The Many Faces Of Stephanie McMahon: 15 Photos That Show Her Evolution

Stephanie McMahon has arguably been the most powerful woman in the WWE ever since stepping foot into the company almost two decades ago. Vince's daughter has worked really hard her whole career to help WWE get to where it is right now. Be it helping with the promotion or bringing in good PR for the company and even developing intricate storylines with her own evil kayfabe character, Stephanie has done everything to help build Vince's empire into the multi-billion dollar company it is right now.

Since her early 20s, Stephanie has grown as a woman right before our eyes. She has had multiple makeovers, from the young daughter of Mr. McMahon to becoming part of The Authority herself, as she looks very different from what she did when she debuted in WWE. Many even argue that Stephanie has become even more attractive over the years and knowing how she's worked to make herself look stunning, they're not wrong.

Stephanie has really evolved as a woman over the decades and changed her looks at regular intervals to adapt to the conditions of the WWE and maintain a beautiful appearance to represent the company. So let's take a look at 15 pictures which show her many faces and how she's evolved over the years.


15 Early Years With Andre The Giant

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Stephanie McMahon may have made her WWE debut in her early 20s, but she was associated with WWE ever since she was a child. She showed interest in her dad's product from when she was very young, often traveling to the shows and spend time with the wrestlers backstage. One of her favorite wrestlers back then was Andre the Giant, who shared a special bond with young Steph and often spent time with her. Stephanie idolized him and considered him a great friend, with this picture showing a very young Stephanie with Andre back in the 80s. This shows just how different and innocent-looking she was in her youth, with the little Steph already showing much enthusiasm for the product back then. This cute picture of her with Andre shows how close they were and why Stephanie still idolizes him and becomes almost child-like when discussing their friendship.

14 The Young Model Stephanie

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Stephanie McMahon has always been pretty active towards contributing something towards the WWE and while she may officially be a part of the company for almost the past two decades, Stephanie was pretty avid in doing her part in WWE even when she was a child. Vince's little daughter couldn't be part of WWE Television when she was a child, but at the age of 13, she decided to promote their merchandise! Stephanie actually appeared in some WWE Merchandise catalog when she was at that age, as she modeled to promote WWE t-shirts and hats as well! This picture proves how she modeled to promote British Bulldog's merchandise back in the 80s for the WWE and shows how photogenic she's been ever since she's a child, proving how Stephanie has always wanted to do her part in helping her father's company grow bigger.

13 Stephanie In Her College Days

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Stephanie McMahon made sure to properly complete her education and unlike many wrestlers and personalities who drop out of college or school to start their venture into wrestling, McMahon definitely wasn't like that. After graduating from school, Stephanie attended Boston University and graduated with a degree in Communications. There are rumors of Stephanie having some "wild rides" with her friends during college when they'd take Steph's own limousine to hop pubs and have some "not so PG" parties. She also started looking quite hot during her college years, with this picture showing Stephanie during her college days. She looks pretty and happy in this alluring picture as it was probably taken when the family was going to spend some time together. It seemed Stephanie had quite the make-over after graduating from school and she looks different and stunning in this picture of her prior to joining WWE.

12 First Major WWE Storyline

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So After completing her college graduation, Stephanie decided to instantly join her father's business and debuted as this sweet, innocent daughter of Vince McMahon during his story-line against The Undertaker's "Ministry of Darkness". But Stephanie got into the thick of things right from the get-go in the WWE, as she was abducted by the Undertaker at the Backlash 99' PPV. He even tried to marry her on the episode of Raw after it, but she was rescued by Stone Cold Steve Austin. But before that happened, Stephanie was literally pinned to a stake of the Undertaker, with this picture showing how genuinely horrified she looked. She actually looks pretty innocent and child-like in her very early WWE days and not many back then would've predicted her to become the conniving, evil women she is now.

11 From Mrs. Test To Mrs. Triple H

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After Stephanie was done with that horrifying first storyline with The Undertaker, she became the on-screen girlfriend of Test. They even wrestled a few matches together as Stephanie helped Test win a "Love Her or Leave Her" match against Shane McMahon and the two decided to get married on Monday Night Raw later on. But just when they were about to tie the knot, Triple H showed a video of him drugging Stephanie and having been already married to her. This made for the break-up of Stephanie and Test, with Vince's little daughter hesitantly being with Triple H before she turned heel and revealed it was all a plot against her father. This picture shows Steph in a wedding dress looking really beautiful, with this showing just how attractive Stephanie was back then and how she glowed even at a fake wedding.

10 Stephanie As WWE Women's Champion

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Stephanie McMahon made her official WWE debut in 1999 and took no time to make quite the impact on story-lines, as she seemed a sweet little girl at first who fell in love with Test but later back-stabbed her own dad to become the heel wife of Triple H. McMahon would also go on to win the Women's Championship later on in the same year, with this picture showing how stunning she used to look with the belt around her waist. Stephanie went through a make-over after graduating from college and needed to look sexy in order to pull off this gimmick with Triple H and did so perfectly. This picture shows how different Stephanie looked in her debut WWE year as compared to what she did in college, proving how a make-over is quite necessary for even someone like The Boss's daughter to make an impression in their debut year.

9 The Invasion

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Despite turning on her father early in her WWE career, Stephanie McMahon quickly became Daddy's Little Princess again later on when they made amends and Steph would continue loving her father during the late years of the Attitude Era. But things took another wild turn during the Invasion angle when Stephanie joined forces with her brother Shane to form "The Alliance" who were looking to bankrupt the WWE. Stephanie continued portraying this nasty heel during that time (and was part of some rather scathing promos from WWE stars) and she looked different from what she did two years back as well! Stephanie's "assets" seemed to have become more prominent and she had this really sexy vibe to her now, which made her evil heel character get over quickly. This stunning picture shows how Stephanie had taken some steps in changing her make-over and looked smoking-hot during the Invasion era.


8 Stephanie As The SmackDown General Manager

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While Stephanie McMahon has been preaching herself to be committed to the red brand of WWE for the past few years, she was actually quite an avid part of Smackdown! herself after the Invasion angle. Stephanie actually became Smackdown GM in 2002 and oversaw everything in the brand for almost a whole year. It was also during this period of time when she started to wear more revealing dresses which revealed her "assets" and made her look sexier, helping her gain attention as the GM. This picture shows just how smoking-hot Stephanie used to look back during that short stint at Smackdown and she dazzled the fans with some sexy costumes at the time as well. She definitely turned it up a notch and looked even sexier than she did during the Invasion angle and she truly became a "gorgeous woman" during this period.

7 Time Away From WWE & Starting A Family

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After being "fired" as the Smackdown GM, Stephanie McMahon decided to transition out of WWE Television as she focused on her personal life a bit more. She took a bit of a sabbatical from WWE TV and started to do more promotion work as Chief Brand Officer and started doing more work off-screen. Stephanie was also pregnant in 2006 and gave birth to her first child with Triple H in the same year and she looked to be in pretty fine shape during that short sabbatical from WWE TV. Despite not really having to appear on WWE TV, Stephanie maintained her good looks, as this picture shows how gorgeous she looked after her stint as Smackdown GM. She had to stay gorgeous to maintain her reputation and keep her company's name at a high, as she went through a slight change of style and continued looking beautiful.

6 Stephanie As Raw General Manager

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Stephanie McMahon started to take over from her father as the "authority" of the WWE just after the PG Era kicked in, as she went on to become the Raw General Manager after returning from her short sabbatical from WWE. Stephanie would not only start acting like this mean authority figure, but she also started to dress appropriately so that she could be taken seriously as one. This picture shows how Stephanie looked when she initially started to portray her "evil, boss lady" character, as she looked pretty smart and gorgeous in this picture. She had changed from the girl managing Smackdown to a strong, unruly woman and managed to look quite mature after her sabbatical as well. While she'd be a babyface for some-time during Randy Orton's feud with Triple H, it was during this time she started showing her "authority" colors and look stunning at that as well.

5 The Birth Of The Authority

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Just as Stephanie McMahon was settling in as the Raw General Manager, she started to show some heel-ish mannerisms along with her husband, Triple H. She started to undermine the faces and turned into a full-blown heel with HHH after SummerSlam 2013, kicking off the iconic feud against Daniel Bryan. It seemed like Stephanie had turned over a whole new leaf after that heel turn and she started to dress different and acted as more of an authoritative figure with Triple H, as they recruited Kane as their muscles as well. This picture shows how Stephanie transformed in those years and became "The Authority", as she definitely developed the looks a conniving lady back then. Her facial expressions were on point and she looked quite sexy as well, making for the perfect "villain" and helping improve WWE's product which was on the decline.

4 Stephanie At SummerSlam 2014

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Stephanie McMahon hasn't really wrestled much since her early days in the WWE, as she tries to fulfill her role as more of an authority figure rather than competing in the competition herself. But Stephanie surprised many when she decided to wrestle at SummerSlam 2014, taking on Brie Bella with whom she had quite the rivalry going during the year. The match itself wasn't the best one but saw Nikki Bella turn on Brie and help Stephanie win the match. What caught the eyes of fans more than the actual match was Stephanie amazing in-ring attire, which showed just how sexy she had become over the years. This picture shows how the "revealing" costume proved how much of a stunning shape Stephanie was in even at her age and proved how she had aged amazingly over the past few years.

3 Stephanie As The Raw Commissioner

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Stephanie McMahon has pledged herself as "Team Red" in the WWE for the past few years now, as she was the "Authority" of the brand for a few years before Vince McMahon announced the Brand Extension would be returning. Stephanie chose to be in charge of Monday Night Raw, while Shane McMahon had been given the charge of Smackdown Live! Now Stephanie was quite persistent at ousting her brother and delivering the better show, as she often kicked-off many Monday Night Raws after the extension and looked quite sizzling at that too. She wore some really sexy costumes and this picture shows just how stunning she looked during her initial stint as the Raw Commissioner. McMahon was adamant at getting fans to see her show and loved to treat them with some costumes such as these, which reveal quite a bit of her and shows just how much of a smoking-hot woman she has turned into.

2 Stephanie At WrestleMania 33

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Stephanie McMahon has managed to play a part in WrestleMania for the past few years now, as she mostly appears at ring-side when her husband Triple H wrestles at the grandest stage of them all. McMahon was at The Game's corner when he took on Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33 last year, with the two making quite the amazing entrance which saw Triple H ride a bike to the ring with Stephanie behind him. Stephanie caught the eye of many fans because of how smoking hot she was looking in her attire, which definitely made its impression. This picture shows Stephanie backstage with Triple H before the event, showing how stunning she looked at the event. She always keeps her best reserved for WrestleMania, so it's not surprising to her looking absolutely gorgeous at WrestleMania last year and proving how she can still look better than many women in WWE.

1 Stephanie Announcing The Women's Royal Rumble

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Stephanie McMahon has recently taken a backseat in handling things on Monday Night Raw, as the amazing work from Kurt Angle has allowed her to take a break from WWE TV and only make sporadic appearances as of late. Stephanie is still in charge of Raw as it's Commissioner, but she does make appearances to make important announcements and surprised many last months when she arrived on Raw. She ended the show with a blockbuster announcement of the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble match at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view, much to the delight of fans and wrestlers alike. Stephanie wore quite the classy costume during the appearance, looking quite the stunning boss lady. She's been looking stunning recently and her last appearance showed that she's still got it when she looked as good as(if not better) than the gorgeous women who will compete in her dream project at the Royal Rumble.


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