The Rock, Rousey, Ted DiBiase And More Remember Roddy Piper

Since the sad news of Roddy Piper's death the comments have been pouring in from all over. Wrestlers past and present as well as some people you might not have expected have been Tweeting and Instgraming their thoughts on one of the all-time WWE greats. Here are a few of them:

Ronda Rousey: Thank you for the name.... And so much more.... Will do it justice and do you proud tomorrow.... This one's for you Roddy....

The Rock: RIP legend. I first met this wrestling icon when I was 12yrs old when he was wrestling my pops the WWE. For weeks and weeks after that meeting I would have my mom set up a video camera in the kitchen as I would "become" Hot Rod and mimmic and emulate his every word, style, swag, heat, cool cockiness and all delivered with his classic smile (and my awful 12yr old afro).He was a huge influence on me as a kid and an even bigger one when I became The Rock in the WWE. Thank you Roddy for all the talks, all the stories (especially the crazy ones about my grandfather and grandmother😂) all the advice and most importantly.. all the memories of you entertaining us fans. You're missed my friend. Heaven just got a lil' rowdier... Rest in love ~ DJ

Cyndi Lauper: I am so sad to tweet that my friend Roddy Piper passed away last night. He was really such a sweet man. My heart is with his family.

Trish Stratus: One of the best, a Canadian entertainer, will be missed. Your promos will forever be a patch on the quilt of my wrestling foundation.

Ted DiDiase: I'm absolutely devastated. My heart goes out to Roddy's family. RIP my friend. One of the best in every way!

CM Punk: When things were simple, he lit my way and gave me purpose. Meeting him was a thrill. His friendship was cherished.His death, heartbreaking.


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The Rock, Rousey, Ted DiBiase And More Remember Roddy Piper