The Rock Suits Up As A Miami Dolphin

The Rock, Instagram

It seems The Rock once again has graced a Miami football field, as he did over 20 years ago for the Hurricanes. A photo of The Great One leaked, and has since been deleted of him donning the Miami Dolphins uniform and looking like he could still play.

The photo was taken behind the scenes for The Rock's upcoming HBO show, Ballers, which debuts later this year. The show revolves around the lives of current and former pro athletes. The Rock is set to be an executive producer for the series.

Dwayne Johnson, according to brobible.com, had captioned the photo, "I meant to hurt you that day. Nothin’ dirty… just to punish. It’s how I played the game – relentless and punishing.’ ~ #92 Spencer Strasmore #Flashbacks #OfAFutureHallOfFamer,”

The Rock still looks like he could go out and hurt some people on the field and he's probably bigger and stronger now than he's ever been. He looks pretty good in that uniform. If the Dolphins fail to sign Ndamukong Suh in free agency as they are hoping, maybe they could take a run at the Brahma Bull. Doesn't the NFL have a veteran combine coming up?

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