5 Theories Why Seth Rollins And Jason Jordan Won The Tag Team Titles

Raw airing live on Christmas Day was always going to be one of two things. Either it would be a gimmicky three hours filled with Christmas themed matches that didn't really further anything in the grand scheme of things, or it was actually going to be made into a show that meant it was worthwhile pulling Superstars and employees away from their families on Christmas night. Thankfully it was more of the latter than the former. In fact the main event of the show even featured a title switch as Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan managed to overcome The Bar. The choice to have this odd couple win the championships seems like a bit of a strange one on the surface and perhaps a knee jerk reaction to Dean Ambrose's injury. Here are five theories on why Jordan and Rollins are now the Raw Tag Team Champions.

5. Continues Building An Angle Between The Two

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Before Jordan and Rollins were thrown together on Monday night by Kurt Angle, they were continually butting heads over who exactly deserved to take on Samoa Joe. It actually seemed as if the two were becoming more focused on each other than their common enemy. Now however, the two are obviously on the same page, or are they? That might be how it appeared on the surface as Raw went off the air this week but anyone who has been a fan of WWE for any length of time knows that odd couples like this one aren't usually long for this world. Jordan and Rollins' title win is likely just the beginning of a longer feud between the two.


4. Distracts Them From Joe

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As mentioned above both of the new Raw Tag Team Champions have been very focused on exacting their revenge on Samoa Joe. The trouble is Raw's resident Destroyer is currently a little preoccupied with Roman Reigns. Before the Tag Team Title match on Monday night, Joe and Reigns went toe-to-toe in a bout for The Big Dog's Intercontinental Championship. The way it ended more than suggests things are not over between the two of them. Reigns lost the plot a little and delivered a beating to his opponent that wound up getting him disqualified. At the very least Joe will likely be awarded another shot at Reigns' title.


3. Vince McMahon Wants Us To Like Jason Jordan

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Vince McMahon is a big proponent of fans liking who he tells us to like. This is nothing new. It has been an underlying problem in WWE ever since he took the reigns from his father. It appears that Mr. McMahon's latest pet project is Jason Jordan. One of the most common ways the boss goes about doing this is by having his chosen Superstars befriend and work alongside someone who can do no wrong in the eyes' of the fans. That man in this scenario is Seth Rollins. Clearly the hope is that Jordan will get some of the rub from The Architect while the pair of them are Raw Tag Team Champions. Maybe the plan will work, who knows?


2. Jason Jordan Achieves A First

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What has become evident with the push of Roman Reigns is that the powers that be at WWE want to attach as many records and 'firsts' to The Big Dog as they possibly can. They have forced him into the history books. Well Jason Jordan got a first of his very own last night and we were notified of it via WWE's Twitter account very soon after it was achieved. On Monday night Jordan became the first man in WWE history to win the Raw, SmackDown and NXT Tag Team Championships. There will be many more after him but he will forever be the first.

1. A Dean Ambrose Heel Turn

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Last week Dean Ambrose suffered a tricep injury that, according to WWE, is pretty serious. On Monday night it was reported that The Lunatic Fringe could miss up to nine months with the issue. That's all well and good and is the main reason as to why a substitute tag partner was needed for Seth Rollins in the mean time. The trouble is that it really looked as if The Architect was the one who initially caused the injury to his Shield brother last week, although Samoa Joe obviously made it a lot worse. Chances are that the nine months reported by WWE is  an over-exaggeration. Ambrose will likely be back long before then and could set his sights on the man who caused the injury, Seth Rollins. The heel turn will likely also include Ambrose costing his former partner and Jason Jordan the Tag Team Titles.


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