The Most Hillarious Internet Reactions To The XFL Revival

WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced on Thursday that the XFL will make a return in 2020. The league ceased operations after just one season in 2001, due to poor ratings and NBC cancelling its broadcasting contract with the WWF.

Due do its massive failure (WWF and NBC lost a reported $35 million in a $100 million investment), and very short run, the XFL has been the front and center of many savage jokes.

Predictably, Twitter was at its best during and after Vince's announcement. For example, Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings had this to say when Vince said that players will not be permitted to take political stances during games:

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel also had a little bit of fun:

Speaking of the Cleveland Browns, Woody Paige at ESPN couldn't help but poke some fun at them:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in the Super Bowl era, but this Twitter user pointed out that he is not the GOAT of the XFL:

It would also be quite fun to see Vince try to incorporate both the XFL and WWE into one. This gentleman came up with a genius idea:

Oh, and what would be an XFL announcement without 'Woken' Matt Hardy's take?

And finally, we had to include this one:

Following his announcement of the XFL's return, Vince gave an insight on what the league will look like. McMahon is looking at bringing in eight teams (the same amount during its 2001 season), but wouldn't specify which markets he was looking at. He also said any player with a DUI history will not be allowed to join the league.

McMahon also outlined that he is hoping the season (which will be a 1o-game regular season schedule), will begin in January or February. The goal is to provide NFL fans with a football league during it's seven-month offseason.

We will see if the XFL's relaunch is successful. It's safe to say nobody but Vince has an idea of how it will turn out.


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The Most Hillarious Internet Reactions To The XFL Revival