There Is Footage Of Owen Hart's Death After All

Ever since the sad tragedy of Owen Hart's death, everyone has been trying to obtain footage of the accident for years now. It's only natural as everyone would be curious to see how it went down, the reaction of the crowd and all the people around the ring. Yet, despite the accident happening in 1999, there is yet to be footage of the incident, not even a fan recording of it.

However, on the Place To Be Podcast, current Ring of Honor announcer and former WWE announcer, Kevin Kelly has stated that there is indeed of footage of Hart's death as he recalled the events that took place that day. Kelly recalls there being lots of chaos backstage, especially in the gorilla position, before Kelly himself, had to interview a heartbroken Jeff Jarrett and Debra.

Kelly also mentions how when he was at Titan Towers, there was a lot of down time between meetings and shoots, so in this time, he'd go to the WWE video library and watch tapes. There was one particular shelf in the library, containing two tapes that were "never to be viewed, never to be erased". One of them was the D'Lo Brown match against Droz (where Droz suffered a career ending injury) and the other was of course, Owen Hart's death.

So there we have it. There is footage but it's highly unlikely any of us will ever be able to see it.

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There Is Footage Of Owen Hart's Death After All