The Undertaker's Teammates And Faction Members: Where Are They Now?

The Deadman. The Phenom. The American Bad-Ass (sorry, we won’t bring that up again). He’s the man with the 20 minute entrance. The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step into the ring. A pure force, The Undertake has won every title imaginable in his time with the WWE and feuded with just about every wrestler on the roster. He’s been a heel, a face – and he’s also been a part of some strange and wonderful tag teams and factions.

Normally not one to play nice with others, there have been some moments in WWE history where Undertaker has been part of a team, big or small. From teaming with his brother Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even The Rock – to his unholy Corporate Ministry faction – The Undertaker may have just finished his career at WrestleMania 33, but where are The Deadman’s former friends and alliances? The Undertaker’s Teammates and Faction Members; Where Are They Now?

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14 Kane

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While he’s been unmasked and gone through a number of personality and costume changes over the years, The Undertaker’s half-brother is still currently on the WWE roster. When Kane was first introduced to WWE fans back in 1997, it was told that during a house fire in their childhood, ignited by The Undertaker himself, Kane had perished in the blaze. But his father, Paul Bearer, revealed the Big Red Machine had survived and come to wreak havoc upon his brother who horribly scarred him. The two brothers had a heated-feud, resulting in both brothers being set on fire more than once. Eventually however, they would team up to become The Brothers of Destruction. They won the Tag Team Championship, but the union wouldn’t last forever. Each brother would have a long, successful career in the WWE. Kane would win the WWE Title multiple times, along with the Hardcore Championship, Intercontinental Title and more. He’s also starred in a few movies, and most recently, will run for the Governor of Knox County.

14. Pete Gas

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Pete Gasparino and Rodney Leinhardt, long-time friends of Shane McMahon, were brought into the WWE in 1999 with minimal experience. After spending some time in the independent circuit, they were thrust into the WWE, teaming up with wrestler Joey Abs to create the Mean Street Posse. Named as such because Shane and his two friends grew up on the ‘mean streets’ of Greenwich, Pete Gas and Rodney gained some immediate popularity helping Shane out in various storylines, feuding with Test and even the Undertaker. While the Mean Street Posse enjoyed their time in the WWF, it wouldn’t last. Pete Gas now has an everyday, normal person job at W.B Mason, an office supply company. Turns out, his partner Rodney has left his wrestling life behind as well.

13 Edge

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Canadian Superstar Adam Copeland, better known as Edge, wasn’t always The Rated R Superstar. He started in The Brood, along with Christian and Gangrel, who were recruited into The Undertaker-led Ministry of Darkness. He wore creepy contacts that made him look sinister and didn’t speak all that much. A far cry, I know. Eventually Edge and Christian would turn on The Corporate Ministry, leading them down a path towards superstardom. The two were dynamite on the mic and in the ring, and Edge himself would go on to a legendary singles career. The former WWE Champ retired in 2011 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. Edge has also made quite the name for himself in Hollywood, appearing in multiple movies and television shows to date, including The Flash and Vikings. He also still is active with the WWE and wrestling, hosting The Edge and Christian Show podcast on the WWE Network.

12 Christian

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William Reso, better known as Christian, was another piece of The Ministry of Darkness that allied themselves with The Undertaker. After ditching their dark, brooding personas, Christian along with long-time partner Edge would tear through the WWE, winning a number of Tag Team Titles. Of course in wrestling nothing lasts forever, and Christian would go on to have an incredibly successful career without Edge by his side. He would have multiple Intercontinental Championship reigns, he would hold the European Championship, Hardcore Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship twice. Christian had to retire due to concussion issues, but co-hosts the Edge and Christian Show podcast and has appeared in some movies and television as well. We’ll always remember Christian and his partner Edge’s high-flying antics in the legendary Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches. Good times.

11 Bradshaw

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Bradshaw and Faarooq were a long running tag team who made up the APA, or Acolytes Protection Agency. Before that, they were just The Acolytes and were a part of the Ministry of Darkness alongside The Undertaker. The team of Bradshaw and Faarooq won the Tag Team Titles twice and feuded with some big-name Superstars, including X-Pac and Kane and The Hardy Boyz. Upon the release of the two separate shows and WWE brands, Bradshaw was drafted to RAW while Faarooq was drafted to SmackDown. After his wrestling career was over, Bradshaw (now know as JBL) would settle into a comfortable job at the announce desk.

10 Faarooq

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With RAW, Bradshaw won the Hardcore Championship a staggering 18 times, while Farooq failed to gain much traction on SmackDown. Later, after reuniting and coming up with some brilliant behind the scenes promo, Faarooq apparently struck gold with his ‘DAMN!’ trademark catch phrase. While the two Faarooq is now retired as well, he has made the occasional appearance in WWE. Faarooq will go down in wrestling history as the first-ever African-American World Heavyweight Champion. Going by his real name of Ron Simmons, this feat was achieved back in the early days of World Championship Wrestling.

9 Rodney


Along with childhood friend Pete Gas, Rodney entered the WWE thanks to Shane McMahon with little experience and was immediately wrestling big-name talent like The Undertaker. With Joey Abs, Pete Gas and Rodney became The Mean Street Posse, wearing sweater vests and khakis. The Mean Street Posse would participate in some big-time tag team matches, against the likes of The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian. Rodney would briefly win the Hardcore Championship…for about 14 seconds. After his time in the WWE with such superstars as The Undertaker, Rodney has backed away from the spotlight and is married with two daughters. He now lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey with his family and runs a landscaping company. Now that his friend Shane is back in front of the camera, maybe that means a reunion for the Mean Street Posse? One can only hope.

8 Stone Cold Steve Austin

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They didn’t have a long reign, but two of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s actually teamed up and won the Tag Team Championshipat Fully Loaded: In Your House in 1998. The team-up didn’t last very long, but it was a thrill for wrestling fans to see these favourites team up and win the titles. Austin was the current WWE Champion at the time as well. It needs no explaining that these two went on to have incredible careers. Undertaker continued to wrestle, while Austin, with some injuries, left the company to pursue other quests. Austin is an outdoorsman, who likes hunting and fishing and owns the Broken Skull Ranch in Texas. He’s also tallied up quite the film and television career, starring in The Expendables and Grown Ups 2. And staying true to the company who made him famous, Austin still makes appearances at the WWE’s big events – like WrestleMania 33, where he appeared alongside Hulk Hogan and The Rock. While they feuded more than they teamed, it certainly was a fanboy’s dream to see the Undertaker and Stone Cold raise those belts.

7 Big Show

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Back in 1999, two of the biggest dudes the wrestling world has ever seen teamed up for one hell of a tag team; The Unholy Alliance between The Undertaker and Big Show. They defeated The Rock and Sock connection on SmackDown to win the Tag Team Championship. Like everything else, the alliance didn’t last very long, but they teamed up sporadically throughout the years, reuniting The Unholy Alliance. To this day, The Big Show is still with the WWE enjoying continued success with the company. From winning the Unified Championship, winning the Tag titles again with Chris Jericho, the Intercontinental Championship and more, nobody can stop Big Show. In recent, he’s feuded with John Cena, The Miz and The Wyatt Family. With The Undertaker recently retiring, any hopes of an Unholy Alliance reunion may be dead. But hey, crazier things have happened.

6 The Rock

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The Undertaker has feuded with The Rock and allied himself with the Rock. The two have gone back and forth as they turned face or heel, and even feuded as Tag Teams in 1998, with The Rock pairing with Mankind and The Undertaker pairing with Big Show. But in 2000, during the rise of Edge and Christian’s popularity as a tag team, The Undertaker and The Rock paired to win the Tag Team Championship. Their reign was short lived, as was their alliance, but the pair made for a thrilling team. When it comes to where The Rock is now, let’s get real; we all know what The Rock is up to these days. He’s one of the biggest movie stars on the planet. He was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He’s a monster on social media. Good for you, Rocky.

5 Gangrel

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Remember that Vampire dude that spat blood in people’s faces? He rose from the stage in a circle of flame? At the time, Gangrel and The Brood were really, really cool. They were dark, mysterious and…brooding? The Brood joined up with The Undertaker, the Acolytes and Viscera to form The Ministry of Darkness, bringing together all the weird, hellish wrestlers in the WWE at the time. While Gangrel took a backseat to The Undertaker, he enjoyed some success and had a few title shots, but after the disbanding of ‘The New Brood’ (with Matt and Jeff Hardy), Gangrel was used as a Jobber until his release in 2001. He spent some with TNA wrestling and re-joined the WWE for a short period, but now, David Heath spends his time directing porn. The more you know.

4 Triple H

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It may seem hard to believe but at one point, The Undertaker and Triple H were aligned. As members of The Corporate Ministry, The Undertaker and Triple H both walked alongside Vince McMahon and aided his quest to rid the WWE of Stone Cold Steve Austin (smart move during the Monday Night War, right? Austin could have jumped ship to WCW!) While this alliance didn't last very long it marks a time when The Undertaker and Triple H were truly together on the same team. Nowadays, Triple H is busy helping run the day-to-day operations in WWE while creating his own brand of entertainment down in NXT.

3 Mideon 

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Dennis Knight had a number of different monikers in the WWE, but his most successful was Mideon. After ditching The Godwinns shtick, Knight returned to the WWE wrestling under his real name. That is, until The Undertaker and the Ministry of Darkness kidnapped Knight and turned him into the diabolical Mideon. He feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but other than teaming with Viscera as The Undertaker’s lackey, Mideon failed to break and real ground. In 2000 he had a really weird storyline where he called himself ‘Naked Mideon’. You could probably guess what that consisted of. You are correct; a bunch of really uncomfortable male nudity. But hey, this is the WWE we’re talking about. He left the WWE in 2001, returned briefly in 2006, but now currently works as a chef in Tampa, Florida.

2 Shane McMahon

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In a weird twist of the storyline, somehow Shane McMahon aligned with the Corporate Ministry became the heel, and his always hateable father Vince became the face, with Stone Cold Steve Austin at his back. Shane-O Mac would go on to participate in many memorable storylines over the years, usually taking face to his father’s heel, as Shane is by far the more likeable McMahon. He’s recently returned to the company after a long hiatus, feuding with his father of course, as well as participating in an incredible Hell in a Cell match against none-other than The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. During a feud with AJ Styles, he faced Styles at the most recent WrestleMania 33, performing his signature Coast to Coast move, but losing the match as a result. We’re going to see a lot more Shane McMahon in the coming years.

1 Vince McMahon

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The whole Corporate Ministry storyline was convoluted and weird. Vince as a face? Something had to be going on. Of course, there was something going on – with The Undertaker claiming that the Corporate Ministry followed a ‘Higher Power’, the wrestling world cringed when that higher power turned out to be none-other than Vince McMahon himself. Undertaker himself has claimed it was a low-point in his ‘Deadman’ faze. More recently, after a feud with his son Shane in 2015-16, Vine has backed off appearances on Raw and Smackdown, paving the way for Shane and Stephanie to take over for good. Vince has had his fair share of trials and tribulations, from a steroid scandal to harassment allegations, but when it comes to his WWE persona, there’s nobody who plays a heel better. With his trademark swagger down to the ring, there’s nothing better than seeing a superstar give Vince what he deserves.

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