5 Things AEW Stole From WWE And Are Doing Better (& 5 They're Doing Worse)

Everyone knew that, when All Elite Wrestling finally launched, there were going to be comparisons to WWE and that the two competitors would end up taking different ideas from each other.

That sense of competition has brought real energy and excitement back to professional wrestling, and, so far, AEW has done an incredible job at proving themselves to be a top viable alternative.

Of course, the company has taken some ideas from WWE, which is no surprise, and, within this article, we will look at five things AEW has stolen and done better, as well as five they have done worse.

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10 Doing Worse: Major Pyro

At first, when AEW started doing pyro, it was a big deal because WWE hadn't been doing it for so long that it made All Elite Wrestling look like a huge production that was at the same level.

However, once AEW Dynamite began, WWE has made the decision to bring back pyro and totally change up their sets and Vince McMahon's company once again has proven they are the kings in this world.

WWE's pyro and stage set up is just far superior to what AEW has been able to provide so far, and while it doesn't have anything to do with the in-ring quality, it does make WWE appear to be more polished.

9 Doing Better: Using Ex-WWE Stars

The most blatant thing that AEW has stolen from WWE is several former wrestlers from the company, with the likes of Jon Moxley, Awesome Kong, Jim Ross, and Shawn Spears all being former WWE employees.

Even Cody Rhodes himself is a former WWE name, and it is fair to say that everyone who has made the leap from WWE to AEW has been presented in a greater manner and is already a bigger star because of it.

None of them have been watered down and they haven't relied on their WWE past to get over, instead, focusing on creating new characters to prove exactly how good they are.

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8 Doing Worse: Making Big Announcements

The idea of hyping up an announcement to sell tickets and draw interest is straight out of the Vince McMahon playbook, and it is something that has worked incredibly well for WWE over the years.

However, so far, AEW has struggled to latch on to that ready-made template, with their big reveals feeling a little flat at times, mainly because AEW relies too heavily on social media and the Being the Elite YouTube channel.

Instead of hyping things up and delivering them on AEW Dynamite, too often the company has given away big pieces of information away from the television product, which is never a wise move.

7 Doing Better: Use Of Legends

WWE has become well known for bringing in legends, whether it be for a major match such as Batista's return at WrestleMania or the constant reunion shows or random appearances that they have.

However, AEW has already proven that they are potentially going to be better at utilizing legends on their shows, with their use of talents such as DDP, Dustin Rhodes, and the Rock N Roll Express highlighting that.

The legends have all been used to push the current wrestlers, making the younger talent look strong, rather than having the legends dominate and hog the spotlight like WWE tends to do.

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6 Doing Worse: Comedy

Vince McMahon loves comedy in his wrestling, which is why WWE always has different angles based on humor, and, while they don't all work, WWE does have a good reputation for good comedy.

Talents like R-Truth and Santino Marrella have been able to thrive in WWE simply due to comedy, and, while AEW hasn't done too much of that yet, when they have it hasn't really worked.

Best Friends and Orange Cassidy have been used in that role primarily so far, with different spots in matches, but it really hasn't connected just yet.

5 Doing Better: Conventions

WWE knows how to hold a convention, with the Axxess events proving to be incredibly popular every time they do one, typically before events like WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and the Royal Rumble.

However, AEW is already blowing that out of the water with the Starrcast conventions before their PPV events, as they just offer so much more than meet and greet opportunities, which makes fans more excited to attend.

While it isn't AEW in charge of them, there is no doubt the company is having a major say in what happens, although they do need to be careful about doing them before literally every PPV, as ideas can burn out quickly.

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4 Doing Worse: Darker Gimmicks

Right now the Universal Champion is The Fiend, and that is a perfect example of how WWE is great at getting darker, scarier gimmicks over with the crowds, with the likes of Kane and The Undertaker providing further proof of that argument.

WWE is brilliant at doing this, and, because darker gimmicks can be great when done right, AEW has attempted to bring some in as well, with the Dark Order being the first attempt by the company.

It hasn't worked. Fans hate the tag team and the entire gimmick, proving that AEW hasn't quite managed to master this one just yet. Although, with the new Brandi Rhodes angle, it is clear they're not giving up just yet.

3 Doing Better: Officials Having Personality

WWE has some fantastic officials and they certainly do a better job at maintaining the rules during matches, however, when it comes to giving them some personality, AEW has them beat.

WWE has attempted to do this in the past with officials making certain calls and then turning it into a storyline with backstage interviews, but they have always fizzled out, whereas AEW has found a perfect way to do that.

Rather than forcing the officials to make a mistake in order to have them be focused on, the have simply allowed them to be a presence in the ring and it really does turn the intensity of matches up a notch.

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2 Doing Worse: Women's Wrestling

Now, obviously AEW didn't steal women's wrestling from WWE, as women's wrestling is something that has been around for years, but it was Vince McMahon's company who began pushing them in main event storylines.

The 'women's revolution' has gained the most attention in WWE, and AEW promised to make their female athletes just as much of a focus as anything else on the roster, and it is fair to say they have failed.

There is a real lack of effort being put into AEWs women's division, with the company barely giving them any screen time to develop storylines or characters outside of telling the world that Britt Baker is a dentist.

1 Doing Better: Tag Team Wrestling

Much like women's wrestling, this isn't something that WWE created and therefore AEW didn't steal it from Vince McMahon's company, but it is an area that WWE has pushed a lot, especially in NXT.

Right from the start, AEW stated that tag team wrestling would be a major focus for the company. They have certainly held up that end of their promise, with the recent tag team tournament being superb.

AEW has helped make tag team wrestling cool again, giving it a focused spot on every single show so far, getting wrestlers over and making tag teams seem like genuine main event stars.

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