The Revival Continue Their Online Feud With The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks member Nick Jackson recently had his backpack stolen in Japan along with his passport and $2000, so naturally, The Revival took a shot.

A new spoke was added to the wheel of what is a heated online rivalry between WWE's Revival and indy darlings the Young Bucks. While touring Japan Young Buck Nick Jackson had his backpack stolen along with Jackson's passports, $2000 in cash, plus a multitude of electronic devices. Bad news for Jackson, and a wound that The Revival's Dash Wilder took the opportunity to add salt to.

Despite the two teams wrestling in completely separate companies, and never actually crossing paths in-ring, they've managed to keep up an unhealthy hatred for each other. The latest shot, courtesy of Wilder, made out that he had a backpack and a passport in his possession that he was looking to sell, jokingly advertising it at a price of $4000 or better offer via his Twitter account. Scott Dawson then replied with a mocked up picture of a passport hanging out of a bag before Jackson himself added that 'this better be one of those harmless ribs'.

The backpack is of course not in The Revival's possession—as far as we know—and Jackson admitted to Pro Wrestling Sheet that the backpack was stolen after he left it in a restaurant in Japan. Although he and his brother Matt Jackson rushed back once they realized they didn't have it, the bag was already gone. As mentioned above Nick Jackson's passports were in the bag, but luckily the American embassy granted him a temporary one so he could travel back to the USA.

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The online rivalry between the Young Bucks and The Revival began in 2016 after an online debate broke out over who was the better tag team and who would win tag team of the year. Both teams staged some incredible matches over the course of the year which only added to the back and forth. In the wake of this feud Nick and Matt Jackson, as well as fellow Bullet Club member and Ring of Honor Champion Cody Rhodes, actually have their own, not so affectionate slogan for their WWE rivals—"f**k The Revival."


This latest wrinkle in the entertaining goings between two of the world's best tag teams is hopefully far from the last. You would have to imagine that at some point, whether it be in WWE or not, the four men will meet in a ring, and when they do, we the fans will be in for one hell of a match. Plus maybe Jackson will be able to get his passport back from Wilder, provided he hasn't sold it to the highest bidder.

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