The Queen: 15 Things You NEED To Know About Charlotte's Personal Life

Charlotte is now a former NXT Women's Champion and a former two-time Raw Women's Champion. In the year she has spent on the main roster she has only had two months where she hasn't held gold and is currently undefeated in singles competition at WWE Pay-Per-Views.

Charlotte made history two weeks ago when she main evented an episode of Raw with Sasha Banks as the Women's Championship was on the line for the first time in more than a decade. The duo now looks set to do this again in just over a week when Charlotte and Sasha step inside Hell in a Cell for the first time.

It is well documented that Charlotte is the daughter of 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair and has been in the spotlight for much longer than the past few years. Very little is actually known about Charlotte's personal life, considering the fact that she is from a well-documented legendary family in WWE circles. Charlotte does like her private life to remain private but the following are 15 facts that are known about The Nature Girl.

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15 It Was Her Dream To Be Part Of WrestleMania

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Charlotte has grown up watching her father Ric Flair perform at WrestleMania and after signing for WWE in 2012 Charlotte always looked determined to perform at the highest level possible. It took her just three years to learn her craft before she was brought into the NXT picture and became the oldest ever NXT Women's Champion.

Despite the fact that she has only been with WWE for four years, she has been a part of WrestleMania three times already. Charlotte was on-hand for Ric Flair's final match with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXVI before she was given a part in Triple H's entrance at WrestleMania XXX and then finally she was allowed to wrestle at the event earlier this year when she successfully defended her Divas/Women's Championship against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

14 She Was Named Rookie of the Year in 2014

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This shouldn't come as a huge shock, but it seems that Charlotte was correct in all of her assumptions and when she told the WWE Universe that she was genetically superior. After just a year at WWE's Performance Centre Charlotte was given her chance in NXT and was named as the Rookie of the Year.

Charlotte had been a stand-out performer in NXT over the past year before PWI awarded her this accolade, one that has only ever been awarded to two women. She had become the new NXT Women's Champion after Paige was stripped of the Championship so that she could head up to the main roster.

13 Charlotte Was Told About Reid Being Used in WWE Storyline

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Back in 2015 Charlotte and Paige were the stand-out women on the main roster and WWE had them embroiled in a personal storyline, that was until they realized that the feud had not become as personal as they had hoped.

The decision was then made for Paige to bring up Charlotte's dead brother Reid as a way to gain a reaction from 'The Nature Girl' and her father and then, in turn, allow them to fight it out with the fans much more invested in the storyline. Instead, Social Media was not impressed with WWE bringing Reid into the feud and Ric Flair himself wasn't either. As it turns out, Charlotte knew Reid was going to be used in the storyline and was OK with it.

12 Her Father Was Hardly Ever Home When She Was Younger

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Charlotte used it this as one of the features in the storyline where she finally decided to drop her dad and go it alone. She knew that she would never be taken seriously if her father was by her side so she decided it was time for him to go.

She stated that he was never there for her when she was younger and much of this was actually true. Ric Flair was touring with WWE throughout Charlotte's childhood which meant that she rarely ever saw him. Add this to the fact that her parents actually divorced when she was young and you will understand why Charlotte was so close to her mother and brother Reid, because the family was small and strong while she was growing up.

11 Charlotte Is From Charlotte

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When Charlotte was signed by the WWE back in 2012 she was known as Ashley Fliehr, but WWE decided to change her name to Charlotte. Many of the WWE Universe speculated that because Charlotte was the name of the city in which she was born and the city her father is famous for coming from, this was the reason for the name change.

Charlotte herself explained that WWE came up with the name for her and decided that it suited her much better than Ashley. Perhaps it is just a coincidence that Charlotte is the city in North Carolina that the Flairs came from. Many also thought that it was a tribute to her father since she wears robes just like him and remixed her music to sound like his. This was another way that she enabled Ric to live on through her.

10 She Won State Championships In Volleyball

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Charlotte had a life before WWE, but when she was in high school she was already quite the gifted athlete. She won two NCHSAA 4A-State Championships in Volleyball that she won during her time in Providence High School. While there Charlotte was the team captain and a key player on the squad from 2004 to 2005.

Charlotte has always been an athletically gifted person and it turns out it all began while she was still in high school. Following her graduation she went on to become a personal trainer, which means she must have been an incredible talent to be able to come out of school and become qualified as quick as she did. Charlotte continues to showcase her athletic abilities today in a WWE ring.

9 She Has A Half-Brother And Sister

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Coming from a family that has Ric Flair at the head of it, there is no surprise that Charlotte has a half brother and sister. Ric Flair has been married and divorced a total of four times as well as also being engaged currently for the fifth time. Charlotte's mother was Ric's second wife and they married in 1983.

The couple was divorced in 2006 after 26 years of marriage, but before Ric met Elizabeth, he had already been married. Ric married his first wife in 1971 and had his first two children Megan and David who are now Charlotte's older half brother and sister. Flair divorced Leslie in 1983 after 12 years of marriage before he met Elizabeth later the same year. Ric sure gets around.

8 She Was A Personal Trainer Before WWE

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Charlotte had an entire career before she was signed to WWE on a developmental contract back in 2012. After going through school and then college and leaving with a degree, Charlotte decided to become a personal trainer.

She was a completely qualified trainer when she joined the company and it is thought that this experience helps her with the wrestling lifestyle and the fact that she always needs to stay healthy. Being a former personal trainer, Charlotte must always know what to do during a workout and the best kinds of foods to eat while on the road. This could be a career that 'The Queen' could easily fall back on when her WWE career calms down. Many former WWE Superstars have gone into nutrition and fitness because it is such an easy career to switch to after a career in WWE where many of these rules have been followed on a daily basis.

7 She Got Into Wrestling In 2012 With No Prior Experience

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It is not a huge shock that Charlotte ended up gravitating towards a career with WWE, especially since her father is a former 16-time World Heavyweight Champion. That being said, WWE took a huge gamble signing a female with no prior experience in a wrestling ring. But they must have seen potential in a young Ashley Flair.

Charlotte was only handed a developmental contract which means that if she didn't step up her game and show her potential within a year then WWE could easily have cut ties with her. Unsurprisingly, the gamble paid off and Charlotte has become one of the best female wrestlers of this current generation. Her stock will only continue to rise as she regularly makes history in the Women's Division.

6 She Once Took Randy Savage To Show And Tell

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It is one of the more surprising stories to come from Charlotte's childhood, but Charlotte has recently revealed that she once brought 'Macho Man' Randy Savage to show and tell. While most kids bring toys or pets, Charlotte was bringing a real life WWE wrestlers.

Charlotte used the WWE connections that her father had given her to bring her favorite wrestler to school while she was in first grade to show off in front of her class. Children usually bring their pet or favorite thing at home but Charlotte obviously learned from a young age to never play by the rules and decided to bring a WWE Legend to meet her class instead. Hopefully, she passed the assignment or that would have been a lot of work for nothing.

5 She was Arrested For Assaulting A Police Officer

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Charlotte hasn't had the most innocent of lives growing up. She was always going to be exposed to a lot more that normal children so it comes as no surprise that she has already been arrested and spent time in prison.

Charlotte was arrested back in 2008 for assaulting a police officer when she was a part of a fight that also involved her father Ric Flair (not really surprised here, are you?) and her first partner Riki Johnson. She pleaded guilty to the assault and was sentenced to 45 days in prison but luckily for her the sentence was suspended and instead she paid a $200 fine and served probation. Charlotte, much like her father, definitely has a temper to go along with the talent.

4 She's Been Married Twice

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Charlotte may only be 30-years-old but she has already had her own fair share of wrong guys. Being the daughter of a man who's been engaged five-time and married four of those, it's not that much of a shock that Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice.

Charlotte was first married back in 2010 to Riki Johnson before the couple decided to call it quits not long after. She then met Thomas Latimer who was known as Bram when the duo were both part of NXT. They married in 2013 but once again this didn't work out amidst claims that Bram had assaulted Charlotte. The duo's divorce was finalized in October 2015 in the state of Florida. Perhaps Charlotte is chasing her father's marriage record.

3 She Has a Degree

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Along with many other wrestlers like Becky Lynch and Xavier Woods, Charlotte actually has a degree. She is a highly educated Superstar who had career ambitions before she joined the WWE roster. But we're happy she did find her way to the roster.

Charlotte attended Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina for a few months before she was then transferred over to the North Carolina State University where she earned her Bachelor's of Science in Public Relations and graduated in Spring 2008. She obviously then went on to be qualified in Personal Training, so she is still yet to put her degree to use. Perhaps when her days in WWE come to an end Charlotte can avoid the financial ruin many wrestlers face by using what she learned in college.

2 Her Mother and Father Divorced When She Was 20

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Charlotte's father was a notorious ladies man when he was younger and Charlotte's mother Elizabeth was Ric's second wife. The couple were married for 26 years. Charlotte and her brother Reid were the only children from Ric's second marriage but she also has her two older half siblings who we have already mentioned.

Ric quickly went on to remarry after the divorce but Charlotte was just 20 years old when it happened. She was still studying at College and even though her parents were unable to reconcile and figure out their differences, it seems that Charlotte and Ric have managed to remain close over the past ten years. While not easy to del with 'The Nature Boy' it is nice to see Charlotte and her day living the dream in WWE.

1 Her Brother Reid Died in 2013

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Charlotte may have two older half-siblings, but she only ever had one real brother. Reid was Charlotte's younger brother and he had a rough time the few years before he died. Reid was arrested twice between March and April 2009 before he overdosed in 2011.

It seems that this could have been a cry for help since he was found dead less than two years later and it was revealed that it had been an accidental overdose. Charlotte was close to her brother and doesn't usually open up about him or his death, which is why it was so obviously shocking when WWE decided to use him in a storyline less than two years after his sudden passing. Charlotte pursued a wrestling career much harder following the death of Reid as a sort of tribute to her late brother.


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