We Are The Authority: 20 Things Fans Want WWE To Do (But They Won't)

When Vince McMahon made his recent return to Monday Night Raw many people were questioning what announcement he might make. Would it be a new draft? A new General Manager? The announcement of the Attitude Era returning?

In the end, it wasn't really an announcement. The entire McMahon family appeared and apologized to the WWE Universe and promised that things would change and improve, stating there would be fresh superstars, matches, and ideas. The main statement that was made came from Triple H when he claimed that, we, the fans are now the authority and what we want will happen. With that thought process, whatever fans want to see should now take place, cheer for a superstar, they should get a push, boo one and they shouldn't etc. Whether WWE will actually listen to what the fans want remains to be seen, but with the WWE Universe seemingly having, at least slightly more control, speculation has already begun on what possible changes or ideas might happen moving forward.

Whether it be Superstars they want to see, specific feuds that need to happen or small changes and tweaks to the overall product itself, the WWE Universe's wish list is endless, but everyone knows Vince McMahon is stubborn and doesn't actually like change. So with that in mind, here are 20 ideas that the WWE Universe wants, but won't actually happen.

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20 No More Part-Time Champions

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While Brock Lesnar has certainly served a purpose during his time with WWE, having him as the Universal Champion for as long as he has been has actually hindered the product and stopped several main event talents from growing.

Lesnar is never around, meaning we don't even see the title be defended on a regular basis and when it is, the matches are only against people who management believe are good enough to contend against him, which has stopped people such as Finn Balor from getting a shot.

The Beast only showing up whenever he feels like it has also devalued the championship in general. It's not seen as the number one title in the company, and it's time for a change, but WWE is set on continuing to bow down to whatever the big stars want.

19 Less Baron Corbin

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While it cannot be denied, Baron Corbin has massively improved in 2018, the WWE Universe is just sick of seeing him. Sometimes that is what you want from a heel, but he is starting to get the 'go-away' heat that isn't a good thing.

WWE has shoved him down the fans throats so much that they're just ready for a break from him even though he has plenty of talent and it would be wise of WWE to start using him a little less for now. However, even though WWE has promised a fresh start and Corbin is no longer in power, he will still be given a major spot on the show as it's obvious that Vince McMahon is a big fan of him.

18 Call-Up Velveteen Dream

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When WWE made the announcement that several NXT Superstars would be making the move to the main roster one name everyone expected to see was The Velveteen Dream who has been incredible ever since he first debuted.

The Dream has managed to steal the show countless times and has so much potential, but it doesn't seem like the powers that be feel that way as he is still not set for a call-up, even though he himself has made it clear he wants it.

Velveteen asked wrestling fans to make their voices heard and tell WWE that they want him on the main roster, checking if they will actually listen. But in the end, The Dream had to delete all his tweets and actually got himself in trouble so it seems WWE isn't fully listening.

17 No Prolonged Opening Monologues

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Fans have become sick of the typical 30-minute opening monologue to kickstart Monday Night Raw each and every week. They have become predictable and incredibly tedious as everyone knows what to expect.

Someone will come out and start talking, they will then be interrupted, they will argue for a little while and then a match will be made for later on in the evening. It has become so boring and dull as it happens every single week without fail.

WWE needs to switch things up, perhaps start with a match, a backstage segment or literally anything that isn't the box standard opening. However, no matter how fresh the McMahons promise the show will be, this standard opening is always going to continue.

16 Overseas WrestleMania

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This one might be specific to a certain section of fans (mainly in the UK), but many members of the WWE Universe would like to see WrestleMania take place outside of North America for a change.

For years, fans have been calling for a WrestleMania at Wembley Stadium in London, England, providing wrestling fans in Europe who often travel across the globe a cheaper opportunity to see the Grandest Stage Of Them All.

However, even though WWE is happy to put on shows in Australia or putting on shows like the Greatest Royal Rumble and Crown Jewel (we will get to those shows), the company isn't going to risk its biggest show of the year being anywhere other than familiar territory.

15 Less Mid-Commentary Arguing

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This has become a major problem in recent months, especially since Dean Ambrose returned and the commentary team feels the need to grill Renee Young but the constant bickering of the announcers is becoming a serious issue.

You listen to the commentary to enhance the match, put over the story and add to the experience. Recently it has done anything but that. In fact, it has actually taken fans out of the matches. While he's a great commentator, Corey Graves has been a real problem for this, doing it on both Raw and SmackDown, but WWE is grooming him to be the next voice of the company so it's something that clearly isn't an issue.

14 Save Raw's Tag Team Division

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Tag Team wrestling, when done correctly, is one of the most exciting things in wrestling. It's fast-paced, packed with action and can tell some amazing stories within the matches and in the build-up.

Sadly, WWE totally neglected Raw's division in 2018 and it has been left in a sorry state because of it. The company is littered with talented tag teams but books them terribly and it is something that must change. Fans are desperate to see the tag team division be given a new lease on life but it seems more likely that the company will focus on the new women's tag team division, leaving the men to struggle even more.

13 No More New Wrestling Shows

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As good as it is to see WWE branching out and trying different things, creating fun content such as 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK, when you add all of that to the existing Raw and SmackDown, plus a possible Takeover and PPV at the end of the week, it's a lot of wrestling.

The company is looking to continue expanding globally with reported shows coming to Germany and Mexico and while the idea itself is good, there is too much of a good thing and fans simply don't have time to invest in all of the different shows. WWE instead needs to focus on nailing down the content they have before creating even more, but Triple H has made it clear that isn't what's going to be happening, with the company set to expand even more.

12 More Cross Promotion

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In the past year, WWE has started to relax in terms of cross promotions, with NXT often sending its talent to perform on select independent dates for places that work alongside WWE such as PROGRESS Wrestling and EVOLVE.

This has been brilliant as it has given those shows a huge boost and allowed the talents chosen to express themselves in a different way and remain grounded while also picking up championship gold away from WWE. It would be nice though if they could bring those titles onto TV and make it into a storyline about them succeeding and making an impact but that is something that won't change with WWE not likely to promote anything other than its own content.

11 Give Triple H Control Of Raw

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Triple H is gaining more and more influence and control as each year passes and there is a reason for that. He has a fantastic grip on the business and seems to understand today's fans very well which has led to some brilliant TV on NXT, NXT UK and 205 Live.

But while those shows are thriving, the main roster, and Raw in particular, are lagging, becoming too repetitive with not enough wrestling the shows are falling behind and many fans would like to see The Game be given full control of them. Sadly, Vince McMahon is never going to give up full control of his baby until he physically cannot do the role anymore. We aren't anywhere near that time so for now, Triple H will just have to be a voice in the background.

10 No More Crown Jewel Shows


One of 2018's most controversial moments was when WWE decided to run its Crown Jewel PPV despite a very tense period. Countless high profile people lobbying for WWE to pull out of the show but instead, Vince McMahon went full steam ahead even though both Daniel Bryan and John Cena had refused to work the show.

WWE entered into a long-term deal for more events like these which sees them earn a lot of money that they aren't going to turn down for some negative press. There are already expectations for at least two more shows in 2019, despite the fans not wanting it at all.

9 Feature 205 Live Matches

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WWE has had a love/hate relationship with its 205 Live show, praising it for the incredible matches but then not being happy with the fact more people aren't watching the show but a lot of that is down to management not pushing it hard enough.

There's never any advertisements during Raw or SmackDown for 205 Live and there should be, the company should be plugging the show and what is available. Another big thing fans want is cruiserweight matches on PPV's. If WWE starts putting incredible title matches onto the main shows of every PPV, rather than shoving them onto the Kick-Offs it would give fans more of a reason to watch the show, but WWE seems content in having it be the warm-up act.

8 No More Gimmick PPVs

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Everyone loves a gimmick match, from Hell In A Cell to TLC they are always fantastic and if done right can be the best of the year. Originally, they were used for when a feud got so heated that wrestlers had to be given mad gimmicks to brutally destroy each other.

The matches became so popular that over time, WWE decided to make these matches into full PPVs with the gimmick matches being in the main event. However, the issue with that is WWE is forced into making matches for stipulations that don't necessarily call for them.

A Hell In A Cell should only happen when there is a huge feud that needs to be confined into one space, not just a match because WWE needs a main event for a PPV. Sadly though, this won't change as for some reason the company thinks fans love the gimmick PPVs.

7 Send Talent Down To NXT

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The WWE draft or "Superstar Shake-Up" is always one of the most exciting parts of the year in wrestling as talent gets switched about, creating new storylines and matches and after WrestleMania 35 there will likely be another one.

When that happens, there will no doubt be more names moved up from NXT to the main roster and while that is always fun, this year the company should also move names to NXT, allowing unused talent a second chance back in developmental.

Names such as Tyler Breeze, Tye Dillinger, and The Colons could really benefit from being back in NXT, but for as much as fans would love to see that, WWE won't do it as it would make them look weak in their eyes.

6 Overhyping Every Female Achievement

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WWE's big thing in 2018 has been about 'first-times' for the women's division from an Elimination Chamber to a Royal Rumble and even their own PPV at WWE Evolution and you can be sure that WWE is hyped every single moment to the fullest for publicity. While those moments do deserve celebrating, if WWE truly wants the women to be equal, then they won't shove down fans' throats. They will simply be moments that happen, just as they do for the male roster.

However, knowing how WWE operates there is no way this is going to change as the company will want as much publicity as possible from every time the women are given a slight push.

5 Push The Revival

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How The Revival hasn't worked on the main roster is a real mystery. They are one of the most talented teams in the world and they should have already had a run with the Tag Team Championships but instead have been buried for the majority of their run.

Dash and Dawson might have an old-school mentality, but as Roddy Piper always said, old-school is cool and it is time that the company understood that. The WWE Universe is ready for them to be pushed to the top but that doesn't seem to be happening in the near future. Management just doesn't have any real plans for the former Top Guys and instead of being top talents who could play a big role as they did in NXT, they are instead, just being wasted.

4 More Lengthy Matches

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If WWE is promising to change things up and provide fresh matches then the company needs to do just that and one change people want to see is longer matches on Raw and SmackDown. Instead of the traditional way that the company does things, with a 20-minute match being a rare treat, WWE should be able to give a PPV quality match at least every few weeks, especially when Raw is three hours long.

While promos and story build are always going to be key, longer matches would break things up nicely. However, WWE is more focused on the entertainment aspect than the sport itself and therefore promos will always reign supreme.

3 No More McMahons

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One of the main parts of Vince McMahon's announcement was that the entire family would be returning to TV to take over the shows, meaning they will now be on both Raw and SmackDown with no official General Managers moving forward. However, that isn't what the fans were looking for, with most people being sick and tired of seeing Stephanie and Shane, especially on a weekly basis. Claiming there will be a fresh product and then bringing the same thing we've had for over 20 years isn't what is needed.

People don't want to see the same thing over and over and it's time for a real change, with no McMahons on TV being the best way to go but with the announcement already being made there isn't going to be any change here with the family set to be featured on a weekly basis moving forward.

2 Sign The Elite

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Outside of WWE, the wrestling world is growing at a rapid rate to the point where the independent scene, in general, is starting to provide competition for the company and a lot of that is down to the members of The Elite. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, and Kenny Omega have changed the industry for the better. From the incredible Being The Elite YouTube channel to the All In event, there are no bigger stars in wrestling right now.

The WWE Universe wants to see them on Raw and SmackDown and WWE is well aware of that, but the group is constantly turning down contract offers. Given how rich the company is, Vince could easily provide an offer that is impossible to refuse but instead of giving the fans what they want the company is still counting its pennies.

1 Make Raw Two Hours

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When WWE first announced that Monday Night Raw was going to be three hours on a weekly basis the WWE Universe was excited. Time for longer matches, more detailed storylines and chances for underused talents to shine. However, those thoughts proved to be wrong and instead, the flagship show has become an incredibly long, drawn-out affair on a weekly basis to the point where the company is hitting record low viewership figures.

Fans are desperate for the show to go back to the more manageable two-hour slot, just as SmackDown is, but no matter how bad the fans want it, this won't happen, simply because the company makes too much money from having an extra hour's worth of television.

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