The Odd Couple: 20 Things You Didn't Know About Cesaro And Sheamus

The tag team of Cesaro and Sheamus has become one of the most important acts on the Raw brand. Both Cesaro and Sheamus have been singles stars for the majority of their WWE careers. Sheamus is a former three-time WWE Champion and a one-time World Heavyweight Champion. Cesaro has never reached the top of the mountain in the WWE, but is viewed as one of the best wrestlers in the world. They each found themselves in terrible spots following the brand split. New stars like Finn Balor and Kevin Owens started to hold the top spots on Raw, along with the reliable Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Chris Jericho.

That forced Cesaro and Sheamus to try something new. The two talented wrestlers had a great 'Best Of Seven Series' that culminated in them becoming a tag team. Sheamus and Cesaro currently hold the Raw Tag Team Championships. Cesaro remains a fan favorite and Sheamus is still hated by the fans. They use that to their advantage to execute the odd couple tag team to perfection. Both men have fascinating stories that we'll take a look at. These are twenty things you may not have known about WWE’s favorite odd couple of Cesaro and Sheamus.

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19 Sheamus Was A Bodyguard For U2's Bono

Most wrestlers had normal jobs before coming to the WWE and Sheamus had quite a few gigs in his time. The most interesting of his past jobs featured him working as a bodyguard for Bono of U2. Sheamus worked at a Dublin pub as a bouncer. U2 happened to enjoy visiting the pub when on a tour loop in the area.

Sheamus was responsible for watching out for Bono and company as they enjoyed the night following their shows. The bodyguard role saw him make sure no one approached Bono or attempted to start drama with them, considering bars are often volatile, especially if a famous person is there. Sheamus protected the celebrities just by doing his job as the source of security for the upscale pub. Sadly, Sheamus could not convince U2 to record a song better than his current WWE entrance theme.

18 Cesaro Hates His Entrance Theme

Speaking of WWE entrance themes, Cesaro has gone on the record to reveal that he hates the song he comes out to. The peculiar concept of sirens playing before his theme starts sets a weird tone for his matches. Cesaro used to wear headphones over his ears to the ring during his entrance. It led to him making the joke that he wears them to avoid having to listen to his theme.

Entrance music is extremely important for a wrestler. Cesaro’s music lacks a distinction that resonates with him. It has improved to some extent with the merging of his theme and Sheamus’ theme. Cesaro has yet to find a theme that perfectly represents him since coming to the WWE and it has to change before another singles run for his sake.

17 Sheamus Wrestled For Lower Tier Independent Promotions

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There is a belief that Sheamus started his career in the WWE between his time in developmental and an instant push on the main roster. While he never wrestled for any of the top independent promotions, Sheamus did have a body of work under his name. The smaller promotions to host Sheamus during his early years were Irish Whip Wrestling, All Star Wrestling and British Championship Wrestling.

The British wrestling scene was weak at the time, but Sheamus did a good job of standing out to earn a WWE tryout before landing the job. Sheamus’ size and overall look benefited him and led to him getting on WWE’s radar. Most of the other wrestlers working for those promotions had no chances of getting a look by the WWE. Sheamus lucked out to accomplish his dream job.

16 Cesaro Is An Independent Wrestling Legend

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Unlike Sheamus, Cesaro had a strong run on the independent wrestling circuit that is a rich part of his legacy. Most are aware that Cesaro worked for all of the top promotions on the independent scene before coming to the WWE. However, the library of matches delivered by Cesaro in Ring of Honor, PWG, CZW, Chikara and many other companies made him an underground legend.

The names of Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are most associated with being independent wrestling icons. Cesaro doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he definitely deserves to be mentioned among those other stars. From singles work to tag team runs and from heel to face roles, Cesaro always hit a home run due to the freedom of being able to show his skills.

15 Sheamus Was An IT Technician In Ireland

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As mentioned earlier, Sheamus worked in various fields before landing his dream job in the WWE. One path extremely different from the work in the security industry was his time as an IT technician. Sheamus worked for multiple companies including Symantec in Ireland. Not many would look at Sheamus and assume he would have such a grasp on technology.

Sheamus' schooling allowed him to make a living outside of wrestling in case the WWE never signed him. Wrestling experts always say aspiring wrestlers should have a backup plan in case they never get a job working for a big promotion. Sheamus is proof that it's the right idea as he had a great option to fall back on and it allowed him to earn a solid living before the WWE signed him.

14 Cesaro Wrestled Under An Ice Cream Mask

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One of the independent wrestling promotions to frequently book Cesaro as he started to make his name was Chikara. The concept of Chikara is different from any other company as they attempt to have a comic book fantasy life come to the ring with colorful characters and the stories of good versus evil often being the main points of interest.

Cesaro portrayed one of the sillier characters in Chikara as part of the Los Ice Creams stable. The name of Cesaro’s specific character was a 'Very Mysterious Ice-Cream.' Naturally, he dressed as a giant ice cream cone during his matches and still managed to deliver impressive performances. You know you’re a tremendous wrestler when an ice cream cone costume doesn’t hold you back. Cesaro is one of the few humans that can safely say that is the case for him.

13 Sheamus Was a Choir Singer

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The backstory of Sheamus’ life before WWE has many twists and turns to it. Another surprising fact about his younger life saw him join a choir as a kid. Sheamus spent his teenage years as a member of the choir singing his little heart out. We have to wonder what the WWE would have done if they knew about this. Sheamus could have very well started working a silly singing character knowing how the WWE thinks these days.

It's almost impossible to believe the intimidating and athletic Sheamus spent his free time as a choir boy. Sheamus is a man of many skills as this list continues to prove. You would be hard pressed to find someone in WWE as well-rounded as Sheamus when it comes to the various interests throughout his life.

13. Cesaro's Best Tag Team Partner Is Actually Chris Hero

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The tag team of Cesaro and Sheamus is off to a great start. However, Sheamus is definitely not the best tag partner Cesaro has had during his wrestling career. Cesaro and Chris Hero formed The Kings of Wrestling on the independent wrestling scene. ROH, PWG and other promotions saw The Kings of Wrestling deliver superb matches on a constant basis.

Hero and Cesaro were signed together, but WWE disappointed fans by not allowing them to team together in NXT. Cesaro went on to have a successful singles run on the main roster and Hero would get released. Luckily, WWE recently re-hired Hero under his NXT name of Kassius Ohno. It is unlikely The Kings of Wrestling will reform since Cesaro is teaming with Sheamus, but we can always dream.

12 Sheamus Played Rugby

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Sheamus got involved with various sports before he became a professional wrestler, as Sheamus was a very talented rugby player. The big man utilized his strengths for the physical game and actually won a National Diploma for his work in the sport. Another hobby of Sheamus of the similar ilk saw him play Gaelic Football.

Sheamus' athleticism obviously helped him move into wrestling. Many wrestlers have come from other sports or used those sports to add to their resume before fully going after their true dream. Sheamus always wanted to be a wrestler, but went into the other sports until then with success coming his way. If the WWE ever starts the XFL again or attempts to launch a rugby league, Sheamus could find a new role.

11 Both Have Played Security Guards For Segments Involving DX


A fascinating tidbit about the careers of Sheamus and Cesaro saw them have similar roles doing extra work for the WWE. They both tried to get on WWE’s radar by portraying security guards at different times. WWE typically hires local wrestlers in the area of a show anytime they need extra talent for a segment involving physical contact.

Not only did they both have the same role of portraying a security guard, but Sheamus and Cesaro each interacted with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. D-Generation X were the main stars during both instances of the security guards being needed. Sheamus and Cesaro have progressed from extras in segments with Triple H to working under him as valued employees of the WWE. The careers of Sheamus and Cesaro have many similarities and this is one of the more eerie ones.

10 Cesaro Was John Cena's Workout Partner

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Cesaro is one of the most conditioned wrestlers in the entire wrestling industry. The talented wrestler keeps himself in great shape with a tremendous physique. An unlikely bonding experience saw Cesaro and John Cena become workout partners a few years ago. WWE cameras caught them training together at a gym, when showing Cena prepare for a match with The Rock.

Cena has also made it known that he's a strong believer in the talents of Cesaro. Despite the biggest star in the industry backing him up, Cesaro has never received a huge push to the top of the card. Cena and Cesaro did have a couple of great matches on television. Their chemistry in the ring is likely a result from spending time together working out.

9 Sheamus Was Triple H's Workout Partner

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Not to be outdone, Sheamus also had a high profile workout partner many years ago. Triple H befriended Sheamus early into his career and they were workout buddies for a while. Sheamus coincidentally received one of the biggest instant pushes for a young star coming to the main roster. Many believed Triple H is the reason for Sheamus being a WWE Champion before he earned it.

The rumors ended up hurting Sheamus in the long run. Fans have always been against him and showed disinterest in his pushes, as the perception that he got his opportunities through political means harmed Sheamus. Still, it had to help him receiving multiple title reigns with a strong standing in the WWE upper echelon for many years. Triple H praised him in interviews, stating Sheamus showed more drive and desire than all of the other young stars coming up in the WWE, which is what made them bond.

8 Cesaro Was Daniel Bryan's Closest Friend In Wrestling

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The topic of friendships in wrestling is rather interesting considering most wrestlers only have a handful of close friends in the business. Daniel Bryan is the perfect example of that. Everyone loves Bryan as one of the kindest people in wrestling. Despite his large number of acquaintances, Bryan has very few close friends due to nature of the business.

Cesaro is a rare friend to last through the years from the independent wrestling scene to the WWE. They were riding partners at different time periods traveling the world together. Bryan is retired, but still uses his power as SmackDown's General Manager to speak about the talents of Cesaro. Aside from maybe Kane, Cesaro is the main person Bryan goes out of his way to put over. They also happened to have superb matches against each other on numerous occasions.

7 Sheamus Is Best Friends With Drew Galloway

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Another strong friendship that's worth discussing is the relationship between Sheamus and Drew Galloway. Along with Wade Barrett, Sheamus and Galloway were all signed together as the international class of prospects coming to the WWE. Sheamus obviously has had the most successful career, but Galloway was right there with him at the start. Triple H and Shawn Michaels endorsed Galloway during his run as Drew McIntyre.

His initial push flopped and the WWE never gave him another fair shot. Galloway hit the free agent market to rejuvenate his career and he now has the reputation as a top tier performer these days. The friendship between Sheamus and Galloway is still going strong. Sheamus attended Galloway’s wedding during a rare free weekend. Fellow WWE star Jinder Mahal also appeared at the wedding to see their friend’s big day.

6 Vince McMahon Has Underrated Cesaro For Years

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There is a fair argument that can be made to regard Cesaro as the most underrated WWE star in recent memory. Cesaro has dazzled fans from the day he stepped foot on the main roster with a hit list of outstanding matches. Fans react overwhelmingly positive to him and many wrestling legends have stated he's a future World Champion.

The one man Cesaro has been unable to convince that his talents are main event worthy would be Vince McMahon. On The Stone Cold Podcast, McMahon admitted he believes Cesaro doesn’t connect with the masses and actually referred to him being Swiss as something holding him back. McMahon’s lack of faith has made Cesaro a strong mid-carder that will remain underrated for the remainder of his career, unless something changes to make him a main eventer.

5 Vince McMahon Has Overrated Sheamus For Years

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On the flip side, Sheamus has been a favorite of Vince McMahon for years. McMahon definitely believed in his talent considering Sheamus would defeat John Cena in his first PPV match to win the WWE Championship. A former WWE writer revealed that McMahon believed Sheamus had the face potential to replace Cena as the star to lead the WWE brand. That never came to fruition, but Sheamus did receive many main event pushes.

McMahon wanted Sheamus to hit the status of always being viewed as a main event star, similar to Cena and Randy Orton. It just never happened with fans refusing to buy into Sheamus as a major star. Sheamus encountered the opposite relationship with management that Cesaro had, but they found themselves in the same position that would force them to become a tag team.

4 Cesaro Appeared In The Wrestler

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An interesting little known fact about Cesaro’s career is his acting credit in The Wrestler. The hit film looked at the seedy world of wrestling for those in their veteran years watching their careers wind down in depression fashion. Darren Aronofsky filmed the movie at various independent wrestling shows, most notably at Ring of Honor shows.

A few of the ROH wrestlers were selected to have roles in the film as extras. Cesaro is one of the more famous stars to have appeared in it, standing in the locker room with Mickey Rourke’s character. You'll have to pay complete attention to The Wrestler to spot Cesaro, but he is there. Cesaro has a hit film appearance on his resume if he ever wants to try to continue his background acting career.

3 WWE Didn't Promote Sheamus' Role In TMNT

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Sheamus managed to score a far bigger role than Cesaro’s. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie franchise hired Sheamus to play Rocksteady in their Out of the Shadows film. Sheamus did a great job playing the comedic villain and many wrestling fans were surprised to see his acting chops impress on the big screen. WWE, however, surprisingly didn’t care, nor did they try to get the fans to the movie.

There was very little promotion regarding Sheamus’ role in the huge film. No one is accusing TMNT of being an Oscar worthy film but it did rake in a lot of money. WWE promoting one of their stars having a noteworthy role in a major movie should have been a no-brainer. For whatever reason, they rarely even referenced it and Sheamus wasn’t on television the week of the movie release.

2 Cesaro Is Dating Sara Del Rey

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One of the lesser known romantic relationships in the wrestling would be the couple of Cesaro and Sara Del Rey. They worked together in Ring of Honor and Chikara as both partners and opponents at different points. Del Rey was regarded as the best female wrestler in North America before signing a contract with the WWE as a trainer.

Under her real name of Sara Amato, the love interest of Cesaro is credited for much of the success for WWE’s women’s revolution. Sara helped the women at the Performance Center take their game to the next level, causing fans to want more out of women’s wrestling. Del Rey is currently the assistant head coach at the Performance Center and is still dating fellow WWE employee Cesaro. They were shown together attending the wedding of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella on Total Divas a few years ago.

1 WWE Wants Them Teaming Together For The Long Run

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The most important thing about Cesaro and Sheamus right now is their long term outlook of remaining a tag team. We all assumed it was just a short makeshift team to past time until they started feuding again. WWE showed their hand by having Cesaro and Sheamus be the team that finally ended New Day’s record breaking Tag Team Championship reign.

New Day dominated the division for over a year and the team that ended up beating them would have received a huge rub going forward. Sheamus and Cesaro being selected as the ones to end the reign positioned them as a credible tag team. WWE is going all the way with the two talented singles wrestlers, without any direction for the foreseeable future. Don’t be surprised if Cesaro and Sheamus are together for many more years.

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