15 Things About Nikki Bella & John Cena's Relationship

John Cena is engaged to Nikki Bella. He proposed to her at WrestleMania 33, a seemingly fitting time for him to pop the question. One has to wonder about how Cena is feeling about his decision these days. Cena just landed a spot in the new spinoff Transformers film and is in the middle of transitioning away from his WWE career. Perhaps it's the case that the now 40-year-old is starting to regret the idea of spending less time on the road and more time with a new wife.

In many ways, Cena and Nikki are entirely different people. Cena has a reputation for being hard-working, and a dedicated sports entertainer. Meanwhile, Nikki is someone who many feel is not interested in being a wrestler at all so much as she is just interested in being famous. They actually do make something of an odd couple.

For Nikki, however, Cena is a great guy to marry. He's rich, he's famous, and he'll get her invited to all sorts of fancy events with celebrities. For Cena, though, many feel he could do better than Nikki and that she just sees him as her ticket to superstardom and a life of fame for when she gets older. Here are 15 other reasons Cena might regret proposing to Nikki Bella.

15 Allegations of Sabotaging Maria Kanellis

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There have been more than a few former and current WWE talents who have taken the time to bury Nikki Bella. One of them is current SmackDown talent Maria. You may remember, Maria was with WWE from 2004 to 2010. She had a fair amount of success in the company as well but she was released from her contract in early 2010.

Maria would later claim that Nikki Bella sabotaged her return to WWE in 2013 to join Total Divas.

She would say as much in a Twitter tirade. Maria claimed Nikki blocked her return to WWE because of heat the two had over Maria dancing with Dolph Ziggler one night at a club. Nikki and Dolph were dating at the time and Maria claims she and Dolph were just friends. Wrestlers are just high school kids, it appears.

Maria finally did make her return to WWE four years later, however. She, along with her husband Mike Bennett, debuted at the 2017 Money in the Bank PPV.

14 Nikki Didn't Want To Be A Wrestler

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John Cena grew up wanting to be a wrestler and with a tremendous respect for the wrestling business.  Nikki Bella wasn't a fan. In fact, both Bella twins never really thought about wrestling till they got an offer to audition for the Diva Search.

The twins were big into soccer, though Nikki was the more standout athlete.

They were hired as the Budweiser World Cup Twins and would pose with the World Cup trophy. They tried out in 2006 for the Diva Search, which was seemingly both of their introductions to the world of professional wrestling. They continued on waitressing out of LA and taking on small modelling gigs during that time. They finally landed a WWE deal despite not making the cut for the Diva Search.

13 Married Before

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One thing which John Cena might wish to consider before actually marrying Nikki is the fact that she has been married before. She wasn’t exactly the most committed bride to her husband, however.

Nikki married her high school sweetheart when she was only 20 years old.

The marriage was straight-up annulled three years later. For those unfamiliar with the concept of annulments, it basically means a judge looked at the situation and concluded the couple was never really married at all, despite having actually said, “I do”.

That Nikki is impulsive enough in her love life to have already been married at such a young age could be seen as a red flag for Cena, though there are more severe warnings he should be paying attention to. To be fair, Cena himself also has a failed marriage under his belt as well.

12 John Laurinaitis Hot Tub Rumor

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As you can probably tell from the title, this entry is pretty gross for a few reasons. The source of this rumor is Maria Kanellis, who as mentioned has had quite the tumultuous past with the twins.

According to Maria, the twins once shared a hot tub with their future father-in-law and "cozied up" to him.

Her implication being there was grossness going on between the Bellas and the man who would eventually marry their mother. A grain of salt needs to be taken with this rumor, however, as Maria has an established vendetta against the Bellas.

It should be mentioned again at this point that Laurinaitis is the one responsible for scouting and signing the Bella twins. He probably sees it as the greatest move he ever made while in WWE.

11 Dated Dolph Ziggler

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Nothing against Dolph Ziggler. Yes, he's been linked with basically every female who has ever been associated with professional wrestling, but other than that... Ziggler and Nikki are believed to have dated during their time together down in developmental. Marrying Nikki puts Cena only one degree away from both Sunny and Amy Schumer. That's a lot to take in.

There has never been heat between Cena and Ziggler. They have worked with each other since and there has never even been an inkling of distaste from one to the other. Perhaps that again goes back to Ziggler having been with several women in the world of wrestling where it's almost as if he doesn't really count. There was some drama on Total Divas when Dolph admitted he still had feelings for Nikki but that was all staged for the show.

10 Backstage Burial of Maryse

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When John Cena and Nikki Bella feuded with The Miz and Maryse leading up to Cena's WrestleMania 33 proposal to Nikki, there was a lot of reality woven in with fiction.

Maryse really does believe that Nikki and her sister Brie prevented her from returning to WWE in 2013. She was released from her WWE contract in 2012 but backstage rumors persist that the twins used their influence to keep her away from WWE programming until she finally returned in 2016.

The Miz has stated he had been pushing for WWE to bring back his wife for years before they finally did.

Recently, Maryse appeared on an episode of Table for Three with Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres. During that interview, Maryse blatantly said the twins kept her off Total Divas and away from WWE.

9 Storyline With Kharma

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John Cena's true good guy image might take a bit of a hit if any reporters take a dive into a 2011 storyline his fiancee, Nikki Bella, was involved in.

Nikki and Brie Bella began a storyline with Kharma, who TNA fans might better remember as Awesome Kong. It was 2011 and Kharma was about to take time off to go on maternity leave. Before she left, however, the Bellas ridiculed her for her appearance and weight. While this was storyline, bullying was done in very poor taste and a lot of fans reacted to it in the same way they reacted to the "Piggie James" storyline previously. Unfortunately, there was never a payoff to this storyline as well. The Bellas left WWE in 2012, preventing Kharma from giving the twins the beatdown (in-ring) they so deserved.

8 Accusations From Tony Atlas

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Tony Atlas is a WWE Hall of Famer. That doesn't mean his word is golden, however. Speaking of golden, Atlas has lobbied some unusual accusations against Nikki Bella in the past.

According to Atlas, the Bellas were known for being willing to perform certain acts, such as certain fetishes of others. Now, this sounds like one of those rumors that are not based in reality, but Atlas said it was true in a shoot interview. Naturally, shoot interviews are not the most reliable source for accurate information.

When Cena is considering whether he should continue with his engagement to Nikki Bella, however, one factor which may enter his mind is that Tony Atlas made such claims. If someone was stung by a jellyfish, though, Nikki's skills might just come in handy...

7 THAT Line She Used On Her Sister

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In 2014, during what was a truly awful storyline involving the twins feuding, Nikki uttered the line "I wish you died in the womb" to her sister Brie.

There's no way John Cena feels good that he's going to marry a woman who uttered possibly the most poorly received line in wrestling promo history. It's like marrying the Shockmaster...

The entire promo was structured like it was to build to that moment as well. This means that the writing team, and Vince McMahon (actually, this was probably all Vince), agreed that the line was going to be so powerful that the entire segment should lead up to it. Nikki even gave a good dramatic pause before delivering the line. Suffice to say, the Nikki versus Brie feud doesn't rank up there with Owen versus Bret.

6 Reality Star For Life

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While Nikki Bella may have returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble, her future is in reality television. Nikki will turn 35 later this year and while that is not old enough where she would be forced to scale back her wrestling, she has endured severe neck injuries in the past which will most likely prevent her from wrestling a regular schedule ever again.

Nikki will continue to put out reality shows until there is no longer a network willing to put her on television.

Considering the changing shape of the entertainment business, there will most likely always be someone willing to pay Nikki Bella to be on television or streamed through some TV application. If Cena is to marry Nikki, he should know it might mean a lifetime of filming reality show projects.

5 She Quit WWE

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John Cena loves the WWE and has dedicated his entire adult life thus far to the brand. On the other hand, his fiancee, Nikki Bella, quit the company in 2012 and had other goals away from the WWE.

Some people dream of WWE but Nikki Bella resigned herself to it.

She never wanted to be a wrestler, she just wanted to be famous, some would argue. Wrestling was her way to achieve that after it became apparent nothing else would get the job done.

The twins both left WWE in 2012. In WWE storyline, they were fired but in reality, the twins had been with the company for five years and were unable to agree to contract negotiations. Not too shocking, they returned with a reality show project attached to the contract.

4 Uses John On Social Media

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They aren't even married yet and already Nikki Bella has made John Cena do strange things in the name of getting some social media attention.

Last year, Nikki made John Cena strip nude on her YouTube account. Nikki had made a promise to her YouTube followers that if she hit 500,000 subscribers she and John would strip naked on the channel. She lived up to her word, though they remained blurred throughout. If Nikki is willing to make Cena embarrass himself for her YouTube channel hitting half a million subscribers, what is she going to make him do when they hit a million? Perhaps Cena should reconsider his marriage proposal so he doesn't find out. As the years go on, Nikki's social media ploys will only get worse.

3 Cancelled WrestleMania 29 Match

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John Cena is a mainstay at WrestleMania. In fact, when his career is over, John Cena might end up having the greatest resume at WrestleMania of all-time.

Nikki, on the other hand, can't say the same thing. In fact, not long ago, a WrestleMania match featuring Nikki Bella was thrown off the card, altogether. That same night, John Cena would wrestle The Rock in the main event.

In 2013, the Bellas had returned to WWE and were scheduled to team with Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes to face the Funkadactyls, Brodus Clay, and Tensai at WrestleMania.

Somehow, Vince McMahon decided to scrap this blockbuster match from the event. The twins would later say they were heartbroken when the match was canceled.

2 Prevented Kelly Kelly from Getting Re-Hired

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Yet another WWE female performer is certain the Bellas sabotaged their return to the company. Barbara Jean Blank, better known to wrestling fans as Kelly Kelly, is another name that was sabotaged by the twins.

Kelly left WWE in 2012, in part because she had been with the company since 2006 and needed a break. The now 31-year-old recently returned to the company at the first ever women's Royal Rumble last month, something both Nikki and Brie did as well. Kelly is believed to have signed an official "ambassador" deal with WWE, though there are no plans yet for her to return to television as a full-time performer.

Among those who believe the Bella Twins tried to sabotage Kelly Kelly, is Maria, who has spoken publicly about her belief that the twins are over-protective of their spots in the company.

1 John Laurinaitis Will Be His Father-in-Law

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John Cena marrying Nikki Bella means making John Laurinaitis his father-in-law. The poorly reviewed former GM of Raw, Laurinaitis, is married to the Bella's mother. He was also the person responsible for bringing both of them into the company. People Power!

Laurinaitis is brothers with James Laurinaitis, also known as Road Warrior Animal. As luck may have it, Animal is part of a class action lawsuit against WWE alleging the company downplayed the impacts of concussions to their athletes. Also at the Bella family dinner table is Daniel Bryan, who will become Cena's brother-in-law. Bryan is currently embroiled in a dispute with WWE's medical team over whether or not he should be medically cleared to wrestle because of his history with concussions. One family member thinks WWE wasn't strict enough with concussions and another one thinks they're too strict! Good luck John!

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