The Rock To Play In The Next Star Trek Movie

via imgur.com

This is obviously a joke, but we couldn't waste such an absolutely hilarious image. Now that you're past the anger of The Rock not actually being in Star Trek, look at this image and appreciate how great the internet truly is. In 1999, if you wanted to picture The Rock as Spock, you had three options:

A) Become a good illustrator, find images of the two and sketch The Rock with Spock hair and eyebrows.

B) Hire a good illustrator, find images of the two and have the illustrator sketch The Rock with Spock hair and eyebrows.

C) Use your imagination like a child.

This is truly the Golden Age.

If you're still angry with us and need to see The Rock in a fantasy world, he'll soon be appearing in a DC Movie, according to our good friends at Screen Rant.

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