The Undertaker Drops a BOMBSHELL on Vince McMahon

via news.yahoo.com

It was reported that The Undertaker was telling people at WrestleMania 32 that he had wrestled his last match. This was pretty much dismissed as 'Taker has apparently said it several times after his 'Mania matches, but this may be different.

According to DailyWrestlingNews.com, 'Taker has reportedly told Vince that he never wants to wrestle again and is 100% done.

Vince McMahon has been confident that he could get 'Taker for one more WrestleMania to do a match with John Cena, which was the original plan for this year. Vince still feels he can get 'Taker for another match if he gives him time, lets him recover from 'Mania. Vince thinks 'Taker feels more strongly about retiring than years past, but he's still going to try at some point.

Undertaker has said before that he never wanted a big sendoff, but could a match against Shane McMahon really go down as his last match? That just doesn't sound right. Let's hope 'Taker can have the sendoff we all want.

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