5 Theories On Why Neville Walked Out Of WWE

While rumors have been swirling for the past 24 hours concerning Neville and his unexplained absence from Monday night's Raw and Tuesday's 205 Live, many fans have wondered what prompted him to leave. The main event of the show featured a Cruiserweight Championship match between Enzo Amore and Kalisto with the entire 205 Live roster acting as lumberjacks and surrounding the ring. Only trouble is it wasn't the whole 205 Live roster as the cruiserweights' alleged king was nowhere to be seen. Not much was thought of it at first, that was until talk started to surface that Neville actually stormed out of the arena right before Raw went on the air. Apparently, the main event was actually supposed to be Enzo versus Neville, but because of the British Superstar going AWOL, WWE had to change their plans at the last second. If Neville did walk out on WWE then what exactly would trigger him to do that?

5. He Legitimately Doesn't Like Enzo

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It is no secret that not very many Superstars backstage aren't exactly the biggest fans of Enzo Amore right now. Apparently, the obnoxious character we see on Raw and 205 Live each week isn't just an act, and that's exactly the kind of person Amore is in his day to day life. It must be bad enough sharing a locker room with Smacktalker Skywalker, but imagine having to be involved in an ongoing angle with him. That was the fate of Neville recently. Not only that, but the King of the Cruiserweights had to lose his beloved championship to the annoying man besmirching his division. It'd be enough to drive anyone out the door.


4. He Was Scheduled To Lose Again

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If Neville actually does have a real life disdain for Enzo Amore, then the alleged plans for The King on Monday night would have done no favors to his mood. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Monday night's main event was supposed to feature Neville rather than Kalisto, and the British star was down to lose. If that was indeed the case, then it would seem it may have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Neville may have turned up to Raw on Monday, been told the plans and simply turned right back around and headed out the door. Who knows?


3. The Flip Flopping Of The Championship

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Neville originally won the Cruiserweight Championship all the way back in January. The King then went on a really long run with the title, becoming the longest reigning champion on the roster at the time as well as breaking various Cruiserweight Title records. Then Neville lost the belt to Akira Tozawa only to win it back shortly after and then lose it again to Enzo Amore. The cherry on the cake is now the title has changed hands yet again with Kalisto as 205 Live's new champion. After building up a strong reputation for the Cruiserweight Championship, WWE has effectively undone all of his hard work in the space of a little more than a month. It must be incredibly frustrating for Neville who has just had to stand back and watch.


2. The Physical And Emotional Toll

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In actuality, Neville walking out of Raw on Monday night might have nothing to do with how he is being booked or who he is in the ring with at all. Like so many others before him, The King of the Cruiserweights may simply be completely worn down by the demand of being a pro wrestler with WWE. It's a tough life, and Neville has been with the company for a while now, he may simply be running on empty and need a break. This may sound a little crazy, but have you seen him on occasions recently? Yes, his pale complexion and the look that makes him seem like he hasn't slept for days is intentional as it normally happens directly after he loses the title, but who knows, maybe that's Neville without makeup rather than with it.

1. He Doesn't Want To Be A Cruiserweight

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WWE is walking a very fine line right now. They're meticulously trying to add certain Superstars to the 205 Live roster in order to make it more popular. At the same time, however, they need to make sure not to make these bigger Superstars disillusioned with their place on the card. So far, they're not doing a very good job of walking that tightrope. Austin Aries left earlier this year, and while he never said exactly why, it's assumed that the reason is that there was no room for him to progress. That may very well be happening with Neville too. It wasn't so long ago that Neville found himself in a WWE Championship match and now he is destined to ascend no higher than the cruiserweight title.


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