someone's younger sister did the makeup cause that this was so obviously glued to the face that it made us all laugh the moment we saw it. Can you imagine having to be the wrestler that has to sell that mole as if it were real?

10 2008: Kelly Kelly (WWE)

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How many years can we put down Kelly Kelly as the worst female wrestler of the year? No, seriously. She was a perfect example of what the WWE Divas division had become during the mid to late 2000's. She had very little, if any, technical skills and was such a horrible pro wrestler that they tried to keep her out of the ring as much as possible. Her mic skills were not much better. Many wrestlers can be bad in the ring but great on the mic. For Kelly Kelly, however, she lacked in both areas and when she would talk on the mic, it was a giant snooze fest.

Kelly Kelly would almost always arrive in something smaller than the last time.

This gave us all the idea that the only reason Vince McMahon still wants her around is because of the body she has and those two wonderful legs. It was simply never believable that Kelly Kelly could beat anyone for a WWE Divas Championship belt, let alone Brie Bella, who is the weaker of the two twin Bella Sisters. Even Brie was a more believable champion than Kelly Kelly so when she finally won the belt in 2011, nearly five years since joining the WWE, it always felt like a reward for being around that long.

9 2009: Jenna Morasca (TNA)

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Let's talk about TNA for a second. No, not that kind of TNA but we like where your head's at. We are actually talking about the wrestling promotion that came really close to replacing the WCW as the next big promotion that can stand toe to toe with the WWE, and even beat them at times. But then Victory Road 2009 happened and we were all reminded just how difficult it is to be a professional wrestler. But TNA decided to do things differently and went out of there way to hire a former reality television star, Jenna Morasca, who was best known as the winner of Survivor: The Amazon, which was filmed in 2002. Between her appearance on Survivor and her wrestling debut, Jenna spent all of her time on reality television shows.

All her time pretending to be someone she was not did not help her out when it came to wrestling in TNA. Her match against Sharmell at Victory Road 2009 has become legendary for being the worst singles match of all time. It was awkward and a reminder of how tough this business really is. There is nothing good about the match. It was a total disaster from the bell and if we could rank all of these women, she would be in the number one spot.

8 2010: Lacey Von Erich (TNA)

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In August of 2010, WWE legend, and the son of Hall of Fame professional wrestler Dusty "The American Dream" Rhodes, Goldust was watching an episode of TNA iMPACT! in which Lacey Von Erich was competing. He was so upset about Lacey's lack of talent that he lashed out on Twitter. He noted, "Lacey has no talent whatsoever. Great family but her, no." It was obvious what TNA was doing back then. They were signing any celebrity or famous name they could find to help get their company into the spotlight. So when they signed Lacey Von Erich, no one could blame them for it.

She comes from an iconic pro wrestling family that spans three generations. The Von Erich family has been in professional wrestling since their father, Fritz Von Erich, debuted in 1953. The second generation featured five of his six sons. Kevin Von Erich, David Von Erich, Kerry Von Erich, Mike Von Erich, and Chris Von Erich were the five that became pro wrestlers. Finally, the third generation debuted when Kevin's two children, Ross and Marshall, and Kerry's youngest daughter, Lacey, debuted. Six of the family members were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as members of the Class of 2009. That amount of pressure fell completely flat when Lacey began wrestling in 2007 and lasted until November of 2010.

7 2011: Andrea Mother (World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana)

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To be the worst at something, you have to do something that people will never forget. It is one thing to not be good enough to make it in the pro wresting industry, but for all of the wrestlers that we never heard of before, that get their shot and fail, we forget about them the next day. So being the worst involves doing something so horrible that the rest of your career is tainted with the moment you failed miserably. Then there's Andrea Mother, whom everyone reading this probably knows better as her TNA name, Rosie Lottalove. But that was not the first name she worked under for TNA.

She actually debuted using the name Miss Betsy and fought against Daffney in a dark match just before the show aired. During the match, Miss Betsy was handling Daffney like she was a rag doll and eventually injured her during her final move known as a sitdown powerbomb. Daffney spent 20 minutes on the mat before being removed with a stretcher. It was later revealed that she received a concussion, bruised sternum, and a neck stinger from the move. Rosie was signed a couple weeks later but only lasted until August before being released by TNA. She makes the list because, not only was that a prime example of her skillset, she went to Japan and changed her name once again, this time to Andrea Mother, where she wrestled in three matches before disappearing for a couple years.

6 2012: Tammy Lynn Sytch (WWE)

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As one of the first WWE Divas ever, just before the arrival of Sable, Tammy Lynn Sytch, better known as Sunny, had a pro wrestling career that most women could only dream of. By 1996, she was the most famous woman in the pro wrestling industry and was rewarded with Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Manager of the Year award. Outside of the ring, she continued to grow her brand and became AOL's 1996 most downloaded woman of the year, a title that was attached to her name for the rest of her career.

She would join the ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) after changing her name from Sunny to Tammy Lynn Sytch. She continued to be a major disruption backstage, and on the road, and eventually would leave ECW. From then on, she fell completely off the rails, leading to her worst year ever, 2012. Besides dealing with all of her personal problems, 2012 was the year she did an interview with Kayfabe Commentaries where she basically unloaded on all of the secrets she had in her memory bank. It was a significant fall from grace for a one time superstar of the WWE. Things could not get much worse for Sunny after 2012, right? Actually, the opposite is true but that's neither here nor there.

5 2013: Summer Rae (WWE)

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To be fair, Summer Rae got into this business to be nothing more than eye candy but was always given the wrong storyline, or the worst gimmick possible. It almost seemed as if she was in Vince McMahon's dog house simply from the way she was used in 2013 alone. Her wrestling skills never made any of us beg for more. She was sloppy in the ring and never got much better, even after being on the roster for six years. The main thing a pro wrestler needs is the ability to wrestle. There have been many wrestlers that looked amazing and sounded even better when given a mic but then failed where it mattered most, in the ring.

Without the skills to wrestle at this level, Summer Rae was destined to make a list like ours, and several others out there. Not only was she horrible inside the ring, she was boring on the mic and was a weight that kept other wrestlers down when working together. She almost ruined the career's of Rusev and Dolph Ziggler by taking a ridiculous storyline and making it worse simply by being a part of it. She fought in 241 matches in the WWE and lost 178 of them yet no one seems to remember a single match.

4 2014: Vickie Guerrero (WWE)

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The move by Eddie Guerrero to sign with the WWE led us to an eventual introduction with his real life wife, Vickie Guerrero. Her career with the WWE was simple, to be the baddest heel the business has ever seen and use her relationship with her Hall of Fame husband Eddie Guerrero to propel her own self into the spotlight. Some fans will agree and others will argue that she was talented on her own merit and one of the companies best and most underrated heels ever. That was Vickie Guerrero, she was always 50/50 with the audience. Some nights, they hated her and booed so loudly when she talked on the mic that you could barely hear her screams. On other nights, the audience would enjoy her darkness and embrace her heel form as if they love the bad girls better than the good ones.

Her final year in the company was her worst because any redeeming qualities she had before 2014 had dissipated and it then felt forced.

The constant firing and rehiring as General Manager of SmackDown! and Raw got old fast. To top it all off, her final match with the company, before her return at this year's Royal Rumble, was a Mud Pool match against Stephanie McMahon.

3 2015: Eva Marie (WWE)

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You knew this one was coming, you just were not sure which one of her four years in the business we were going to chose. We could have gone with 2013, her rookie season, and her debut match at WWE SummerSlam Axxess in which she was paired up with Brie Bella in a tag team match versus Natalya and Maria Menounos. At one point, the match featured Eva and Maria standing in the ring looking at each other, neither one knowing what to do, so Maria just takes off and tags her teammate. Or we could have gone with 2014 and the 5-on-5 tag match at WWE Main Event where she spent most of her time running to the wrong corner, or prepare herself for the upcoming move from her opponent.

But we settled on 2015 thanks to the reality show Total Divas. During an episode that summer, there was a moment when all the Divas called Eva Marie out to her face. It was something that they all were saying but never to her face. That moment truly proved just how disconnected Eva Marie is with the business. This was supposed to be the year she showed off her improved form but it never happened. All we were left with was a supermodel that had no business being in the ring.

2 2016: Dana Brooke (WWE)

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As far as her gimmicks are concerned, Dana Brooke is fabulous. She has pretty good mic skills and knows how to cut a promo. She even looks great in just about anything she wears into, or around, the ring. But, as we have said all this time, none of that matters once the bell rings and the lights get brighter. Her in-ring techniques are lacking the quality that the WWE is used to putting out there. She has trouble with bumps and has injured fellow wrestlers in the past because of this. While on NXT, she was not someone who would jump off the event card and even shocked us all when she started appearing on Raw.

2016 got so bad for Dana that a story emerged, following her match against Sasha Banks on Raw, discussing how Vince McMahon is not happy with Dana Brooke's progression. In fact, it also talked about how Vince was questioning Triple H about her and how she even got moved into this position. There are some good things about her, and we are not talking about the twins that live in her upstairs attic. She is very young and very green so she can improve. Her body size was once big and strong but is now weak and she is losing that strength and size.

1 2017: Tamina Snuka (WWE)

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If we learned anything from hiring a female wrestler who is the member of a legendary family, then Lacey Von Erich should have reminded us that is normally does not work. There are rare occasions when someone like Natalya will succeed but she comes from a family that works harder than anyone else in the business, the Hart family. Outside of her, the offspring of former wrestlers, especially the women, always seem to be far less than anything we would expect. Tamina Snuka has the issue of being former WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka's daughter. She is also related to The Rock so her family tree is glittered with talented pro wrestlers.

However, she has yet to turn that legacy into anything of value. For her size, she should be able to handle her opponents in the ring but she simply cannot. Maybe she has spent her life in the shadow of a legend and that has caused her to put so much pressure on herself that she will never reach any kind of success. But we do not have to sell you on the idea that she is a terrible wrestler. Just go look at every single one of her matches in 2017 and try not to find multiple botches in each one.

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