The New Day Does Rock

Tonight's Smackdown emanates from Toledo, Oh and will no doubt be a packed house. Unfortunately, at least one seat will be empty, a seat bought for 92 year old super fan, Alice Boraby, who was too ill to attend Tuesday night's taping.

The New Day were told about their biggest fan and decided to tape her a special message when they arrived at ABC Studios in Ohio.

"Hey Alice, we hear you are not feeling too well so we have a special message for you. That's right , Amen."

Alice is being cared for at Hospice of Northwest Ohio and her kids got her tickets for the show.

When The New Day learned about Alice, they wanted to send her a message, "We're going to clap your worries away. We have a special clap just for you Alice and you can join us if you'd like, The New Day rocks, The New Day rocks!" It was a big hit. That was wonderful, I just loved that clapping," said one of the oldest members of the WWE Universe.

Alice was smiling and laughing throughout the entire message and so was everyone else in the room, "They're just as crazy as I am. You wonderful guys. Take care you guys!"

So for all you fans who chant “New Day Sucks,” remember that behind the scenes, New Day Rocks!

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