The Worst Female Wrestler Every Year Since 1990

The WWE's Women's division has given life back to women's wrestling. For the first time in a very long time, the Women's division on both RAW and SmackDown is taken seriously. Gone are the Bra & Panties matches, the females only being used as valets, and the Bikini dance-offs. Now we have had several incredible matches between WWE's "Four Horsewomen," meaningful storylines, and a (technically two) Women's Championship that actually looks like a championship, rather than something you'd buy for an eight-year-old girl on her birthday. Women's wrestling is no-longer the bathroom break portions of WWE (that belongs to the purple ropes of the cruiserweights), but has even been the main event of both shows and a pay-per-view. The women of today are being compared to Lita, Trish Stratus, and some of the best women's wrestlers of the past, and they've only been in the WWE system for a couple of years.

But for every Charlotte Flair and Bayley, there's an Eva Marie. And in the old days of wrestling, specifically WWE, the women in the ring would have made Eva Marie look like Stone Cold. And that's why I'm here. To tell you all about the horrors that were the WWE "Divas." So I've taken the last few days and compiled a list of the worst women to grace the wrestling world. Whether through fault of their own, or because they were misused by the promotions they were working for, these are the 15 Worst Women Wrestlers From 1990-2017. 

15 The Whole Women's Division (1990-93)

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In 1990, the WWE did away with its original Women's Championship, with its final holder being Rockin' Robin (who wasn't very good in the ring). The title was only gone for three years, returning late in 1993, with Alundra Blayze (formerly Madusa) becoming the first holder of the second championship. The lack of a championship is a prime example of the WWF not seeing women's wrestling being important. There was no women's roster to speak of in that time, and any woman that was in the company, was only there to serve as a manager to get a male talent over, or as a secondary prize in a storyline. The women themselves were of no importance, and no value to the in-ring product.

14 Bull Nakano (1994)

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Originally a competitor over in Japan, Bull Nakano made her way to the WWE in 1994, and wreaked havoc over the women in the company. The problem is, she wasn't a very good wrestler. Sure she was bigger, and could absolutely crush her opponents in the ring. But when it came to having good wrestling ability, much like Nia Jax in today's WWE, she was far from the top of the line. But because she made her opponents look small, and could definitively squash everyone in her path, she was given the Women's Championship in November of 1994, defeating the aforementioned Blayze in a special show in Japan. She would go on to hold the title for five months, before losing the belt back to Alundra. Soon after, Nakano was very quickly disposed of, after she was found in possession of several illegal substances.

13 Alundra Blayze (1995)

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December 18, 1995, is the only reason Alundra Blayze earns this spot. In a time when Women's wrestling was given little time, and even less attention, Blayze was one of the few women who felt like a big deal. She had a good character, and was steps above her fellow female counterparts. However, her appearance on WCW Monday Nitro on that fateful December night, was one of the most despicable acts in wrestling. Showing up unannounced (publicly, it was obviously well known backstage that she would be there), Blayze, who was still WWE Women's Champion, went over to the announce table, took her championship, grabbed a trash can, and dumped the championship belt right into the trash can.....of another company no less. It was a blatant act of disrespect, not only to the belt, or the WWE, but to the entire business. Think of all the people, especially the women (since that's the main point of this list), who have worked so hard, and put in so much time, money, and taken so many risks to even get a spot on a wrestling card. And then there's a woman throwing the top prize in women's wrestling, right in the trash. Call it petty, or whatever you want to call it, she's on the list.

12 Bull Nakano (1996)

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She's back again! Had it not been for Madusa (Alundra Blayze's WCW moniker), Nakano would have held this spot for three straight years (although Bertha Faye would have been a close second in '95). Nonetheless, everything from her previous entry still rang true in 1996, although she had improved slightly. A run in WCW, in which her most notable story was losing to Madusa and had her motorcycle destroyed, does nothing to help her get off this list. While her history is enough for people to look back at her and think poorly of her, if they were to watch her matches, they'd soon realize she was not very impressive.

11 Marlena (1997)

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Okay, look, this one is just weird. Technically, she wasn't a wrestler in 1997, but she was the centerpiece of one of the most bizarre storylines of that year. Before the WWE morphed its identity into the edgy and unique Attitude Era, most of its feuds and stories were family-friendly. However, the 1997 rivalry between Brian Pillman and Goldust, which centered around Marlena, was not something children should be watching. The main point of the rivalry was that Brian Pillman was trying to "win" Marlena from Goldust. Eventually, he did win Marlena, and would eventually send Goldust a....he sent him a.....picture of Marlena handcuffed to his bed. That's not cool.

This isn't really Marlena's fault, but having her be the centerpiece of such a strange and unusual storyline, means she's worthy of the spot.

10 Sable (1998)

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DO NOT confuse this as me saying that Sable was a terrible addition to the WWE. She (along with Sunny) may be one of the most important women of the Diva era. She definitely was a valuable asset (as were her assets) for the company, and helped shift the Monday Night Wars back in WWE's favor. However, this does not excuse her in-ring work. Sure, she had a pretty nice powerbomb (sorry, Sable Bomb), but outside of that, can you remember anything else about her matches? Well, anything good, anyway? Probably not, because when it came to technical ability, she was nowhere near the best. Again, she was very good for what she was, a valet. Put her in the ring, and she lost all meaning to the company. Sorry Brock, but you know it's true.

9 The Fabulous Moolah (1999)

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Once upon a time, The Fabulous Moolah was actually pretty good. Unfortunately for 1999 Moolah, that time was in the 1960s. Despite that, the former 27 year long champion (disputed) was pushed back to the top of the mountain in 1999, winning the Women's Championship from Ivory. At the time, Moolah was not very fabulous (in the wrestling sense), as she was SEVENTY-SIX YEARS OLD! Officially the oldest champion in WWE history, Moolah was given the championship at a time when most people are being admitted to nursing homes, or worse. It's an impressive feat, but she was not good in the ring during her 1999 run.

8 Hervina (2000)

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"She" was a man who won the Women's Championship. Need I say more? For so many reasons, Hervina (who regularly was known in WWE as Harvey Whippleman) is the worst woman wrestler of 2000. For one, as mentioned, she was a man. Second, the Championship that "she" won, "she" lost in eight days. And even as Harvey Whippleman, he was not very notable, as he mostly was only on-screen as a referee. Not to mention, again, SHE WAS A MAN. If you're a man, you are automatically the worst female wrestler. Especially when you are a referee most of the time. And unfortunately, s(he) isn't the only man posing as a woman that made this list. Man, wrestling is stupid...and I love it.

7 Torrie Wilson (2001-04)

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She was hot, and she definitely was a fan-favorite because of it, but between the ropes, Wilson was nothing to watch. Much like Sunny and Sable, Wilson was only valuable to the WWE for her looks. She would never even capture the Women's Championship, as that championship was actually gaining some legitimacy with Chyna, Trish Stratus, and Lita all holding the belt during this time frame, and as a result, Torrie actually felt out of place. She most notably feuded with Dawn Marie in an uncomfortable storyline centered around Marie seducing Wilson's father, and even marrying him. What made this even more wrong, was the fact that Dawn actually killed him (in kayfabe) by having rough sexual relations with him, resulting in a heart attack for Mr. Wilson.

6 Joy Giovanni (2005)

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Here's how bad Joy Giovanni was: I only know she existed because she was in the SmackDown vs. Raw: 2006 video game. That's it. Most of the bad gimmicks and wrestlers in WWE are memorable for how bad they were, but Giovanni was simply forgettable in WWE. Apparently, she was the 3rd place finisher in the 2004 Diva Search, and was given a contract anyway. She mostly featured as Big Show's girlfriend (on-screen), before eventually becoming more of an in-ring talent. Well, talent may be a stretch. She wasn't very good in the ring, and most of her contests were either bikini or lingerie contests. With today's women being more serious and real, someone like Giovanni would never have been given a chance. However, we'd like to give her a home...on this list.

5 Ashley (2006-08)

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She was bad. How she stayed with the company for four years (2005 was when they brought her on) baffles me. She had good looks, which was enough for her to win 2005's Diva Search, but she couldn't wrestle. Luckily she didn't win a championship, but the fact that they even let her have a rivalry for the championship is astounding, in all of the wrong ways. Especially considering she was given a Women's Championship match AT WRESTLEMANIA 23.  Her most memorable accomplishment while in WWE was posing for Playboy. That's not the mark of somebody who was a talented performer. That's somebody who was hired for one reason, and one reason only, looks.

4 Santina Marella (2009)

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The female alter-ego of Santino Marella is the second man dressing as a woman to appear on this list. Now, all cards on the table, I actually really liked the Santina stuff. Obviously it didn't do anything good for legitimizing Women's wrestling, but it was funny, and if there's one thing Santino was good at, it was comedy. However, he is still a man dressing as a woman, and that makes him a terrible Diva. This fact is driven home further by the fact that s(he) won the Ms. WrestleMania Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV, and continued the gimmick for another few MONTHS. Which, I mean, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all-in on it, but this isn't something that today's women are particularly proud of.

3 Kelly Kelly (2010-12)

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Oh how I loved Kelly Kelly! But even I know she could barely wrestle. Only saved by being in the company at the same time as Ashley and Santina, Kelly could easily have been on this list for a  six year span, rather than just three. She did have her character and looks that kept her from fading into the abyss, but she certainly wasn't graceful in the ring. She would go on to win the Diva's Championship, which personally I think she did deserve, but it definitely doesn't save her from being on this list. As in that time, most of the bad women's wrestlers only were featured a few times, whereas we regularly had to watch Kelly stumble around. I still love her, though.

2 Eva Marie (2013-16)

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We all saw this coming. Many jokes have been made about Eva Marie being bad in the ring, and being a throwback to the Diva's of old, and man is it true. Hell, even WWE joked about it when they made Eva's gimmick on SmackDown Live be how she couldn't wrestle. Every time her matches would almost start, she would have something happened that prohibited her from participating. But before that, WWE tried to pass her off as a legitimate competitor, even trying to put the NXT Women's Championship on her. Thankfully they never did, as that would have killed the belt's credibility. And in a time where Paige, Emma, Banks, Flair, Lynch, Bayley and Bliss were all coming through the ranks, Eva Marie did not belong in the building, nevermind in the ring.

1 Dana Brooke (2017)

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She certainly has the look of a wrestler, but she sure doesn't have anything else to go with it. She's clumsy in the ring, unable to pull off the easiest of spots (i.e. missing Bayley's foot in an attempted interference spot). On top of that, she's bland on the microphone, having little charisma, and has not done anything since leaving Charlotte's side. That's something bad in and of itself. She turned on Charlotte after months of mistreatment, but nobody cared. Why? For one, she was hardly featured on TV in the weeks prior, but mostly because nobody really cared to see her fight Charlotte. They saw it as a step down for Charlotte, in a time when she had just had a great, albeit way too long, rivalry with Sasha Banks, and was beginning a feud with Bayley. She just hasn't connected with the crowd, and doesn't have the wrestling ability to capture their attention, either.

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