They Are The Bar: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Cesaro And Sheamus

Cesaro and Sheamus are the current Raw Tag Team Champions in their second reign. Just a year ago the duo were the last to members of the roster to be drafted to Monday Night Raw, where it was obvious that the company had nothing for them. So they were left to fight it out in a Best-of-Seven Series that no one actually wanted to see.

When no winner could be determined after they collided an incredible seven times, Raw General Manager Mick Foley made the decision to put the duo together as a Tag Team instead, with speculation suggesting that Cesaro could have been heading to the SmackDown roster.

The WWE Universe was pessimistic about the chances of Cesaro and Sheamus together since Sheamus was a heel and Cesaro was a face. But over the past few months, the duo have established themselves as heels and recently managed to defeat The Hardy Boyz to reclaim their Tag Team Championship.

Cesaro and Sheamus could be set to face their biggest task to date as they take on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins with their Tag Team Championship on the line at SummerSlam. But ahead of this match, here are 15 facts that every die hard fan should know about Cesaro and Sheamus.

15 Sheamus Once Worked As A Bodyguard For U2

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Given Sheamus' physical stature, it isn't exactly a shock that he used to work as a bouncer in his younger days at pubs in Ireland. Working as a bouncer actually turned out quite well for him, since he was working at a pub that Bono regularly visited in Dublin following the end of his world tours when he was asked if he could help to guard the band from the crazed fans that night.

Sheamus obviously left an impression with the lead singer and given the size of him at that time it is also obvious that he did a good job. Sheamus had a number of jobs before he was finally led down the path of wrestling,. Bono's loss is the WWE Universe's gain.

14 Cesaro Used To Make All Of His Own Wrestling Attire

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Cesaro was part of an episode of Unfiltered with Renee Young on the WWE Network back in 2016 and he was able to finally reveal that he is actually quite a talented man with a needle and cotton. Cesaro explained that he was the one who created his tear away suit that he wears on Monday Night Raw. This was because he tried to explain what he wanted, but was unable to, so he just made it himself.

Cesaro then stated that he used to make all of his own ring attire before he joined WWE and even used to make attire for Chris Hero (who is known as Kassius Ohno in NXT), Eddie Kingston, and his girlfriend and Performance Center coach Sara Del Ray. Cesaro did say that over the past few years he has decided to use his skills much less though because WWE's own seamstresses are amazing.

13 Cesaro Is Seth Rollins' Best Friend In WWE

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You would be mistaken for thinking that Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were best friends. Given that WWE has been pushing the duo forward for the past few weeks and they could be set for a Tag Team Championship shot at SummerSlam in a few weeks time.

It isn't Rollins and Ambrose who are best friends in WWE though. It is actually Cesaro and Rollins who have been travel buddies now for the past few years and Cesaro even sent Seth cute updates of him alone when Rollins was out injured earlier this year. The duo have also become regular work out buddies as well since both men now enjoy crossfit. Sheamus also has his own training buddy as he decided to pair up with WWE COO Triple H which has obviously helped him throughout his career.

12 Sheamus Was A Choir Singer As A Child

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Aiden English may be the current male Superstar who has been given a singing gimmick, but The Celtic Warrior could well give him a run for his money if he was ever switched over to the SmackDown brand. Sheamus may not look and talk as though he has an incredible singing voice, but the former World Champion was once an integral part of an all-boys choir.

Up until the age of 13, Sheamus sang with his school choir until he gave it up and instead began to pursue a career in sports. Rugby was always something that Sheamus wanted to be able to have a career in, so he began playing when he was much younger. Training his body for such a physical sport was quite helpful when it came to beginning to train as a wrestler.

11 Cesaro Can Speak Five Languages

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Cesaro is well respected by a number of Superstars backstage in WWE. One of the reasons for this is because he has already travelled all over the world to wrestle and been able to learn a number of languages on his travels. Cesaro is now able to speak five different languages fluently including Swiss, German, English, Italian, and French which must come in handy when it comes to touring all over the world with WWE.

Sheamus can also speak Gaelic fluently, so it the current Raw Tag Team Champions have something else in common. Even though English is perhaps the only language that they can speak when talking to each other, they are both smart enough to have picked up other languages and are now both considered to be bilingual.

10 Bret Hart Was The Man Who Kickstarted Sheamus' Career

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Sheamus was always a huge wrestling fan growing up. But he never actually knew how to get into the business until Bret Hart walked into the pub that he was working at in Dublin and Sheamus decided to take the opportunity to ask him some advice.

Bret was there with his daughter at the time, but he was still able to sit down and give Sheamus some incredible advice on how to break into the wrestling world and even sent him to train Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory wrestling school in April 2002. Sheamus was part of the British Wrestling Circuit a few years later and to this day still, sites the conversation with Bret Hart in that pub as the moment that changed his life forever.

9 Cesaro Once Held His Incredible Swing For 100 Rotations

Cesaro has incredible upperbody strength. The likes of John Cena and Mark Henry have already come forward to vouch for the fact that Cesaro could be the strongest guy in WWE right now. While Cesaro was a face Superstar he started using the Cesaro Swing, something that allowed the WWE Universe to get behind him and count the number of rotations.

This isn't that much of a new thing for Cesaro, who used the Swing manoeuvre a lot during his time on the Independent Circuit. During Chikara's King of The Trios event back in 2009, Cesaro was able to complete 100 rotations of his famous move on Grizzly Redwood in a match that also included Daniel Bryan. It's a video that has since gone viral and just proves the insane upper body strength that Cesaro boasts.

8 Sheamus Created His Own Character

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Sheamus came to WWE a number of years ago and made the decision that he wasn't going to be the kind of Irish Superstar like Hornswoggle who was a complete stereotype of his Irish roots and played off where he came from. Instead, Sheamus came up with the idea of a Celtic Warrior and later that is what he was able to become.

Unlike fellow Irish stars Becky Lynch and Finn Balor, who rely on being The Irish Lass Kicker and names after a famous Irish monster, Sheamus has been able to create his own legacy. He is an international export when it comes to other talents in WWE and has never allowed himself to be stereotyped or held back because he is from a small town in Dublin Ireland.

7 Cesaro Grew Up On A Farm

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There are many stories that are shared by wrestlers when they are on the road and perhaps shouldn't be repeated. But many of these stories that Cesaro shares while he's on the road are actually quite interesting and make sense when it comes to his incredible stature in WWE right now.

It was revealed that Cesaro actually grew up on a farm. He worked on the farm on a daily basis and at one point used to carry two sheep under each arm. This would explain why Cesaro has such impressive upper body strength. If he was forced to do both manual labour and having to carry heavy animals around at a young age, then that would have allowed his muscles to develop long before he even thought of becoming a wrestler.

6 Sheamus Has Appeared In A Number Of Films

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Sheamus isn't just a great character on WWE TV and one-half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, he has also appeared in a number of movies. These include his most recent and highly publicized appearance in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, where Sheamus's character is seen in the image above.

Sheamus made his feature film debut back in 2008 as a boxer named Two Ton in The Escapist. He then appeared as a Celtic Warrior Zombie alongside Vinnie Jones the following year in a film called Assault To Darkness before appearing in the film Mortdecai in a cameo role back in 2015. Sheamus has more movie roles lined up in the very near future as he becomes another WWE superstar who can wrestle and act on the silver screen.

5 Cesaro Had A Cameo Appearance In The Wrestler

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Sheamus isn't the only member of the team who is able to act and has landed roles in movies. Cesaro had a role in a film before he was even signed by WWE, since he had a cameo appearance in The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke. Many of the shots used in the movie were filmed when Cesaro was in Ring of Honor, which meant that he was in some of the shots and technically makes more than one appearance in the film.

His acting CV may not be as long as his tag team partner's, but Cesaro technically never auditioned for his role in the film. He showed up for work and accidentally became part of one of the biggest films to ever be released centred around wrestling, now that isn't bad going.

4 Sheamus Once Worked As An IT Technician

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While Sheamus has never claimed to be a nerd, he is actually much smarter than the WWE Universe has ever given him credit for. Sheamus worked as an It Technician from 1999-2007 for two different companies in Dublin. This is the job where he first began making real money from.

When asked about his former life at a job where he was behind a desk for the most part, Sheamus claimed that he was never one of the nerdy people there. He just used the job to help him to remain financially stable whilw he got his start in professional wrestling. Training can be expensive and it is hard to earn real money from wrestling until a few years into it when companies let your experience speak for you. So Sheamus obviously had a plan and decided to make sure he was always in a good position financially.

3 Cesaro Has Had Some Hilarious Ring Names

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As already mentioned, Cesaro travelled the world before he came to WWE and he has had some incredible ring names during that time. One of the best has to be when he was part of Chikara and aligned himself with El Hijo Del Ice Cream to become known as Los Ice Creams.

Cesaro was called "A Very Mysterious Ice Cream" and competed under a mask as part of the strange masked team in the King of the Trios tournaments in both 2007 and then again in 2008. The team later became known as Team Delicioso when they were joined by Curry Man in 2010. Curry Man was portrayed by former ROH Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels. So Cesaro was always in good company as part of the group.

2 Cesaro And Tyson Kidd Were Put Together Without Their Knowledge

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Of course, this isn't the first time that Cesaro has been a Tag Team Champion. The Swiss Superman once teamed with Tyson Kidd and the duo were able to become Tag Team Champions. They even had the honor of defending their Championships back at WrestleMania 31.

That being said, Cesaro recently revealed that he and Tyson Kidd were pit together without their knowledge or input and didn't know each other very well at the time. They were then forced to get to know each other and gain some chemistry in the ring over a number of weeks, which they pulled off quite well. Sheamus and Cesaro could have likely gone through the same process when it was first decided that they would become a tag team.

1 Cesaro and Sheamus Weren't Friends When They Were First Partnered Up

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Cesaro and Sheamus were bitter enemies on WWE TV after a Best-of-Seven Series was unable to decide who the better man was, it seemed as though making a tag team was the only viable option. When the duo was first put together, they weren't exactly friends but they were said to have had respect for each other and what they were able to do in the ring.

Cesaro once stated that he finds Sheamus quite annoying on the road, which is one of the biggest problems he has with him, but over the past few months the duo has been able to become much closer now and could even be considered friends in the WWE locker room. That's not bad considering both guys confirmed that they weren't very close when they were the final two men waiting to be drafted back in 2016.

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