[Theory] Why WWE Changed Mind And Moved Bray Wyatt To SmackDown

After it was reported Bray Wyatt would not be moving to Fox, things have changed as The Fiend was drafted to SmackDown. Why the sudden change of heart by WWE?

Back on Septemeber 24th, a popular and often-accurate rumors Twitter account, WrestleVotes wrote the following:

Something nobody can deny: a person who works for FOX has directly told me, face to face, they would like Bray Wyatt on SmackDown. However, it looks like he’s going to remain on RAW, with Paul Heyman being a gigantic fan of his. Not confirmed, but we’ll see.

Considering Wyatt was arguably the most popular Superstar in WWE, it made sense the company would want to keep him on Raw. But, as the Draft revealed on October 11th, Wyatt was indeed moved, he's leaving Monday nights and joining Fox on Fridays. Their network gets what they want but the fans are left wondering, 'What's next for The Fiend?'

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While it's not official the Seth Rollins will stay on Raw, it's expected he will. So, why the sudden direction in course for WWE?

The decision to move Wyatt might have been made a little easier when the Wyatt versus Rollins feud and match at Hell in a Cell didn't get the reaction from fans WWE was hoping for. And, while Wyatt and Rollins continued to battle the following week, with Wyatt now on Fridays and the Universal Champion likely staying on Mondays (and with his fiance Becky Lynch), this feud is seemingly over.

Could this be an indication WWE wanted to get these two away from each others but use the drafts and exclusivity of each Superstar on their respective brands as a way to bring the feud to a sudden stop without having to provide closure? It's the lack of closure WWE got blasted for from fans, but they can now hide behind the draft, not have to put these two in another match and not declare a winner.

Is WWE Really That Afraid?

There have been reports WWE doesn't care that fans chanted "AEW" to close Hell in a Cell. There have been reports Vince McMahon is laughing at the reaction because it's discussion about WWE and controversy creates cash. But, at the end of the day, it seems logical to assume they didn't know how to write themselves out of this feud without hurting one of the characters.

With the draft, and if Rollins stays on Raw, they won't have to address the elephant in the room.

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