The Weakest Link: Top 16 Worst Members In Iconic Stables

What do the Four Horsemen, nWo, The Kliq, The Heenan Family, The Nation of Domination, The Dangerous Alliance and Bullet Club all have in common? They are all legendary factions in the world of wrestling. In a lot of areas they actually transcend the sport. Variations of the Four Horsemen have made their way to the UFC with Ronda Rousey and the rest of the Four Horsewomen. The nWo was everywhere in the late 90s with people throwing up the "Turkish Wolf" or as it is known now by Bullet Club in NJPW and the Club in WWE, the "Too Sweet".

Another thing these factions have in common is they have all been home to a lot of members. The Horsemen have been around for decades and there have been many different incarnations. The nWo let anybody with a pulse into the group. Even groups that weren't around a long time cycled through members. Groups like D-generation X had a few different lineups in their time. So did the Brood and The Corporation. When you go through that many roster changes you are going to end up with a few square pegs. A few members just don't fit the mold of the rest of the group--they just feel like they don't belong.

Let's take a look at 16 of the worst members from iconic stables.

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31 The Brood - Gangrel

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Take one of the coolest themes songs, mix it with a visually stunning entrance and throw in one of the greatest tag teams of all time in Edge and Christian and you get a faction that would still make this writer jump to his feet. In fact the only thing saving Gangrel from being higher on this list is because he was the leader of one of the coolest factions ever. Throughout the entirety of his career, in the WWE, he struggled with his weight and it showed in the ring with him getting winded very easily. His in ring skills were not horrible and he made a good mid-carder but without Edge and Christian by his side it was very hard to get a vampire gimmick to connect with a crowd that wanted realism. He is now an adult film director set to release his first movie later this year.


29 The Beautiful People - Lacey Von Erich

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If you have been paying attention to this writer than you know "The Beautiful People" are considered the best female faction in the history of wrestling. Think about what makes a faction great for a second. Intriguing story lines, adaptability, believable champions, lengthy rivalries, domination. Then top it off with all of them being incredibly hot. When you roll it all in to one The Beautiful People stand with some of the all time greatest factions in the history of wrestling.  However there was always one square peg that never felt like she belonged. Lacey Von Erich comes from a legendary wrestling family and her father, "Texas Tornado" Kerry Von Erich, was a champion many times over. She is also stunningly beautiful, she just lacked the in ring skill to compete at the same level as Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. She lasted just over a year with TNA and just over four years in the wrestling business before realizing it was not for her and retiring. She could've been great but was just to green to live up to her potential.


27 Evolution - Ric Flair

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Okay now before you fill the comment section up with hate just take a deep breathe and let us explain. He could talk, he could wrestle, he could draw crowds and he had an uncanny amount of charisma. Ric Flair, at one time, could have a five star match with a broom. In fact in WCW around 1996, during an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund, he actually fought a broom. And not to say he didn't still have it, his (first) retirement match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24 is still one of the greatest matches of all time. But he was not an everyday wrestler anymore. When Evolution was formed it had him in a clear mentor slash manager role like J.J. Dillon was for the horsemen. They even said it in the initial promo calling Flair the past, HHH the present and Batista and Orton the future. If Flair stays out of the ring during Evolution's run, he never makes this list.


25 D-Generation X - Rick Rude

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It would be so easy to go with China here and just move on to the next slide. However, the reality is that China brought a lot to the table. If you ask any of the DX members she is credited the most with having the comedic mind behind the group. She brought a lot to DX and wrestling as a whole. Rick Rude, on the other hand, is another of those square pegs. Shawn and Triple H made sense together when you realized they were great friends behind the scenes. China was Triple H's bodyguard. "Ravishing" Rick Rude just never really belonged. He wasn't the type of guy that fit the role as a bodyguard and always seemed out of place while taking a back seat to Shawn and HHH. His presence in the group always seemed forced and was never really explained. He never had a tie to Shawn before this and it really didn't make sense that a legendary wrestler would be the security for new generation star.


23 Bullet Club - Cody Hall

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In all reality this may be a little unfair considering he is still so new in the business. He actually has the potential, charisma, size, and name recognition to be a top star. But that could be years down the line and right now in 2016 he makes the list of  worst members. Bullet Club has become somewhat like the New World Order was in 1998. They use the Turkish Wolf hand sign. They use Kevin Nash's "Too Sweet" every chance they get. It's a great gesture, showing respect to the guys they considered hero's growing up. The thing that makes them most like the nWo is letting anyone who has a pulse in to the group. Cody Hall is there because his father was an nWo founder, not because he has earned it. Cody is way to green (see Lacey Von Erich) to really hold his own with some of the greatest wrestlers in the business today. People like the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are light years ahead of Cody, We only hopes they don't push him to fast ruin him before he has a chance to grow into his potential.


21 The Heenan Family - Brooklyn Brawler

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For those of you who are unaware The Heenan Family is as legendary of a faction as the Four Horsemen. They have their roots in the AWA and branched through the NWA before finally landing in the WWE. Some of the biggest names in wrestling history have been a part of this family through out it's history. Bockwinkle, The Blackjacks, Patera, Stan Hansen, Ernie Ladd and all that was before he got to the WWE. In the WWE he had Flair, Anderson, Blanchard, Andre the Giant, Bundy, Rude, and Mr Perfect. When you run down an all star list like that, one name jumps out that just doesn't belong. The Brooklyn Brawler? Steve Lombardi was the ultimate enhancement talent much like Dolph Ziggler is today. After years as a jobber to the stars, Steve Lombardi was repackaged in a very underwhelming feud with the Red Rooster before ultimately returning to his jobber role.


19 Nation Of Domination - Mark Henry

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A popular pick for this spot is PG-13 which was a tag team consisting of J.C. Icee and Wolfie D. In reality this group was their brainchild. Vince brought them in to take advantage of the groups name and concept. They originally started the Nation of Domination in the United States Wrestling Assosiation. While it didn't work there Vince was able to make it a legendary faction in the WWE. As far as the worst member of this faction all time well, this is another pick that is about more of the time frame in the group and less about the man's overall career. Mark Henry was brought into WWE based on his status as an Olympic hero. The problem is if all you are is a big slow guy you need to have a personality. Mark lacked personality so struggled mighty as a baby face. He lacked wrestling skill so struggled badly as a heel. Thankfully he found himself and we got the Hall of Pain towards the middle of his career when he finally found himself as a performer.


17 The Hart Foundation - Jim Neidhart/Brian Pillman

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1997 was one of the greatest years in wrestling history. At the forefront of that was Stone Cold Steve Austin pulling off a double turn with Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. The significance of the heel turn by Bret would play out in the next few months. He would form the Hart Foundation and wage a war that made him the most hated villain in the United States and the biggest hero in the rest of the world. Jim Neidhart was always power to Bret's finesse in the 80s and he played the power guy role well. The only problem is he wasn't much of a talker and the power role was being filled nicely by the British Bulldog. Brian Pillman is on this slide simply because he was the odd duck. He was an amazing in ring performer and great on the microphone but he had no ties to the Harts other than a feud with Stone Cold. It just never made sense that he was a part of the team.


15 Main Event Mafia - Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

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On paper adding the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion made sense. However he was added on name value alone. Not only was he not a wrestler and only competed in one tag team match. He was also not a part of the elite group of former World Heavyweight Champions. The premise of the Main Event Mafia was to take wrestling's elite and place them in to one stable to fight back the younger wrestlers that "disrespected them".  This eclectic group of former World Heavyweight Champions were top money draws who had been with the company for quite a while. Sure Rampage was a top money draw for the UFC when he was at his peak but never quite fit in with the quality of wrestlers in this faction. There could be an argument made that Magnus also didn't deserve his spot because he hadn't been a world champ yet. However, you can't blame Magnus for bad management. He gets a pass from us simply because he should have been a world champ years before he was in this faction.


13 Aces and Eights - Everybody

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Thankfully for TNA the world looks back through history with rose colored glasses. This was a disjointed mess from the beginning and never got better. TNA's attempt to replicate the nWo just never got steam and could go down as the worst angle in wrestling history. For weeks masked men attacked people before finally Devon was unmasked as the big reveal. Seemingly every week after, there was a new leader and Mr. Anderson joined. Why did Mr. Anderson join? Well... because... that's why. Open ended story lines, horrible execution on heel turns and explanations that made no sense and to top things off Bully Ray was announced as the man behind it all. After almost a year of Bully Ray (who was a face) suffering beat down after beat down from the faction. He was just announced as their leader and we were expected to buy in. The only good thing to come out of this faction is we saw just how good Bully Ray could be as a heel.


11 The Dangerous Alliance - 911

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This is another group that found it's roots in the AWA. Paul E. Dangerously formed the original Dangerous Alliance with Adrian Adonis and the Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condry and Randy Rose). He would then go on to have another formation in the WCW with some of the greatest wrestlers of any generation in Arn Anderson, Larry Zybysko, Rick Rude and Steve Austin. The third incarnation had a ton of talent as well when Paul Heyman re-formed the group in ECW with the Gilbert brothers, Tazz and Sabu. However, this group also had a guy that probably never should have been in a wrestling ring to begin with, 911. He lacked the in ring skills needed to be a wrestler in any promotion and was better suited in his role as Sabu's handler. Once he made his way to the ring he relied to much on a chokeslam to get over and was defeated by Spike Dudley in under a minute.


9 The Nexus - Michael McGillicutty

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Joe Hennig is one hell of a wrestler. He has very good in ring skills but due to his lack of outward personality he has never connected with the fans. Although his whole axel-mania gimmick was catching on before booking completely ruined it by making him look and act like HulK Hogan. That being said, he makes this list on name alone. If they were going to make him a bland heel what was wrong with using his real name. Joe Hennig strikes more fear into the hearts of people because it has lineage.  even the play on his dad's and grandfathers name, Curtis Axel, associates better with the unbelievable talent that goes up his family tree. Michael McGillicuty sounds like he should be on a pub crawl through the streets of Dublin not wrestling for championships. We can only hope that the responsible person for this name was never allowed to come up with names again.


7 Ministry of Darkness - Viscera

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Viscera, or Mabel, or Big Daddy V or whatever you want to call him. definitely fit the mold of what Vince looks for in a villain, he was big. But he was also incredibly slow, not a good wrestler, and according to some wrestlers, dangerous in the ring. His first run with the WWE ended after injuring the Undertaker's eye causing him to where a Phantom of the Opera style mask. The Ministry of Darkness, however, thought he was perfect enforcer for them and he would change is look to include a black trench coat, bleached Mohawk and white out contact lenses.  The Idea that an enforcer was needed in a group that included the Undertaker and the APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) is ridiculous at best. The one person that is thankful for Visera however is Gangrel since he would have appeared on this list twice if Viscera had never returned to the WWE.


5 The Corporation - Big Boss Man

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Ray Traylor was the perfect 80s wrestler. He was a big guy with an over the top gimmick and it fit well in the cartoon era. Unfortunately as time went on Big Boss Man slowed down and his in ring skill (which was never hall of fame worthy to begin with) started to deteriorate. He came in as a bodyguard of sorts but found him self in some of the worst angles of all time. He was hung from the Hell in the Cell structure in a sacrifice sort of way but appeared on Raw the next night like nothing happened. He dog napped Al Snow's dog Pepper and fed it to Al. Then the icing on the cake was when he interrupted Big Show's fathers funeral and drug the casket away with his car. The Attitude Era was all about creating controversy but some things just went way to far.


3 The Four Horsemen - Paul Roma / Steve McMichael

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The most famous wrestling stable in history, the Four Horsemen was home to some of the legends of the sport and best technical wrestlers of all time. I could fill this slide just listing the greats but this is about the worst and two names stick out like sore thumbs when going through the history of the roster. Pretty Paul Roma was a panic move by WCW management when Tully Blanchard failed to pass a drug test and get back into WCW. Paul was a decent wrestler but not know as more than a tag team wrestler and just never fit the mold. Steve Mongo McMichael was another member added out of convenience. Brian Pillman had recently left the WCW and the legendary group needed a forth. McMichael was doing commentary while in a feud with the horsemen. WCW management thought it would be a good story to have Steve turn on his partner, Kevin Green, and join the horsemen. He, sadly, also never lived up to his predecessors.


1 nWo - Vincent

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There were so many bad members of the nWo but one really jumps out at us. After the nWo got hot in 1996, WCW management felt it would be a good way to get guys over in the company and everyone with a pulse was eventually added. Not only from inside the company but any former cast off from the WWE they could find would be added as well. Enter Vincent who has always been able to find him self in the right place at the right time. In WWE he was known as Virgil and was the bodyguard to Ted DiBiase. His primary function was to stand behind DiBiase during promo's and count money. So naturally he would make a great addition to the nWo where is primary function was to stand behind everyone during promo's and look tough. Hard to believe that anyone could have been a worse addition to the nWo then Buff Bagwell was but that honor easily goes to Vincent.

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